Rich Salesforce Mobile Application Development Platforms

Today, when this is the mobile era and around 95% of the people own mobile devices for which organizations are using cloud services. It has become imperative for various businesses to have a mobile application. Due to various technologies, Salesforce application can be built in just minutes and people can do it immediately in a hassle-free manner. There is a plenty of mobile app development tools that can help you in creating any mobile or web application and this may become difficult for you to choose the best one.

This article will help you in choosing the right tool that works perfectly for your mobile application. You may and may not even require a developer to use the tools. Tools may also have drag-drop coding platform that can be used by non-IT users too. Drag and drop tools are also known as fewer code tools as the user need not be an expert programmer in order to use these tools. An application built in this way can be easily integrated with the customized Salesforce dashboard and all Salesforce users can easily use it from anywhere that looks simply great.

Salesforce Lightning is a complete browser-based tool and can be used by developers or non-developers to develop Salesforce mobile or desktop app. Both the traditional and new Salesforce developers can use this platform. Users can upload the apps into the Salesforce1 app and can also download the application update as and when required. Well to get any desired Salesforce app timely, you are strongly recommended to hire the Salesforce Consultant.

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An Introduction to Salesforce Platform


Salesforce platform gives developers, administrators, and ISVs freedom to innovate. Salesforce mobile apps are driven by metadata and provide the better user experiences. Administrators can manage the apps centrally through ready to use tools. Salesforce development models provide a flexible and feature-rich environment to the ISVs and developers. Moreover, they can also perform version control, and control the marketing activities with the AppExchange platform. Salesforce platform has following features:

1. Presence of Social Data

Point 1From the Salesforce platform, just through a single tap user can share, follow and collaborate the business actions. The activities can be modified and introduced in real-time directly within the platform. In this way, the user can only focus on the specific tasks. As Salesforce allow the user to share, update and follow the data among partners, customers, or colleagues so opportunities can also be easily created and managed through the platform.

2. Programmatic and Declarative Development

Point 2Every business and its respective IT department tries to remain competitive with the best product deliveries and services. They may also have to manage and work with the available resources. At the time of recruitment, they need to recruit the people who are good in mobile application development.

In case of Salesforce mobile application development, as the apps can be created just by drag and drop so that much technical knowledge expert may not be required. As the developers and administrators can work on the same platform, so there is no need for a separate platform. They can use open source languages, standards, and tools.

3. Customer-Oriented App Model

Point 3Salesforce mobile apps put the customer in the center so no complicated development cycle is required. Administrators can define default values to streamline applications so that they can be operated through mouse click and finger swipe.

Desktop defined actions are also available on mobile-friendly devices with context-sensitive menus and developers can integrate the apps with Salesforce easily. JSON and XML APIs can be accepted by RESTFUL endpoints of Salesforce.

However, many factors are important in organizational growth and collaboration between several departments within the organization can provide them with better growth. They can reap many benefits from the Salesforce mobile applications. A professional appearance can be provided to the sales people of the organization and they can access the client’s information with just a click.

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Salesforce Mobile Application Development Platforms


Salesforce has provided a number of platforms to develop the application. Earlier launched platforms were code-oriented but Lightning is a low code platform. Here are listed all the required platforms that are used to develop a Salesforce application:

1. Salesforce Lightning

point-01Salesforce Lightning is latest and popular low code platform as the apps can be easily developed and designed on this platform by using drag-drop features. The apps developed through this platform are responsive so can be used by any mobile device like cell phones, laptops, notebooks, tablets and other handheld devices.

2. is a technical Salesforce app development platform and this is in existence even before the launch of the Lightning platform. Apps which cannot be developed through Lightning platform are developed on platform as it requires knowledge of coding. Organizations even outsource the project to the Salesforce developers if their required app is not available on the AppExchange platform or need any extensive technical knowledge.

For the organizations, if they need to develop any business operation-specific application then they can this platform. By following the general syntax and code, applications can be developed. By outsourcing project to Salesforce developers, they will get a mobile-friendly app with all technical capabilities.

3. App Cloud Platform

point-03The App Cloud platform is developed by the Salesforce through which mobile application can be developed quickly. Both front end and back end applications can be developed through the Application Cloud. Applications can be developed and tested remotely and teams can even work or coordinate remotely for developing a mobile-friendly app.

4. Other Diverse Technical Platforms

point-04So far Salesforce has provided various application development platforms like, Salesforce1, APEX development environment and others. All platforms have their own features and advantages. A PaaS based platform, Heroku can be used to run bundle to codes. The fields of the previous or current database can also be easily matched through this platform.

Benefits of a Salesforce mobile application


Salesforce mobile apps offer a number of features and even the companies can develop their required application, like if they plan to have an application through which they can manage their employee’s information and sales analytics. In short, the organizations can leverage the following listed benefits through a Salesforce mobile application:

1. Monitoring Sales Analytics:

Point 1Organizations can manage their business growth from anywhere at any time. Even they can identify the source of traffic and new opportunities. New leads can be generated by identification and Salesforce apps help in managing other sales operations.

2. Managing Workflow:

Point 2Every business has a specific workflow and structure. Sometimes, tailor-made Salesforce mobile apps can help in streamlining the organizational tasks. Competent mobile apps can help the businesses to grow. A Salesforce mobile app can have the following features:

  • Secure.
  • Accurate.
  • Scalable.
  • Reliable.
  • Customized.
  • Efficient.
  • Accurate.
  • Performance-rich.
  • Customized.
  • Function-rich.
  • Elastic.
  • Durable.
These features are not limited and the user can get many non-listed benefits from the Salesforce mobile apps.

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Wrapping Up


Today mobile apps are necessary for every business and Salesforce has provided an easy to operate environment for its users. Salesforce developers can use that environment to develop a mobile-friendly and an interactive app. Mobile apps cannot only provide a collaborative environment to the organizational employees even they can also communicate with their customers with the help of feature-rich and well-connected tools. Salesforce mobile apps are key to success for any organization running worldwide.

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