10 Paid Mac Cleaning Tools That Are Worth Investing In

Have you already updated your macOS to the latest version? If not, it’s probably time that you should. With the amazing apps and security features it comes with, there’s no reason for you to hate it. But, wait. What about disk space?

Sure, you might be hesitant about getting the latest macOS version as you might run out of disk space. However, you should not let anything stop you from installing the recent macOS version, not even disk space. It’s a problem you can easily resolve. Simply clean your Mac!

How to Clean Your Mac Manually


The simplest and easiest way to clean your Mac is to remove all unwanted files. Most often, background apps, junk files, trash, logs, cache, and temporary files cause your Mac to slow down. To remove them manually, you need to go through each folder, check for any suspicious or unnecessary files, and then delete them.

While this may sound easy, it can be very time-consuming. Not to mention, it can be very risky. If you delete an important system file, your Mac might no longer work the way it should. This is when you need Mac cleaning software to do everything for you.

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What Does a Mac Cleaning Tool Do?

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A Mac cleaning tool (free or paid) is a utility app that helps remove any unwanted files and leaves your Mac running fast and efficient. In general, these tools come with features such as junk files remover, memory cleaner, disk cleanup tool, and RAM optimizer.

Free Mac Cleaning Tools Vs. Paid Mac Cleaning Tools


These days, there are many Mac cleaning tools available. While some of them can be downloaded and used for free, others are paid versions. Now, which is better: free or paid?

Of course, you’d want to download the free Mac cleaning tools. But it is worth noting that these apps need to make money to continue providing their services for free. So, what they do is they set limits on their services for you to upgrade in the long run or partner with third-party advertisers, which can be quite risky.

Now, if you were to decide, would you choose to subscribe to a free Mac cleaning tool or invest in a paid service instead? You’d definitely choose the latter.

10 of the Best Cleaning Apps Today


To help you decide what Mac cleaning software to invest in, we have scraped every corner of the web and listed down all the best Mac cleaning tools to date. Regardless of which one you choose, you should be able to remove unwanted files in no time and free up valuable disk space. Here you go:

1. Smart Mac Care

Smart-Mac-Care - Paid Mac Cleaning ToolsThis is among the best Mac cleaning tools today. Smart Mac Care does not only clear away any unwanted clutter, but it also comes with a plethora of powerful features that aim to improve your Mac’s performance. It removes apps that run on startup to improve the boot speed of your Mac. It also allows users to uninstall suspicious files on their computers. With this tool, you can enjoy a malware-free and efficient Mac.

With this tool, you can also easily clean, secure, and optimize your Mac. After running a scan, it can retrieve huge chunks of storage space. It can also delete identity traces. Lastly, it protects your Mac from spyware infections and malware entities.

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2. CCleaner for Mac

CCleaner-for-MacAvailable in three versions, namely professional, professional plus, and free, this Mac cleaning software does great when it comes to deleting unwanted files from your Mac. But if you are looking to try the free version, know that it only fastens your Mac and protects your privacy.

This tool can be used for a safer browsing experience. Normally, advertisers and webmasters track your online behavior using cookies that stay on your Mac. With this tool installed, any cookie or search history is erased, so you can be confident that you stay anonymous online.

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3. MacBooster 7

MacBooster-7 - Paid Mac Cleaning ToolsHere’s another Mac cleaner app that keeps your machine free of junk and unnecessary files: MacBooster 7. This app comes with a Deep System Cleanup feature that quickly frees up your hard drive space, allowing your Mac to run efficiently and smoothly. It’s an all-in-one solution for those who want to clean, secure, and optimize their Macs at once.

MacBooster 7 is said to be a one-stop Mac maintenance tool that can clear away up to 20 types of junk files. It can also get rid of malware entities and viruses. Moreover, it can optimize your hard disk to improve your Mac’s performance.

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4. CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac-XThis is the latest version of the CleanMyMac X app. Created and developed by MacPaw, this tool can be used to scan your drive for trash and junk files. It sorts the results by category, including iPhoto Junk, Trash, iTunes junk, and more. From here, you can delete unwanted files by category.

Often referred to as the personal genius of Mac users, Clean MyMac X can replace a dozen Mac optimization tools, be it a macOS cleaner, malware or virus remover, or even a performance booster.

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5. Disk Clean Pro

Disk-Clean-Pro - Paid Mac Cleaning ToolsOne of the most popular Mac disk cleanup tools today is the Disk Clean Pro. It comes with all the essential features you require for disk cleanup. What makes this utility even better is that it does not put your data at risk. With this tool, you can do a lot of things at once! Not only does it free your Mac from clutter, but it also prevents slowdowns and boosts your system speed.

One of the tool’s most notable features is the one-click care. As the name suggests, it helps recover storage and declutter your files by simply deleting any redundant files it detects. It is comprised of four major disk cleanup tools, namely the junk cleaner, the logs cleaner, the trash cleaner, and the partial downloads cleaner.

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6. TweakBit MacRepair

TweakBit-MacRepairAlthough new to the Mac cleanup landscape, TweakBit MacRepair is a tool worth investing in. It scans your system, deletes unwanted files from all the common locations, and empties your trash bins. As a result, valuable system space is freed up and your Mac’s efficiency is restored. MacRepair has since been tested, trusted, and supported. It comes as no surprise why it is slowly gaining recognition as a reliable Mac cleaning tool.

Another bonus feature of TweakBit MacRepair is its energy-saving recommendations. In most cases, if your Mac has power-hungry apps or it’s running an outdated operating system version, its battery life won’t last long. This tool finds these issues and generates a comprehensive report for you to review.

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7. DaisyDisk

DaisyDisk - Paid Mac Cleaning ToolsDaisyDisk is a utility that displays the scanning results in a pie chart. When launched, this app will ask you to choose a specific disk to scan. Once the scan is complete, it will show a clear disk usage chart. If you click on certain colors, you will have a better idea of the disk usage.

From there, you can preview the content and delete the file if you don’t need it. It’s that easy!

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8. Data Rescue

Data-RescueData Rescue is an easy-to-use tool that has a smart and clear interface. Developed by Prosoft Engineering, it has the ability to scan external drives and optimize them. Although it does not have data recovery features, it’s still an excellent app for cleaning and optimizing your Mac.

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9. Disk Inventory X

Disk-Inventory-X - Paid Mac Cleaning ToolsDisk Inventory X is another popular disk cleaning tool for Mac that scans your disk to identify its usages. Unlike DaisyDisk that shows the results in a pie chart, this one displays the figures in a treemap format with varying colors. Users can just click on each color to preview the files in the folder before deleting them.

This tool scans one or more hard disk drives and generates a detailed map with all the obvious space hogs. It draws a rectangle for each space hog, the size of which depends on the size of the file. This means that a bigger box suggests a bigger file.

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10. Disk Doctor

Disk-DoctorFinally, we have the Disk Doctor. This app works by scanning the disk and then separately displaying its usage in numbers. It groups the results according to folders, namely Application Caches, Browser Data, Application Logs, Downloads, Large File Groups, Mail Downloads, and Trash Can.

Use Disk Doctor to identify, find, and delete tons of unwanted files from your Mac in just a few minutes. In just a few clicks, the tool will handle everything. Who knew that it was that easy to free up gigabytes of system space?

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Wrapping Up!


There you have it! These are the 10 of the best paid Mac cleaning tools today that are worth investing in. Yes, there are still many others out there. But these are the only applications that have passed our standards.

After downloading any of these apps, you can then proceed with getting the latest macOS update. Don’t worry about disk space problems anymore. These apps have got you covered!

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