Backup your Website using Backup Pro – A Backup Tool for your CMS

Keeping a regular backup of our website’s files and the database is a crucially important task. But doing it manually day after day is an unbearable task; it’s much better to have a tool that can automatically take regular backups for us. This, obviously, saves lots of our valuable time and also gives peace of mind. If your website is running in WordPress, ExpressionEngine (2 or 3), Craft CMS, PrestaShop, or Concrete5, here is a tool that has the ability … Continue Reading…


How to Setup S3 and FTP – The New Way to Upload/Download Data

Businesses love the way of software outsourcing as they can get maximum benefits from it. In today’s time, no one has enough time to invest in the job for which the person has acquired low or zero skills. Just like businessman, who knows how to do business but has lack of IT skills to secure their data on cloud. In this blog, we will share tutorial to set up S3 and FTP that will help businesses to store their data via … Continue Reading…

5 Productivity Tools to Manage Social Media Marketing Activities

5 Productivity Tools to Manage Social Media Marketing Activities

Social Media is a boon and a great place to spend time, which many of us love to do! While it is being considered a time waste by many, social media is aided by tools and apps that can actually help you save time, earn revenues, be productive and successful! Here we are providing you with some tools that are fun to use and motivate you to increase your value and presence. Here are 5 social media productivity tools to help … Continue Reading…

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