Current Trends and Implementation of Robotics in our Everyday Life

The world is changing at a fast speed. Education, health, technology, eating and dressing habits, everything is changing, some changes we like, while others we have to accept for maintaining our position in this competitive world. One of these major changes includes rapid growth or expansion of the robotics industry and artificial intelligence (AI).

Robotics is a branch of applied science that has made its place in industries, cybersecurity systems, retail, healthcare, food production, and various fields in just a few decades. This technology has brought a momentous shift towards the maximization of industrial productivity and minimal burden on human employees and workers.

Some people believe that the rise of machines and robotics may prove to be a destruction of the human race, as it may eliminate numerous jobs and this may result in unemployment. On the other hand, using AI technology and robotics for industrial purposes has certain advantages like optimized productivity, improved quality, reduced costs, and safety norms.

Given below are 10 trends, implementations, and impacts of robotics in our everyday life.

Security, Surveillance, and Defense


Robots work as crime fighters for society, as they provide security by keeping constant surveillance in the desired area. It immediately alerts and notifies the owner if it detects some unwanted movements.

Army forces of the country also use robotics technology to protect their citizens from any attacks; nowadays robots in form of birds are quite popular to keep a spy on the activities of the border and neighboring countries. These robots help the army to monitor ground, skies as well as water from a distant location.

Robotics is also getting popularity for home surveillance and personal security. Many companies are already designing robots that can move around on your premises to enhance the security of your property. They can move anywhere in your house and give you image and video feed.

As the popularity of home security increases, many security device manufacturers started to make gadgets that are easy to use. Nowadays most of the security surveillance camera comes with DIY tools and instruction manuals. The process of installing these devices has also become very easy. You can find some DIY installation tutorials that are very handy at times. By following the same trend, many home robots are also coming with DIY tools and instructions manuals so you can easily set it up quickly. The processes are getting so easy that it should not take much effort and time of your before you actually start using it.

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Robotics in Healthcare


Robotics has an undeniable impact in the field of medicine and healthcare. Engineers around the world have successfully made robots that are capable of performing surgeries. In the past robots acted as an assistant to the doctors or surgeons, but now engineers are planning to introduce them as a part and parcel of the medical fraternity.

Soon the surgical robots will replace human surgeons in the operation theatres; this will provide maximum precision in delicate surgeries. Other than this robots act as a nurse in hospitals, they keep a record of patient medicine timings and distribute medication to them.

Self-driving Robots


Automated transportation or self-driving robots are the most common type of robots, also known as mobile robots. These types of automobile robots are like a computer with wheels, they are more efficient and there is less possibility of any kind of accident or mishap.

These self-driving robots are cars that are made into robots with the help of artificial intelligence. Many foreign brands like Tesla, Mercedes, and Audi are working on self-driving cars, sooner there will be a time when human drivers will not be needed anymore.

Cooking Robots

AI Artificial Intelligence Aided Machine Learning

If you live alone and after a long day’s work you return home and longing to eat home-cooked food, then technology has made this possible for you. You can have a robotic cooking assistant which would make the food as per your tastes and preferences. The software installed in such programmable robots allows you to cook the food as per your choice, what you need to do is just set up the quantity of the ingredients and leave the rest on your robot chef.

Engineers have also introduced new software in cooking robots which allows them to record your actions while cooking food and after that, you just have to say the dish and the robots will automatically repeat the whole process which you have performed earlier and that they have visualized through recording camera and stored in their memory.

These types of cooking robots are introduced in some hi-fi restaurants. Not only cooking food these robots can also chop vegetables, make sushi, coffee and may even serve drinks and food at a party or restaurants.

Robotics in Education Industry


Robots have the potential to alter the mindset of society through their economic and social reforms and structures. Thus, they are imparting education relating to various topics to the people of the society. Modern schools are employing robots as teacher’s assistants, robot teachers help kindergarten students to learn phonetics and sing out words.

These robots are also helpful for students who cannot attend classes physically due to any reason; these robot teachers educate those far-away students. These robots are designed to control the class and communicate with other teachers and students. These humanoid robots are easy to talk to and explain educational matters better than a physical teacher. Autistic students may also find it easier to learn through robotic teachers. Technology can make everything possible and will do better in the future.

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Home Maintenance


Engineers are making such robots that are helping humans to automate their homes in every possible way. Technology has evolved so much that there is a robot for every household need.

Here are some examples of home-maintaining robots. Home robots may take care of your pets in your absence. They can monitor your eating and sleeping patterns. They also look after your home in your absence and may alert you if there is any sort of disturbance inside or outside your home. Home-maintaining robots may do laundry work for you and even clean toilets, kitchen, and bedrooms. They may help in moving heavy objects and assemble furniture; they may even clean the house and take care of your garden.

Robot as a friend


Robots is not only a machine that works for you but also these artificial intelligence technologies may act as your friend. As humans are getting busy in their day-to-day life, they have less time to communicate with each other and find companions. So, engineers have made such robots in which you can find a friend and companion. Such robots monitor you, take care of your choice and preferences. They do things according to your choice and may even take care of you like a nurse. They may even help elderly people to get off their bed and may provide a sense of fellowship to those who are lonely.

Robotics for Delivery Industry


Shopping sites such as Amazon and many food delivery websites have already made an initiative to start the delivery process through robots. Engineers have designed such robots that are capable of delivering a package to the told address. This evolution in delivery systems is less time-consuming, comparatively safer, and requires less manual labor for operating their work.

The delivery robot is equipped with the software of face recognition, obstacle avoidance, and object recognition. These help safely handling the parcel to the concerned keeper. Food delivery robots are also designed so that they can carry about 22 lbs of food, the software installed in them sends a message with a link to the customer and the customer has to click on the link to unlock the food delivery robot.



Cobots or Collaborative robots are specifically designed, so that both the human workers and robots may work together in the industry as a unit. These robots have censors and advanced software in them. It allows them to adapt and detect any type of human disruption into their workspace.

They are capable of playing multiple roles in the organization thus providing timely assistance to people and co-workers whenever needed. Cobots have also replaced many people from their existing jobs; this has become a new concern among the human workers of the organization. Cobots are designed with impressive mileage and payload capacity.

Robotics in Hazardous Work


Robots are capable of doing jobs in areas where a man cannot work. In recent times robots are being designed to perform hazardous work and dangerous jobs. They are relieving humans and replacing them in these hazardous jobs thus saving their lives from any kind of mishap.

Technologies are evolving and such robots are made that may help perform tasks like robotic welding, clear nuclear wastes from the sea, inspecting pipelines in the oil companies, disarm bombs, and work as bomb squads and fire-fighters. They are also used to pull out waste from sewers that are harmful to the human body. Thus, there are many other dangerous jobs where robots have replaced humans.

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Final Words


In some countries, robotics, and artificial intelligence technology may still seem to be a far-off futuristic dream. But technologies are rapidly evolving; scientists from all over the world are trying hard to benefit humankind from robotics technology. In the modern world, robots fulfill a wide variety of tasks as we have read above. And apart from this, these machines are designed to work with superior precision advanced capabilities. This may result in a better outcome, improved factory production, and excellent product quality.

Every revolution comes with both pros and cons. Some of the disadvantages of robotization are its high initial expenses and maintenance cost, changes at all stages of the corporate culture, reshaping of the labor market, and is an additional burden on the organization. But they have to bear it all to hold their position in the competitive market.

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