10 Recommended Software Every Businessman Should Use in 2017

When businessmen say that their business runs on their own they actually mean that they are awfully indebted to a bunch of software applications which continuously provides the machine while staying behind the curtains. The range of operations that these business software take care of are enormously large starting from document storing to e-mail management and coordinating teams. Lots and lots of pages of codes go into running a business.

At present times, businesses cannot make do without the help of these heaps of programs. Though not every business needs the same bunch of software but there are few elementary ones which no business can work without. Let us have a look at the top 10 software which every business requires in 2017 for its smooth operation.

1. Accounting- QuickBooks

Top 10 Recommended Business Software - 2017-2018 - Point 1Each and every business has something to do with accounting and hence an accounting software is indispensable. QuickBooks is an accounting which s flowchart based and is the closest any software can get in terms of standards of small businesses. It provides non-professionals the simplest way to transfer the books and files from the cabinet to the computer. From client billing to cheque cutting this software performs every task with just a few clicks.

2. Blogging- WordPress

Top 10 Recommended Business Software - 2017-2018 - Point 2Businesses which do not have a blog of their own are actually 5 years behind the business curve, Blogs are the best methods to provide news about the company and their products in an updated manner. WordPress is the perfect platform to host your company’s blogs. It is perfectly easy to use and has the ability to attract your team members in contributing to the blog.

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3. Backup and recovery- Mozy

Top 10 Recommended Business Software - 2017-2018 - Point 3File backups are very important for the safety of confidential and important files related to your business. Regular backup of significant files is very crucial for the smooth operability of any business. An online backup option must always be used. Mozy is one such software which can archive any document that needs to be backed up automatically.


4. Collaboration- Slack

Top 10 Recommended Business Software - 2017-2018 - Point 4Collaborating with a team of workers is one of the simplest ways of getting a job done in any business. With Slack, one can host a session where team members can work on a single project in real time. A web-enabled whiteboard where one can upload documents and share files from their desktops and create designs from scratch.

5. RTLFiRST- Remittance Processing

Top 10 Recommended Business Software - 2017-2018 - Point 5RLTFiRST, the flagship solution offered by RT Lawrence, utilizes the latest in handwriting recognition and imaging technology. This solution streamlines your payment processing operations by considerably minimizing your operator data entry staff and mailroom labor while fast-tracking the collection as well as processing of funds.

6. CRM- SalesForce

Top 10 Recommended Business Software - 2017-2018 - Point 6Not only the top businesses but every small business needs to take care of their customers. That is why customer relationship management is one of the top priorities in every business. From tracking leads to managing sales and ensuring follow-ups in a timely manner Salesforce performs it all. Its vast approach might enforce some training but once acclimatized it can reap more benefits than you can imagine.

7. Database management- Filemaker Pro

Top 10 Recommended Business Software - 2017-2018 - Point 7Instead of going with Microsoft Access you might give Filemaker Pro a try and surely you won’t be disappointed. Arguably more intuitive than Access Filemaker Pro offers high-end features such as live SQL data support and simple web publishing features which allows your entire team to access the required database using a browser. It also has a range of inbuilt templates which aids you in your work largely.

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8. Email- Thunderbird

Top 10 Recommended Business Software - 2017-2018 - Point 8Instead of Outlook you can opt for Thunderbird and avail the same features without spending any money. It is speedy and has an integrated search system as well.

9. E-commerce services- Yahoo small business

Top 10 Recommended Business Software - 2017-2018 - Point 9Yahoo small business allows small business to perform many complicated operations regarding e-commerce very easily. It provides easy card processing and templates as well.

10. Invoicing- Zoho invoice

Top 10 Recommended Business Software - 2017-2018 - Point 10Every business requires an invoicing software at some point. Zoho invoice is almost the perfect invoicing solutions to manage accounts, construct invoices, print and mail them at just the click of a mouse.

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