Future Surveillance Video Analytics Service - VAaaS

Future of Video Surveillance: Video Analytics As-a-Service (VAaaS)

Today, video surveillance has become the most prominent aspect of the tangible security industry. And, the desideratum of video surveillance is increasing drastically day after day in the present scenario. From homes to smart cities, from retail mega-markets to stadiums; video surveillance has become a prevalent phenomenon. Every year, the surveillance system installations are rising rapidly and correspondingly, the security video & image data generated in the size of several petabytes are also escalating to new levels. However, in most … Continue Reading…


How to Setup S3 and FTP – The New Way to Upload/Download Data

Businesses love the way of software outsourcing as they can get maximum benefits from it. In today’s time, no one has enough time to invest in the job for which the person has acquired low or zero skills. Just like businessman, who knows how to do business but has lack of IT skills to secure their data on cloud. In this blog, we will share tutorial to set up S3 and FTP that will help businesses to store their data via … Continue Reading…

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