ECommerce Platforms Guiding the Trail for B2B Marketing

ECommerce Platforms Guiding the Trail for B2B Marketing

Ever since the loudening of the dot-com era, developing the B2B eCommerce stayed on the priority charts of the manufacturers, suppliers, and wholesalers. And frankly, who would like to go to a brick and mortar store, if a tech-gadget connected with the mighty internet can offer an entry to the eCommerce ‘high street’ showcasing the millions of products from thousands of brands, ready for the swift delivery as and when you place the order! However, in view of the research … Continue Reading…

magento b2b commerce

Magento – Can it be Geared for B2B Commerce?

One can’t overstate the fact that Magento eCommerce has brought transformational changes in the way B2C businesses operated. The companies with the B2C model have been able to reach a much larger band of audience owing to the web platform that makes it easier for them to broadcast their services and products to a whole new array of consumers. Now, Magento needs to spread its wings. While everything looks great for the B2C model, Magento needs to branch out to … Continue Reading…

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