8 Reasons Why it is Now Critical to Build Mobile-Only Marketing Strategy?

The world around us is entirely dependent on the potential of mobile-based marketing. We cannot think much beyond the functionalities and benefits of harnessing the potential of a mobile phone. From ordering food to seeking essay help, every single thing on earth, in today’s date, can be carried out via a mobile phone device. Quite similarly, the realm of marketing and communication isn’t an exception either. When it comes to mobile-only marketing, you have no choice but to stay at least a few steps ahead of your competitors.

To be honest, a focused marketer can actually do a lot with mobile phone devices. This is exactly the reason why it is now critical to build a mobile-only marketing strategy. Now that you are eager to know why and how then invest some time reading this insightful blog.

Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Accessing gets easier


Well, we cannot deny that by the time you will open your laptop and visit a product website, a mobile phone user will already be done visiting at least 2-3 websites within that particular time span. This is exactly where the context of a mobile-only marketing strategy gains prominence. Mobile phone devices make accessibility twice easier as compared to their counterparts.

Here’s how.
  • Your target audience won’t be required to wait back and let the laptop or the desktop settle before they could proceed with their purchases.
  • A mobile-only marketing strategy will introduce your target audience to the ease of navigating business websites quite easily, without being subjected to any form of technical lag.
  • You will be able to impress and retain your consumers in a positive and rewarding manner.

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2. Enhances “Viral” possibilities


Ever since the realm of internet advancements has set in, many things under the sun are found to go viral with each passing day. Do you know why? All credit goes to the device called “mobile phone”. As mentioned in the earlier point, since mobile marketing ensures ease of accessibility, most users are often found to stick around their phones all throughout the day.

This, as a result, enhances the possibility of marketing gimmicks, products, relatable memes, and services to viral twice more effectively. And a viral post is equivalent to a thousand exposures. Once your product or service or the very idea of launching a new product goes viral, things would automatically start turning out to be favorable and professionally rewarding for you in the long run.

Are you getting the hang of it?

3. Instant transactions get much easier


There is no business without capital investment, and there’s no successful marketing closure without the assurance of instant transactions. This is again where the mobile-only marketing strategy has a crucial role to play. Would you like to wait for a long in order to make payment for a product or a particular service? Let me feel safe to assume that the answer is “No”.

This is why you need a mobile-only marketing strategy that will allow you to come up with benefits such as instant transactions, and offer the same to your target consumer base.

Here’s all you need to know in this matter.
  • With monetary transactions getting easier via mobile marketing strategy, consumers are entitled to experiencing easier and faster checkouts.
  • As a result, the prospective firm can expect to experience a rise in sales and client retention due to benefits such as faster checkouts, online payment securities, and the likes.

So, if you are still lagging behind the race without embracing the perk of instant online transactions, it’s high time that you implement this strategy and get started with your venture afresh.

4. Allows you to reach a global audience effectively


Lets’ admit that every digital marketer and business entity focuses on and prioritizes reaching out to the global audience. Now, the question is, how? Merely planning to or aiming to target a global audience will not allow you to accomplish your end goals. This is again where the very idea of a mobile-only marketing strategy gains prominence.

Here’s why.
  • According to reports, almost 70% of the world’s population has mobile phone devices.
  • So, you can pretty well assume that the world around us is heavily dependent on the usage and potential of mobile phone devices.
  • Thus, if you successfully strategize the right mobile marketing technique, it can lead your business house to take its existence across global clients by all means.  
  • One can even try and manage to market products and services better, via mobile-friendly apps and interactive games for the target clients.
  • As we all know, most apps and games are accessible across the world.
  • So, it would simply allow you to connect better with a large segment of a global audience, in a rather smart and effective manner.

Are you getting the drift of the real potential of mobile-only marketing? If the answer is “Yes”, then waste no time further and start implementing the strategy at the earliest.

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5. SMS marketing gives you the much-needed boost


Do you know 48% of internet consumers prefer to receive their loyalty-related messages via SMSs? This is one indication that the world of marketing is gradually treading in the direction where SMS marketing is going to outshine other modes of advertising and communication. Now, SMS marketing is again correlated with the concept of mobile marketing. One can’t send or receive SMSs without mobile phones.

So, the concept of a mobile-only marketing strategy offers its share of benefits here as well.

Take a look at the following points for further insights.
  • You can always promote new product launches and other quick notifications via SMSs.
  • Also, you can introduce or promote new prices, discounts, and other deals via SMS services.
  • Do you know what the best part about SMS marketing is? It apparently has a higher response rate.
  • Wondering why? That’s because SMSs are meant to be short yet informative.
  • So, users won’t take much time to read through the message and get the hang of the same within the minimum period of time.

All in all, it would only make your marketing approaches smarter and more relatable in the eyes of your target consumers.

6. Mobile marketing allows you to target location-specific customers


This is again one strikingly significant reason why mobile-only marketing can change the game for you. You can implement the right mobile marketing strategy in order to target location-specific consumers.

Here’s what you need to know in this context.
  • One can harness the potential of geo-targeting abilities, available in most mobile phone devices these days.
  • You can also use the technology called “Geo-fencing”. It triggers notifications, highlights all important notifications and other messages from time to time.
  • This, as a result, will allow your consumers to connect better, stay notified, and aware of all the latest offerings, deals, and discounts from your end.
  • Also, a mobile-only marketing strategy will foster hyper-local targeting. This will allow you to set a virtual fence around your business location. It can be around your competitors’ location as well.
  • You can keep track of the latest trends, industry news, and innovations that might appear to be important in your domain of business.

Isn’t it amazing? I am sure it is. Once you get to monitor so many things, just at the comfort of a few clicks, both marketing and the task of ensuring the coveted Return of Investment get much easier in all aspects.

7. Mobile marketing is comparatively cheaper


Would you really like to spend a lump sum in return for absolutely nothing, or lesser than what you have actually expected? No, right? This is why you should opt for a mobile-only marketing strategy. It is said to be comparatively cheaper as compared to that of its contemporary options.

Take a look here and explore what makes mobile marketing cheaper than other marketing techniques.
  • You don’t need to run a huge marketing campaign.
  • Mobile marketing allows you to talk about a lot many things and highlight the same, all under the same roof with only a few clicks.
  • Moreover, mobile marketing eliminates the odds of conveyance expenditure and the likes, which would otherwise be incurred during outdoor promotional campaigns.
  • The process of creating campaign elements is easier as well. You can include a lot of creative elements and information on a mobile screen quite easily.
  • On the other hand, it would simply cost you more if you choose to include the same amount of information in an ad banner or in any form of an outdoor ad campaign.

8. Makes things more personal for your audience


Personalization in marketing hits differently and in an effective manner. Everyone under the sun expects to be approached personally, especially when it comes to addressing consumer pain points. This is again where the concept and application of mobile-based marketing gain significance.

Here’s how.
  • The mobile phone is a device that is accessible to one and all. In today’s world, the concept of marketing gets more personal.
  • One can simply sit back on the couch, grab a cup of coffee and browse through your favorite shopping site and make purchases via “filtered searches”.
  • You cannot expect to enjoy such perks in a retail store, standing behind a long queue of fifty people.
  • Also, a mobile-only marketing strategy lets you customize icons, create interactive play buttons and execute the same for your users to enjoy.  

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Parting Thoughts


Now that you know about the impeccable benefits of building a mobile-only marketing strategy, pay heed to each of the points mentioned in the blog. After all, digital marketing is already the future of product placement and advertising. Things simply get all the more intensified and effective when the context of mobile marketing.

This article is written by Olaila Lee. Olaila is an experienced physics homework help expert, associated with the platform Tophomeworkhelper.com. Also, he is a freelance blogger and digital marketing aspirant, coming all the way from Glasgow, the United Kingdom.

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