Tips for Self-development as a Remote Software Developer in COVID-19

The year 2020 has seen one of the worst outcomes as far as economy and development is concerned. The world has seen all-time lows in terms of GDP and economic progress, which holds true for almost every country. But as the popular phrase says, there is a brighter side to every coin; the pandemic era has brought about a new dimension in employment and work culture. Yes, work from home was never such a popular term before 2020.

Stay remote, stay safe, and do your work- these are the three ideas the world lives upon since COVID-19 flashed its venomous bite over humanity. Some professionals like software developers have accepted the present situation and started as serious go-getters, thereby achieving much more than ever before.

Well, flip or flop, that’s a debatable issue, but preparing for self-development during the COVID era is the most sought-after strategy. Let’s have a look at some strategies, which if followed could give you immense pleasure and win over the adverse situation during challenging times:

Taking the job seriously


You are at home for work, but your work remains the same. The time, the workload, the assignments and deadlines, everything remains the same; maybe you have to change yourself, just a bit. The brighter sides are that you get an extra hour in hand and can relax sipping coffee instead of rushing for the office. You can take care of your house and family better than ever before, especially enjoy watching your kids grow. You have time to prepare meals and sit with your son’s homework. All you need to do is work on your routine meticulously.

Make a weekly chart, set your goals, analyze your time, and then prioritize your work. After all, self-discipline is the motto for a successful career. Make your office room, arrange your own desk, and prepare your own coffee. Get yourself started with a motivational quote, and finish your day with a smile. It’s possible for you to win over the negativities, and accept challenges with a smile. Get yourself convinced you will and you can. It’s seriously true!

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Maintain a friendly work environment at home


Working from home might have a lot of challenges. Space, internet connection, deadlines might work as a constrain for certain remote software developers. It’s essential that you maintain a friendly environment both inside and outside your home. Your home is home, it’s not your office, and you cannot deny your toddler a kiss or a hug. Similarly, the office pays you the salary and amenity bills, so be diligent while serving deadlines. Make your boss not to raise the eyebrows of your kid commits a mistake during a video conferencing. Similarly, make your family understand that you have a job and your duty is to deliver the work meticulously at the end of the day. Well, after work hours, you can enjoy quality family time.

Hold video conference often


If you are a team manager and is entrusted with finishing a project remotely, you can always hold a video conference with your team members. Be with your team while staying distant. This is the cliché that justifies every teamwork. While having a video conference, you may have a feeling of being in office. Get connected through WhatsApp group, and be up to date with every move of your team. Trust me, technology has brought people closer, only you can’t meet them physically. Clarify all your doubts, and encourage your team to achieve greater heights. All it matters is a team spirit be held high, although physical distancing prevailing.

Interacting with the management about the interest


The best way to maintain a friendly atmosphere with your team is to interact with your teammates and share some interests apart from assignments and deadlines. Share some movie updates, share a novel you read recently, or maybe your ideas on how to improve on the project you are doing as a team. Your office colleagues are your extended family, so interact with them and be at ease. Know each other well, before you be the best teammates. That’s absolutely essential.

Encouraging code reviews


If you are a software developer working on a codebase shared with other developers, perhaps it’s essential establishing guidelines dictating the structure of the project. While you establish formal code reviews, the team will ensure everybody maintains the top-notch quality code. While you open yourself to your peers, criticism is an integral part of learning better. In the time of reviewing the code, make sure to achieve the following points.

  1. Understanding the problem and the code which is trying to solve.
  2. The code should provide a valid solution to all problems.
  3. The team’s establishing guidelines should be validated. The method of solving a problem can be numerous.
  4. Analyze the nature of the code, especially if it’s easy collaborating. Easy to read code is far better than a line that is technically confusing.
  5. If you feel that there can be a more favorable solution, always provide proof and explain why the solution could be optimal.
  6. Code reviews are generally not always related to the original problem. In fact, these are not the places to share improvements or other things not associated with these problems.

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Learn from the industry leaders


You can always follow the industry leaders, and learn how you can solve a particular issue. Be it a specific field in coding or anything else, there is nothing better than borrowing ideas from those who are experts in the arena. Follow the industry experts or senior professionals via LinkedIn or other networks and follow the trend. In fact, you can start a point and let others talk over, thereby attempting to get a solution in the specific frame.

Take care of your health


Taking care of your health is primarily important while you are working as a remote software developer. Take proper medicines in case you are used to and practice some healthy habits. Do yoga in the morning hours, walk for a while, climb steps, and if you have a treadmill make the best utilization. Take care of your diet a lot. Have lots of green vegetables, fruits, fruit juices, and water. Avoid consuming junks as far as possible. You can start cooking and learn some easy to prepare dishes, in case you are a first-time chef. Relax yourself cooking or maybe caring for your pet. While you share the household work with your family, make sure to organize your home, especially your closets more than before. Dance and listen to music, which can relax you and ensure some calorie burn.

Do some short-term courses that boost self-development


If you are working as a remote developer, then you can utilize the time improving yourself or might be enhancing your knowledge in another field. Some of the courses you might undergo in a short time are:

  1. Secure software specification.
  2. Unity XR- building AR and VR apps.
  3. Software product management.
  4. IOS app development.
  5. Software testing and automation.
  6. Software design and architecture.
  7. Google cloud platform fundamentals- core infrastructures.
  8. Java programming- solving problems with the software.
  9. Open-source software development, Linux, and Git.

These are just to name a few. In fact, you may look for more courses on coding or further development in the line of the project you are serving. You may enhance your leadership skills through USGC and DHS leader development programs. Get the acquisition training done through certified courses.

In a recent interview with Adam Przymusiała, the CEO of BinarApps, we have discussed many details about the work-from-home situation for software developers in this COVID-19 pandemic. While talking about the self-development he mentioned,

“Sign up for webinars and see some more efficient ways to tackle everyday tasks. Try learning some new skills from YouTube and watch OPM seminars. Learn some soft skills that will develop you during the long run and learn some resume writing techniques. All for a good reason that the COVID era can offer you a good self-development exercise.”

Learn some more basics and language


You may boost your Software development career by learning some more basics.

  1. You may invest in cloud computing and containerization technique. They offer tremendous career growth since they have worldwide application.
  2. In case you are studying for the test, Leech stresses the implication of proper preparation during the interview process. Companies screen candidates for top-level positions through coding screens.
  3. Learn something more than just coding. Several jobs require a proper understanding of technology but not coding.
  4. Writing the code is not enough. You would have to access the quality and performance. Learning and using new technology tools for service and accessing optimization is important.
  5. The most usable programming codes are Scala, Puppet, Python, Hadoop, Java, J2EE, SOAP, HTML, C, C++, UML, and Pearl. Make sure you learn all the coding languages for better exposure.

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The bottom line


A crisis can never be called so as far as you have some opportunity to learn new. Remember, Napoleon the great learned some great lessons of life while in a captive state. So, gear yourself up and get ready to learn something new, always. After all, a rolling stone gathers no moss. Remote working is the trend of the era and there are rooms for development if you focus and chalk your route to success.

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