10 Excellent SEO Friendly Blog Post Content Ideas

When you aim to impress your audience with captivating blogs, even the search engines will acknowledge you with high ranking. However, you also have to work on the quality of your articles. They should be top-notch and easy to read. Every writer that needs to be on top of the ranking for credible SEO friendly posts can get SEO services. Although the changes won’t happen overnight, have patience because, with their dedicated service and skills, you will soon be soaring high. In essence, what is consumable to a user becomes an SEO friendly too.

1. Write with lots of passion


If you are interested in writing, you are likely to deliver a masterpiece to your audience. One crucial factor is to do research and find out what readers want. Then after your study, you will think, compile, and repurpose your article.

Embark on a mission of creating a high-quality article that will wow your audience and meets their needs. Install app stack, which is a great tool that will make your work easy as you run different applications simultaneously.

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2. Get organized as you start


Even as you pour your heart out to the readers because you have a burning passion, have a proper structure in your post. You don’t want to puzzle your audience with disorganized content. Ensure you have an appealing introduction; this is where you need to capture your visitor’s attention. Next, you should have a body, which is the main story. Then finish with a conclusion that should invite your readers to more of your content in the future.

3. Use killer optimized headings


Yes, we said it right. When you take your time and come up with a killer heading, you are going to attract users to your post. Even when people peruse several articles, and yours is a killer, there’s no way they will pass it. An optimized heading is also crucial because it becomes more apparent to your readers, and also helps Google to see your main topics which they use to rank you.

Also, add subheadings that will guide your audience to get through as they read through your pages. Avoid overdoing the keywords in the subtitle so that you can sound more natural.

4. Optimize your post length

SEO Friendly Blog Post Ideas - Optimize your post length

While too much of something can be poisonous, well, long posts also fall in a similar category, especially when done by an amateur. But when the package comes with smashing information, it is likely to capture the reader’s attention and become fixated. The most important thing that conquers here is quality over quantity. Google will love the same and probably put you on top ranking.

5. Choose your keyword well


Using keywords can be tricky if you are a newbie in blogging. However, the good news is, with several tools available in the market today, such as SEMrush, you can search for your right keyword. Another popular one is keywordtool.io, which will also help you find some of the keyword ideas suggested by search engines. It as well gives a list of queries associated with your search. From here, you will be in a position to select what best suits your blog.

Don’t forget to use a well-searched keyword in the title of your content, headlines, meta descriptions, ALT tags, and finally, the main body. As important as the keyword is, avoid stuffing because it kills your story.

6. Keep writing for SEO

SEO Friendly Blog Post Ideas - Keep writing for SEO

Sometimes it may be challenging to come up with a new post as a blogger continually, but with Google Keyword Planner and other tools, you can eliminate that fear. Users appreciate newness. It keeps them coming back, expecting more fresh content. You will retain visitors and attract more by maintaining consistency with your new blogs. It is one of the secrets to increasing traffic that leads to beautiful ranking.

Another crucial tip is to use WordPress to build your site because it becomes easier to manage your website from any connected computer. This way, you are not limited to write in one location.

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7. Use social media to get post ideas


As a blog writer, you need to open your horizon and be very resourceful. Since everyone is on social media, make good use of it by finding where the real conversation is trending. One most exciting place to find this is Quora and Pinterest. According to the recent data, Pinterest has 200 million users in a month. Now, as you can see, it has the right number to fetch your niche ideas. If, for example, you are into interior designing, you will love loads of insights shared and discussed here.

So now, as you are still on Pinterest, you may wonder how to find the SEO friendly post ideas? While you go to the search bar, you will type interior designing or whatever else that interests you. Then you will receive results. Concentrate on the ones that appear colored because they are the SEO friendly suggested by Pinterest. A quick way to check what’s trending in social media is to use Google Trends.

8. Use email list


If you have been blogging and you don’t have an email list, then you are missing out big time. When you’ve run out of ideas, you can directly reach out to your followers and ask them what topic they would like to read. It can turn out to be an exciting conversation leading to tons of ideas.

When your site is built in WordPress, setting up an email subscription to your blog becomes such a breeze. Since WordPress’s initial build-up was for blogging, most of the useful tools are built-in. Therefore, it becomes easy to integrate them.

9. Optimize your media element

Content Marketing Tactics Graph Strategy

When we talk of the media elements, we are talking of videos, images, graphs, infographics, and many more. You get the drill. When you optimize them, your readers find them more appealing, which contributes to good user experience. If you don’t believe, go to your archives and get some of your blog posts that are not optimized. Now make that change and watch what will happen.

Then for the ALT TEXT, you need to add a few words describing the image which looks more meaningful and SEO friendly. It also allows crawlability as Google can now read optimized elements. Nevertheless, this is what will earn you a place on top of Google’s ranking.

10. Add internal links wisely

link building

As users visit your page, you give them more options for clicking the links and sticking longer on your page. It helps in this way- other than looking for different pages with similar content, you refer them to an internal link. A technique that works by reducing your bounce rate.

Better still, it is another effective way that helps Google to find new pages in your site that is by associating a new post with a previously published post. When they crawl on your page, they follow the link with the same attribute for indexing.

Points take off:

SEO Friendly Blog Post Ideas - Points take off

And as you have been successfully applying all the SEO friendly blog post requirements before you celebrate and toss the champagne, here are few points you need to confirm;

  • First, get an SEO Content Template where you can outline your work.
  • There is more to keywords than just spraying them on your content. They help search engines to quickly find and comprehend and then connect them to the topic you are covering. If they can do this, then your ranking goes up. Remember to use the magic tools mentioned here to make it easy to optimize your content’s elements.
  • Ask yourself if you wrote a rich content that will interest even the worst critics?
  • As you write, grade yourself to see if you will impress your readers. Use the SEO writing assistant tool.
  • Links are useful such, you can build base links, but make sure you verify them first.
  • If you have confidence in your results, then it’s time to share it with the rest of the world.
  • Find websites such as ShareThis and AddThis that can help you add social media buttons to your site. There are also plugins accessible such as Sassy Social Share. People will easily share your content to their websites and with their friends. Soon it will go viral, and this will be a win-win! Now you can raise your glass but keep consistency.
  • Remember to read and reply to the comments done by your followers. Show them their opinion is valuable, and you take it seriously.
  • Renew the best of your old posts to ensure freshness in your site. You can do this by enhancing their headings.
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In conclusion

SEO Friendly Blog Post Ideas - conclusion

An SEO friendly post means it does not only please the search engine, but the user also finds it easy to understand. Even as you benefit from the ideas shared here, hiring affordable SEO services can put you at the ease of remembering everything you need to do to uphold an SEO friendly post. And better still if you are not knowledgeable with most tasks mentioned here.

Author-Image-Naman-ModiThis article is written by Naman Modi. Naman is a professional blogger, SEO expert & guest blogger at eBuilderz. He is an award-winning freelancer & web entrepreneur helping new entrepreneurs launch their first successful online business. Follow him: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn | Pinterest.

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