10 Excellent Smart Home Gadgets You Can Buy at 2018

We are living in a modern era where we see technology playing an important role in our lives thereby allowing us to live a life in a smarter way. If you want to make your home smart then you have to make it equipped with some of the best gadgets available in the market today. Here is the list of best smart home gadgets for 2018 that will make a great difference to your lifestyle:

1) Smart Assistant:

Smart Home Gadgets 2018 - Amazon-Eco-Smart-Assistant

Do you want to know the status of morning traffic in your locality? Do you forget to order a book from an online platform? Then a smart assistant is there for your help. It features voice-controlled HD speaker with a mic to give you a strong helping hand by providing the information you needed.

Recommended smart assistant device to consider: Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) | Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen).

2) Smart Security Camera:

Smart Home Gadgets 2018 - Arlo-Pro-NETGEAR-Security-Camera

When we talk about the role of technology in home safety, the security camera is the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind. A smart security camera is a perfect gadget to keep an eye on your home when you are away. Most of the security cameras are equipped with smart features. Some of them can trigger an alarm while others can send notifications when they observe any suspicious activity around your home.

Recommended smart security camera to consider: Amazon Cloud Cam | NETGEAR Arlo Pro.

3) Smart Thermostat:

Smart Home Gadgets 2018 - Emerson-Sensi-Smart-Thermostat

It is a highly useful device that can be applied in home automation system to control the air conditioning and temperate in your home. It allows you to monitor the temperature of your home from Smartphone or any other device of your choice. In long-term, Smart Thermostat also helps to make an energy efficient house by keeping a check on electricity bills of your home.

Recommended smart thermostat to consider: Nest Learning | Emerson Sensi Smart.

4) Smart Light:

Smart Home Gadgets 2018 - TP-Link-Kasa-Smart-Light

In recent years, the way of managing light in the home has become exponentially smart. With the introduction of smart Led bulbs, Wi-Fi light bulbs, Bluetooth light bulbs and panels, you can control the lighting effect and atmosphere in your home with only a few clicks. All these modern gadgets have also taught people to use the energy in a highly efficient way.

Recommended smart light to consider: Philips Hue White | TP-Link Kasa.

5) Smart Speaker:

Smart Home Gadgets 2018 - Sonos-Play-1-Smart-Speaker

It is kind of a voice command gadget inbuilt with artificial intelligence that lets you do the handsfree activation. Most of the smart speakers also feature display so that a user can view a visual response.  You can send a command to the smart speaker and it can respond to your commands with appropriate actions.

Recommended smart speaker to consider: Sonos Play:1 | Bose Wave SoundTouch Music System IV.

6) Smart Lock:

Smart Home Gadgets 2018 - August-Smart-Lock-Pro

It will not only let you enter and exit from home with ease but it will assure you extreme safety. A smart lock can also monitor people who are leaving and entering in your home. It lets you control the on/off options from your phone and you can even do customized settings that give privilege to your family members and friends.

Recommended smart lock to consider: Schlage Z-Wave Connect | August Smart Lock Pro + Connect.

7) Smart Smoke Detector:

Smart Home Gadgets 2018 - Nest-Protect-Alarm-Smart-Smoke-Detector

It can provide you an edge over traditional alarms because of its numerous smart features. It adds extreme safety to your home by sending you a notification when a smoke or fire is detected. If you are unavailable, it can even facilitate a quick call to emergency services in your nearby area.

Recommended smart smoke detector to consider: Nest Protect Alarm | Kidde RF-SM-DC Alarm.

8) Smart Universal Remote:

Smart Home Gadgets 2018 - Logitech-Harmony-Companion-Smart-Universal-Remote

Being equipped with several modern features such as sophisticated design, voice control, and touch screen, it lets you control multiple devices in a smarter way. A high-end universal remote will make your life very easy by giving you an access to all gadgets in your home through a single device.

Recommended smart universal remote to consider: Logitech Harmony Companion | Logitech Harmony Elite.

9) Smart Plug:

Smart Home Gadgets 2018 - TP-Link-Kasa-Smart-Mini-Plug

If you want to smarten the association of several devices in your home such as lights, air conditioning, and alarms then you need smart plugs.  The modern plugs are equipped with Bluetooth technology that lets the user automate lights on the basis of the effects they need. It lets you manage light in your home in a more organized way.

Recommended smart plug to consider: TP-Link Kasa Smart | TP-Link Kasa Smart Mini.

10) Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner:

Smart Home Gadgets 2018 - iRobot-Roomba-650-Vacuum-Cleaning-Robot

Smart Cleaners are extremely efficient over traditional vacuum cleaners. It offers a fun way to clean your home. It comes with different cleaning modes such as spot cleaning, edge cleaning, max mode, auto cleaning etc. All these features make Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner less time consuming and highly energy efficient.

Recommended smart robotic vacuum cleaner to consider: iRobot Roomba 960 | iRobot Roomba 690.

Final Words:

Smart Home Gadgets 2018 - smart-home-technology-iot-intelligence

With every year passes by, we are moving a step closer to our science fiction dream of monitoring and controlling the gadgets with simple gestures or voice commands. The smart home gadgets mentioned above playing a key role to help us achieve our dream.

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