The GPD Pocket Mini Laptop (7 inches, Windows 10) – Feature Review

Have you ever thought that you could carry your laptop in your pocket? The GPD Pocket Mini Laptop is one of the gadgets that are just a size bigger than your smartphone. Yes, you can carry your laptop in your pocket now and can have the freedom to move around. Let’s have a look at some of the important and unique features of the GPD Pocket Mini Laptop:

1) Compact Size:

Although smart phones and tablets made the internet usage nowadays at your own comfort, but then you cannot use them to do various functions and especially while traveling. Lots of people face issues as they can’t open their computer setup. To help them out the GPD Pocket Mini Laptop with a keyboard is launched. The weight is exactly 503 grams, which makes it lighter from any tablet or laptop in the universe. The measurement of this laptop is as such – breadth is approx. 109 mm, length is 182 mm, and it comes with a thickness of 19.9 mm.

The GPD Pocket Mini Laptop - 1

2) Feasible for office work:

The GPD Pocket Mini Laptop comes with Windows 10, but you can install whatever application or downgrade the edition of the windows as per your requirement. The Microsoft office works fine, and you can use and update the tools to the new version. It comes with a Ram of 8GB and internal memory of 128GB that makes this masterpiece work exactly similar to a standard laptop.

3) Battery:

The battery issues are confronted by many users today, but this mini laptop is equipped with 7000 mAh battery capacity for users, and it requires just 3 hours of time to become fully loaded up.

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4) Keyboard:

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The laptop is fitted with a QWERTY chiclet keyboard, which brings in the shortcut keys included for easy navigation. You can also get a two-way key for the usage of the mouse placed near the first row of the keyboard. Although there is a mouse facility but the touch screen feature of the laptop is so good that you will rarely use the mouse keys.

5) Touchscreen:

This mini laptop is also equipped with 7.0-inch FHD Touch Screen with the resolution of 1920 x 1080. It increases the laptop screen clarity and boasts the colors as well. ? The GPD Pocket Mini Laptop supports touchscreen format up to 5 points, and it is a full high definition in nature. This amazing laptop has the facility for the installation of Ubuntu firmware also, as many users seek this operating software as well.

6) Extensions:

The GPD Pocket Mini Laptop - 2

This mini laptop also comes with the HDMI cable for you, so that you can attach your laptop with the Tablets or to a high-definition monitor to enlarge your view experience. It also backs up the HDMI cable and port of 3.0 connected to the USB connection. It helps in working without any delays. The mini laptop equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 version so that you can easily transfer photos, videos, documents from one gimmick to another. So be ready to connect your devices to the wireless instant transfers.

Users have expressed their mix opinions regarding this mini laptop, and they like it a lot mainly because of its design and feasibility. One of the issues they face that all the ports are placed on the right side of the laptop only. But it is fine as users don’t need to engage all at one time as it will create a clutter. Otherwise, they really like the touchscreen feature; it’s like using a smart phone with a keyboard. The overall look of the laptop is also praised by users as the finishing is quite good.

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The craze of small gadgets is increasing with the time, and people are very much interested in going for the one in coming days. With the penetration of internet in our everyday lives, we cannot inhabit a single day without our gadgets. Secure your GPD Pocket Mini Laptop from GearBest at the price of $509. Do take advantage of this offer as you can buy this mini laptop of $599 in hefty discount. This mini laptop is the first step and quite perfect for the usage while you move around, or want to manage small or immediate work.

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The craze of small gadgets is increasing with the time. This mini laptop is the first step and quite perfect for the usage while you move around, or want to manage small or immediate work.

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