The Xiaomi Air 13 Notebook (Windows 10, 13.3 inches) – Feature Review

With Air, Xiaomi has taken its first step in the market of notebooks. Xiaomi is a well-known Chinese player in the smart phone market where they concentrate on selling out low-cost mobiles to undercut the competition in various platforms. The Notebook comes with an adaptive display and vivid screen technology to give unique experience for all users of all ages and ability. The device seems to give a kind of experience in making the videos and photos live with the memories.

The Xiaomi Air 13 Notebook is said to have a graphic card port with the dual SSD expansion intact. The notebook has a keyboard attached to all the ports and the backlit keys. The speakers attached to laptop have specialized in Dolby audio sound which creates an aura of music around and adjusts to various formats of videos, movies, and games.

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Here we have tried to highlight the wide range of features that are packed in Xiaomi Air 13 Notebook:

Basic Features:

The Xiaomi Notebook Air 13 comes with the weight of 1.2800 kg, which makes it one of the lightest notebook available today in the market. The price below 1000$ can also be considered quite reasonable for a laptop that has all the premium features installed. It has a single RAM of DDR4 attached with 8GB capacity. The processor used Intel core i5 6200u with the OS of window 10.

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The 13.3-inch Mi Notebook Air 13 display is Full HD and has an IPS panel attached to them. The display ratio of the device is 16:9. And the brightness is indicated to 300 CD/m2 and can exceed to 347 CD/m2 too.

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Storage Capacity:

The Notebook has the storage capacity of 256SSD, which is quite remarkable for such a sleek device. The other devices of the same range don’t offer the kind of capacity that Xiaomi Air 13 offers.

HDMI output:

The device has an HDMI slot attached and supports the 4k output. You can connect Xiaomi Air 13 Notebook to TV, projectors, and monitors and can create your own home theatre with the amazing Dolby sound speakers of this device.

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The Notebook is equipped with 1.0 MP front camera so that users can explore the various chat options and it can do video calling as well.


The Xiaomi Air 13 Notebook is also equipped with 4.0 Bluetooth devices to sync the photographs, videos, and movies to other devices.


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This amazing masterpiece comes with a warranty of 12 months attached so that you can contact the manufacturer for any malfunctioning of the device.


The OS of the notebook has the English and Chinese installed for the operation. If you want to use any other language, then they have the facility of the same too. The user can download the same by using the WIFI.

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The Notebook doesn’t come with any accessory except a Chinese charger. If you are ready to pay extra money, then you can order a USB stick with the notebook having the window 10 that can be installed in the OS.

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For a smooth communication, the Xiaomi Air 13 Notebook has a wireless module made up of Intel installed. The laptop also equipped with an Ethernet facility with it.


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The Xiaomi Air 13 notebook has many sophisticated features attached that make it on par with the other devices of the same league. Being a Light weight laptop, it works faster, and this is what most of the working professional requirement is. The users of the device have mentioned a lot about the speed and appearance of the laptop. They find the device with good finishing effects and the screen with an impressive display. The battery can have some issue, so do read the precautions as it will help you in taking care of the device very well. The best part of the device is you can have installed your favorite applications through the Market or Google play store installed.

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Xiaomi Air 13 - Review Breakdown



The Xiaomi Air 13 notebook has many sophisticated features attached that make it on par with the other devices of the same league. Being a Light weight laptop, it works faster, and this is what most of the working professional requirement is.

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