Useful Statistics to Develop your Marketing Strategy in 2021 (Infographic)

A major part of developing a marketing strategy is about statistics to learn how to adapt and deal with the unpredictable. 2020 has shown us that the nationwide protests and the global pandemic had pushed almost all the marketers to pivot from their original plan.

While it’s already 3 months into 2021, it’s never too late to begin working towards improving your marketing strategy. Although we cannot predict what this year has in store for you, you can still learn from last year’s experiences and plan out a great marketing strategy.

Ditch the guessing game and get access to accurate data on your consumers’ preferences and behaviors so that it can guide you in your planning. This will help you to determine what you need to do to make a bigger impact in your business with a well-planned marketing strategy.

Useful Statistics to Develop your Marketing Strategy in 2021


Let’s find out the 21 most useful statistics that can help you to develop your marketing strategy in 2021:

1. Have a Good Marketing Strategy in Place

Companies that have a good marketing strategy in place are likely to improve 13x times more than their counterparts.

2. Open a LinkedIn Account

The most popular channel for B2B marketers is LinkedIn with approximately 97% users.

3. Buyers Use Case Studies, Customer Feedback, and Reviews

92% of prospects depend on case studies, user feedback, or peer reviews.

4. Improve Your Marketing

Poor marketing is the reason behind the failure of 14% of new businesses.

5. Frequently Share Your Blog Posts

B2B businesses that share their blogs over 11 times in 30 days tend to receive 3x times higher traffic than their counterparts that share zero to once a month.

6. Buyers Watch Review Videos

70% of prospects in the B2B industry watch videos while researching products.

7. Frequently Share Content

B2B companies that are frequently sharing content undergo 2x times increased email traffic compared to the ones that don’t.

8. Personalize Your Services

80% of prospects show a higher tendency to engage in business with ventures that offers a more personalized experience.

9. Buyers Use Online Research

67% of B2B buyers prefer to research online instead of talking to the seller. 

10. Use Quality Data

89% of B2B marketers affirm that the quality of the data they use determines the future of their marketing campaigns and sales. 

11. Make Good Use of Your Homepage

88% of B2B businesses share information about their company and their products and services on their homepage.

12. Host Webinars

63% of users are open to sharing their personal information in return for access to B2B webinars. 

13. Prioritize Websites

Approximately 409 million individuals visit over 20 billion websites every month. 

14. Use Paid Ads and Content Marketing

60% of major brands prefer to use content marketing along with paid ads as their marketing strategy. 

15. Keep Blogs Active

77% of internet browsers prefer to read blogs that interest them and also subscribe. 

16. Buyers Take Time in Research

B2B purchasers affirm they take long to make a purchase as they take as long as 20 hours to research a product before directly communicating with a sales representative. 

17. Customer Reviews and Feedback are Assets

92% of B2B marketers state that they regard their customer reviews and company feedback as a vital business asset. 

18. Blogs are Vital for Marketing Strategies

55% of B2B marketers prioritize their blog content as a vital inbound marketing strategy over others.

19. Use Segmentation in Campaigns

B2B marketers that use segmentation in their campaigns witnessed a 760% increase in revenue

20. Prioritize Webinars and Case Studies

B2B marketers consider webinars and case studies as their most valued influencer content formats. 

21. Buyers Review 3-5 Content Before Purchasing

41% of visitors review approximately 3-5 content pieces before making the decision to purchase something.

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21 Useful Statistics for Developing a Marketing Strategy in 2021 (Infographic)


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The Bottom Line


The B2B industry is highly competitive. This is why statistics like these are indispensable while planning out marketing strategies. It is only 3 months into 2021 and we cannot predict what will transpire in the coming months but we can apply the lessons we have learned from 2020 and use them in our future marketing strategies. 

By getting a deeper understanding of your audience, you can customize your marketing strategies to deepen your brand’s relationship with your consumers and begin 2021 on the right footing.

This infographic is provided by John Sema and originally published at John started his career as a Market Research Intern and is currently working at InfoCleanse. His expertise includes online marketing, research, delivery of insights, and building presentations and statistics reports about the B2B industry current trends. He also assists the marketing department.
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