14 Rarest and Valuable Video Games in the World (Infographic)

Most of you love to play video games. It serves as the best leisure time despite of age groups. Nowadays even the adults seem to be very much interested in playing video games.  The video games energize your mind and soul. It gives you better refreshment. Recently, I came across a fabulous infographic stating details related to video games, and I am sure it is one of the rarest collections in the current scenario. They were totally 14 video games on the list, and here in this article, I am going to discuss about 5 games from that spectacular list. It is really exciting to know more about the features implemented in the video games. The highly skilled professionals were employed to develop these realistic games.

1) Gamma Attack

Point 1It is one of the expensive video game at the present situation. The Atari 2600 game is considered as one of the rarest video game. This video game was developed by a firm named as Gammation. It is a well-known gaming company located at the United States of America, to be specific in Ohio. This gaming company owns a single cartridge of this Gamma Attack. As of now the owner of this game is Anthony Denardo. This game is available for sale at the eBay platform with the price tag of $500,000. Hurry up and purchase this game to enjoy those thrilling experiences.

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2) Birthday Mania

Point 2Birthday Mania consists of a collection of games related to birthday events like blowing out the candles, popping balloons, having fun, etc. It is one of the rarest collections. It is very easy to play but still gives you an exciting experience. This game costs around $35,000. You can also customize the game by including your names in the birthday message.

3) 1990 Nintendo World Championships Gold Edition

Point 3It is a collection of Super Mario, Rad Racer, and Tetris games.  There are 26 cartridges available for sale. The cartridge with gold color edition seems to be available in limited stocks. This game has come up with the customization features. The winners and the runner ups of the Nintendo power contest were awarded with this game cartridge. It is an excellent collection of games.

4) Air Raid

Point 4This game is designed in a blue cartridge along with a T-shaped handle. The basic concept in this game is to defend the air raids with the help of your own air craft in order to protect your city from collapse. There are 12 copies available with the price tag of $14k to $34K. You can find them on eBay and in few of the gaming auction sites. Place your order before it becomes out of stock.

5) Nintendo Campus Challenge

Point 5It is one of the best games in the list of rarest collections. It comprises of Super Mario 3, Pinbot, and Dr. Mario, etc. This game cost around $20K. It was assumed that all the copies of this game were destroyed, but finally, a single copy has been left out with the Ex employee of the firm Nintendo.  This game is widely used for the purpose of competitions.

14 Rarest and Most Valuable Video Games in The World (Infographic)

To know more about the games and its features you can have a look at the infographic displayed below. Here each and every game was discussed in detail for better understanding. Do not wait for your big day instead purchase these exciting games and celebrate your victory every day.

14 Rarest and Most Valuable Video Games in The World (Infographic)

Infographic source: http://www.puregaming.net/most-rarest-valuable-video-games/.


conclusion-thumbs-up-final-thoughtsGaming has no age constraints. From toddlers to elder video games has become their stress buster. Due to the realistic environment of the video games, it makes us to participate in it whole heartedly. Most of the video game lovers will be eagerly waiting for the new releases of cartridges every minute to enjoy those thrilling moments. Gaming enables the individuals to tackle the obstacles in an optimum way. These techniques seem to be applicable even for the real time life style. Enjoy gaming moments with friends and family without any regrets.

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