5 Apps / Tools to Make You More Productive in the Office

Being productive and increasing our productivity goal day by day can be a very challenging job for you. But thankfully there are several apps and tools available to help you to fulfill your goals. In this article, I will discuss some of the productive apps or tools that may help you stay more efficient in your office. So let’s know about them and how they can prove to be effective practically for us.

1) Google Drive:


In Google Drive, you can simply store any file. Initially, for free, you can enjoy this services up to 15 GB for storing any files including photos, articles, designs, drawings, recordings, videos – just enjoy the free Google online storage. Along with it, you can simply switch to their plans which are very reasonable and accessible for anyone. In their first plan, you have to pay $1.99 per month for enjoying 100 GB storage facility. In their second plan, you need to pay $9.99 per month for getting 1 TB storage and this particular plan is very popular among their customers. Moreover, in the 3rd plan if you pay $99.99 per month just go on enjoying 10 TB. Google Drive is just an excellent app, which is sure a quite helpful one.

The main advantage of Google Drive is that you can keep all your personal as well as important stuff safe and accessible from anywhere you want through any devices like your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also share your stuff with others and can even download your files at any time you required.

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2) Evernote:


This particular app can prove to be important regarding taking notes of your brilliant ideas, of your work list, or to-do lists or any important things which need to remember. So with the help of this app, you can not only keep notes of your important things but also it can help you in synchronizing those notes in all your used devices like laptop, tablet, computer and even on your smartphones. So from now onwards go and check your outstanding notes and images any time in a safe and secure way on your preferred devices. You can also share those with your friends, family, and colleague whenever you want it.

For using this app, you can sign up for their basic free plans and can also go using their paid plans. They have two paid plans. One is Plus, and the other one is premium. Both are having some good features. For taking the PLUS plan, you need to go for paying $34.99 for one year. For choosing the premium plan, you need to pay $69.99 for one year.

In the Basic plan which is free, you ar going to stay organized with all your devices. You can also get the chance to clip out all your required web pages and images. Even you can get the facility to search text inside pictures. You can share and discuss all your important notes. Moreover, last but not the least, you can be able to add passcode lock on your mobile apps from getting hacked.

In the Plus and the Premium plans, you can get more facility and advantages in compared to the Basic one. If you are new, go for basic for knowing about it. If you like it, then upgrade to the paid one for enjoying it the most.

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3) Asana:


This app is perfect for business or for those who work as a team. Using this app you can very easily track your team’s work, and as a result, you can effectively expect a great result at the end. As a team leader, you are going to love this app. This app is going to make your job of tracking your projects from the very beginning to the end.

You can start using this app for free. The free version has many attractive features. You can add and track unlimited tasks, projects, and conversations. In this basic plan, you can add up to 15 team members. Along with the dashboards, you are going to get a basic search facility.

Moreover, if you want some extra feature which can give you some extra power and customization options, then go for their paid plans.

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4) FoxyUtils:


This app is going to help you to control and manage all your PDF documents by providing several different PDF tools. FoxyUtils are going to assist you in merging, splitting, converting, unlocking, or protecting your PDF files. They have online tools that are going to provide you fast and reliable and easy to use PDF tools for your works.

They are having both free as well as premium plan ready for your usages. In the Basic free plan, you can convert 2 PDF files per hour. The uploading size is limited to 50 MB. You can convert a single file at a time. Moreover, to use these tools without any limitation, you can avail the Premium plan at $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. Before going for paying fees for the premium plan you can try it for free for its suitability.

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IFTTT social media automation tools

The last app IFTTT is completely a free website, whose purpose is to provide services to their users with chains of apps called “applets.” With the help of these applets, you can make some actionable triggers that will automatically execute some web services such as Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. The full form of IFTTT is “If This Then That”.

For example, say you are a web designer, and like to receive any news and updates on Adobe Photoshop. In IFTTT, you can create one actionable task that will periodically check the news feed URL of Adobe for any Photoshop related updates. Once Adobe publishes a new feed item relating Photoshop, you will automatically receive one notification email in your mailbox along with the link to that news.


Final Words:

Productive Apps - Office Tools - conclusion

The above five apps are interesting apps whose motive is to simplify our life and work procedure in their way. They seemed very competent to me. Let’s hear from you guys, your opinion matters.

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