DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch – Features & Specifications Review

In this new era of smartwatch another beautiful and utility product has been launched. The product name is DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch. Like the other smartwatches at present available in the market, this watch is also claiming the space of your hand with lots of helpful features & functionality that will undoubtedly dazzle your eyes. Let’s come into detailed specifications of this DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch.

1. Display & Design:

The look of this watch is very simple. The shape of the dial is pretty round with super quality genuine leather band. The case of the smartwatch is made up of steel material. It has three color options: Black, Golden & Silver.

The screen resolutions is 240 x 204 pixels which is also pretty good. The screen size is 1.22 inches, seems quite good in terms of any smart watches. The screen is specially designed with in-plane switching technology. That means you can expect very clear view from every viewing angle. Also the color reproductions is of low quality which will be undoubtedly good for eyes.

DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch - 1

The dial size of this watch is 1.69 x 1.69 x 0.47 inches and the wearing diameter is 6.30 – 8.66 inches. The total dimensions (L, W, & H) are 9.63 x 1.69 x 0.47 inches and the band width is 0.87 inches. The total weight of this smartwatch is just 51 grams. Overall design and display of the smart watch is quite demandable.

Due to its looking and unisex color options, this gadget can easily be enjoyed by both men & women.

2. Hardware Specifications:

The hardware section is also very impressive in terms of memory & chip. The RAM used is 128 MB and the ROM used is 64 MB. The Built-in chip type is MTK2502. The watch comes with Bluetooth version 4.0.

DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch - 2

3. Features & Functions:

This DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch has lots of interesting features and functionality. First and foremost, this gadget is fully compatible with both iOS 8.0 and Android 4.3 or above systems. Not only that, you can also monitor your sports and health related factors. While exercising you can monitor you heart rate, how long you have traveled, what was your speed, time and how much you have burned your calories. Along with Pedometer it also has Sleep Monitor Reminder and Sedentariness Reminder. So using this smart watch, taking care of your health and developing a good living habits is now not a big deal.

The remote button of this gadget will give you control over your camera and music of your phone. You can enjoy taking pictures and can listen to your favorite music whenever you want without even touching your smart phone.

DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch - 3

Through the latest Bluetooth version you can also take control over your phone calls. You can dial your required numbers along with receiving phone calls and can also manage your messages. It will also help you pushing your instant information from Twitter, Facebook, WeChat etc. instantly. And when you want to get to know the time, only you need to rise up your hand and then the screen will automatically light up using it’s super sensitivity technology.

4. Battery:

The battery type used is Polymer and the capacity of this battery is 220 mAh, which means it will give your watch a total 4 – 5 days standby time as per your usage.

DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch - 4

Conclusions & Purchase Option:

Taking into considerations about the features and functionality, it is quite understandable that DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch is quite impressive and full of quality. Now let’s focus into the price of this awesome gadget. The price is just $58.07. Isn’t it great?

But if you are serious about buying this smart watch, then for you guys there is a super discount going on. Purchase this watch by visiting Gearbest.com and get a special discounted price of just $52.99*. To redeem this super awesome discount, you need to use this Coupon Code: DW360.

* Note: Discounted price may change time to time.

Review Breakdown

Display & Design


Taking into considerations about the features, functionality, hardware & price, it is quite understandable that DW360 MTK2502 Smart Watch is quite impressive and full of quality.

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