Continuous Processes Serve as The Foundation of DevOps

DevOps is one of the newest technological trends shaping software development. Companies of all sizes are turning towards new DevOps solutions to streamline delivery, standardize customer experiences and improve cost-effectiveness. One of the primary benefits of DevOps processes is its continuous nature. Wait, is DevOps rapidly gaining popularity? The term DevOps became a household word in the developer community after a 2012 report by Alanna Brown. And, according to, a leading provider of DevOps integration tools, “Over the past seven years, DevOps adoption has accelerated considerably as the DevOps cycle is better understood; increasing the number are more nimble companies using DevOps in our 2020 outlook.” Further …

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Magento 2 Migration: All you need to know (Infographic)

Around 9% of the world’s eCommerce websites are powered by Magento, so we can estimate the importance of this platform nowadays. But as we all know Magento 1 will be ended by June 2020. So, if you are one of those 100 thousand users of Magento 1 then you must check Magento 2 because, in the end, you will have to think about migration to Magento 2. To start from the basics, there are three editions of Magento 2: 1. Magento 2 Open Source The official name of the open-source Magento 2 is Community Edition. It is more favorable for small organizations …

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Best Programming Language for iOS App Development

The process of building an iOS application can be hectic. Whether through outsource or not, there are various decisions you must make for the development to be swift and seamless. One of these decisions is the programming language to code the iOS app in as there are countless available options like python, C++, Swift, Objective-C and many others doing great even in the outsourcing world. In this article, we will explain the best programming language for developing an iOS app. Requisite for Developing an iOS Application The gadgets of Apple (iPhone, iPad, iWatch) have become the zenith of tablets and …

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Top 10 Unique Features You Must Include in Your Taxi Booking App

Be it commuting from home to work or addressing any exigency, the urgency of a taxi can be felt by almost all segments of the society. Post the Uber disruption, the myth associated with a taxi being unaffordable to the middle-class populace busted and demand for online taxi booking services proliferated, along with the competition in the taxi booking services landscape itself. With such a drastic rise in the number of taxi-hailing businesses, it becomes crucial to shift gaze towards unique features of taxi booking software for businessmen to be able to achieve a consolidated position in the taxi booking …

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Custom Field Service Software: Roadmap to Worthy Internal Operations

With the advent of technology, the outlook of each business is revolutionizing at agile velocity. You can view the impact of digitalization frequently in each domain of respective. The tech-equipped software is emerging with the objective to build the sustainable and well-programmed roadmap of the business. The software and application are the basic podiums for the alliance of driving the output, directing the context of its core competencies. Thus, to the rescue of the situation there are two different models of software available in the market i.e.; Off the Shelf Software and Custom Software. The custom software application development embarks …

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What Is PyCharm? Why It’s Become Mandatory for Python Programmer?

Nowadays, many programmers are opting for Python to create applications with a clean, readable and concise codebase. Custom software application development can also be accelerated by taking advantage of several IDE (Integrated Development Environments) for Python. What Is PyCharm? PyCharm is a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE), designed for Python programmers. It is meant to accommodate all the tooling that is required to enhance the productivity of a Python programmer. It includes code compilation, syntax highlighting, Project navigation, database tooling, and a programming text editor to leverage web development. Just like Python, PyCharm is one of the most widely used …

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Web Design - Web Development

12 Best Website Builders for Small Businesses

Website building doesn’t necessarily have to be about complicated codes and programming skills. A string of web tools is designed for a wider number of users willing to create their own websites – well, without really the help of codes or prior experience in web designing. There is no dearth of such website builders aimed at helping you bolster your online presence. A website can well be regarded as the face of your online presence. What does it take to convert your website into a virtual money-spinner? The immediate answer to this question would be professional web design. Can website …

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Laravel vs CakePHP – Which One is Best for Web App Development?

Laravel vs CakePHP – Which One is Best for Web App Development?

When it comes to technology, it helps in reducing your labor work, minimizing the efforts to perform a task and enhancing productivity by offering advanced support. As we already know about the world of mobile is reaching the peak of the world. The mobile phones have gathered such brilliant apps that can easily perform the entire essential task. All the services offered by frameworks Laravel and CakePHP. They are the most preferred development frameworks and extremely high in demand these days. PHP is the most looked platform for developers when it comes to creating a dynamic website or building high-end apps. Utilizing PHP …

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Magento PWA Studio: The Progressive Web App Tool for Magento!

Smartphones are the only devices that are changing the internet and the traffic generating on it. If you go through any internet traffic statistics reports, mobile traffic has soared 51.4 percent traffic and made 31% of internet revenue. In today’s time, it is a stark reminder for retailers, shopkeepers, store managers, etc. to make mobile eCommerce app and earn money with mobile conversion rates. The online market or the internet market started with websites, then followed by mobile applications, and now is running wild with cutting-edge PWA! You must have noticed ‘Add to Home Screen’ banner on a few websites …

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Event-Driven Programming: Why Is It Trending Now?

Event-driven programming (EDP) is changing the world of software development services and becoming part and parcel of today’s development. Its spread was stimulated by Windows and the dissemination of visual RAD environments. As its name suggests, the programming approach focuses on events. The latter may be user-initiated, systemic, and program-generated. The most common areas of EDP application today include the creation of GUIs, server apps, and multi-player game development. Unlike old-style programs controlling the user’s options and predetermining the flow of events, more adaptive and innovative programming came up with a graphical user interface (GUI). The GUI changed the human-computer …

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