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5 Biggest Threats & Security Risks a Corporate Should Aware Of

We will dive into insight about what the article will cover and help demystify steps requirement for evaluating your present security act. But before that, we would need to know a couple of fundamental terms and what they mean so when utilized as a part of the setting of this article, you have finish comprehension of what it is they mean and are alluding to. Threat: An announcement of a desire to execute torment, harm, insidiousness, or train and furthermore an indication of approaching danger or wickedness. It’s in like manner saw as a possible hazard or peril. In the …

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8 Types of Cyber Attacks That Can Harm Your Online Business

Cyber security is nothing but securing vital and confidential information such as banking information, client information, and passwords from various forms of online assaults such as hacking, virus, spyware and more recently, ransomware. The larger the business, the more complex cyber protection can become especially for business collecting payments via credit cards online. As millions of dollars’ worth of transactions is conducted on the World Wide Web daily, there is a growing need to impose effective protection and measures to counter and repel cyber related crimes. Business must continuously update their software and internal procedures since new threats are being …

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3 Ways to Stay Safe from Credit Card Fraud

We’re in a world where speed is now the name of the game. From fast foods to fast cars and, yes, fast business transactions. Add to that the internet and “fast” has gone onto a different level entirely. Most times, especially when making business transactions, speed could be vital. Several banks have come up with various schemes and plans to make the exchange of money simpler, faster and better. Companies now offer their customers several channels through which they can make payments faster. As the saying goes, however, “speed kills.” Just as with everything, you can think of, these several means …

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10 Best Practices for Data Security in 2016

Data security failures cause significant damage to a company. The level of harm caused determines the extent of ruin. It might go as far as forcing businesses to close down. The non-compliance with regulations has made data security quite a big deal. It is the duty of a company’s information officer to ensure the privacy and security of the company’s customers’ information and, most importantly, the company’s data parse. Contrary to the public perception that hackers are the leading cause of data breaches, as they are portrayed in movies, the greatest threat (namely the way these hackers get their information) …

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Learn How to Fortify Your Website with These WordPress Security Tips

When it comes to keeping your website safe, don’t leave it up to WordPress to take care of it for you. The truth is no matter how many updates and security patches WordPress makes to its core; your site can still be compromised. Just check out the latest report from Sucuri, and you’ll see what I mean. If you want to take care of the health of your website (and your brand), do your due diligence and cover your site’s security from all angles. 20 Ways to Enhance Your WordPress Website’s Security Just one hack or breach can result in …

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How Digital Policies are Helps to Save and Safe the Business and Clients

Digital policies are great helping hand for you to save and protect the business and clients. There is always a need to protect your business and clients whether it small or big venture. Businesses are thriving via online in the modern era. More and more people are starting a business online. It’s a good sign because people are able to carry out in the comfort of their home through online business.  But the security and safety of your business and clients are as important as starting a business. Digital policies can aid the people to save their business and clients …

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Identity Theft Protection

How to Detect and Fix Identity Problems

Today, an individual’s identity is made up of a large number of aspects. It is not just the name anymore! Thanks to the online world and the various documents that one has to apply for and carry around, a person’s identity can consist of all or a combination of facets such as:Unfortunately, this also leaves an individual vulnerable to identity theft. It is, therefore, useful to pay attention to two aspects – detecting and fixing identity theft problems. But first, it is also beneficial to know what identity theft is and how it can happen. What constitutes identity theft? Identity …

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Ways to Secure Your Online Business Reputation from Cyber Threats

Starting an online business involves protecting not only your business but also your online reputation against cyber threats. Small businesses have been enjoying the benefits of technology by giving them the freedom to play in the industry with various competitors. Businesses can use technology in the marketing process at the same time simplifies the productivity and efficiency. However, there’s also a drawback in using technology that can compromise the online reputation. With this, it’s important to know some effective ways that can in improving the online reputation management and eventually prevent cyber threats. 1. Take charge of your online reputation …

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Cloud Computing

Cloud Security: 5 Things You Need To Know

If you have been wondering whether the cloud is truly safe, then it’s time to fully understand the bigger picture before jumping in and signing up to whichever platform appears to be the best. Looks can be deceiving and when it comes to protecting your personal data, you need to be completely satisfied with the level of security provided by the cloud, before you hit the upload button. One of the most common conversations that you will overhear at any business lunch once cloud computing is mentioned is the debate over how secure it actually is. Conflicting opinions with regards to …

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How to Bypass Social Media Dangers for Kids (Infographic) - Featured

How to Bypass Social Media Dangers for Kids (Infographic)

When it comes to technology, the internet has revolutionized the world and brought millions of innovations that aim at facilitating humans but on the other side, we as humans have started misusing the technological advancements. Social media is one of the examples where nowadays millions of people have become addicted. Teens are heading towards social media and dating apps as well. When the teens start using various such websites and apps, they become prone to different threats and dangers. The teens should be restricted only to appropriate websites and apps. Parents should be vigilant and monitor their teens manually and …

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