Online Reputation Management in 2016 – Why and How?

Tom Sawyer and Co. – the magical elixir to all your laundry needs or a curse in disguise? For Jerry to figure out his course of action, and successfully win his war against dirt, he has to trust Tom Sawyer and Co. with his valuable clothes. Either that or he takes the better option from the lot and searches for reviews on the internet, which ultimately will ask him not to trust Tom Sawyer for he is not a jolly, good fellow.

There is a lesson in all of this. Reviewing, and the consequential reputation has become a quintessential need for companies in this day and age. Beyond the realms of entrepreneurship, lies a kingdom where consumers tick the right boxes, signaling your next potential customer a positive go, and who does not want to acquire new business? Therefore, it is imperative to manage your reputation and make it easier for new customers to find you and all the good things about you, simultaneously, keeping the predating businesses away from your good gold rep. But who would want to sit through lengthy, not to mention the boredom, hours of sitting, collecting and siphoning reviews? If I know you better, I would bet all my chips on your productive hours for the buck, which is why it is necessary to relieve yourself of this complicated, yet absolutely essential, process of managing your rep. This is why, Online Reputation Management is, and I slightly re-iterate, a quintessential need for your business in 2016.

Online Reputation Management in 2016 - Why and How?

Here is a little stat as an offering: it has been found that 67% of the consumers are influenced by online reviews. On the contrary, customer review manipulation is rather a thing! Last fall, Amazon had to sue more than 1,000 people who allegedly offered to manipulate customer review section just to load up their pockets a bit. Naturally, you do not want to incur a bad name to your blooming business. Thus, maneuvering your online reputation asks you to consider the technicalities and consult the professionals. Consider RepRevive for instance – an online service that takes up your reputation management like the biggest poker deal and provides you with feedback tools, segregates the audience hanging on the type of reviews you collect and siphons them into fixed portals for your convenience. Now, RepRevive is one big fish in a sea full of them. But if you are still confused, allow me to provide you with 4 reasons that will not only convince you to take up this gig but also effectively explain the nitty-gritty of online reputation management.

1. Recognizing and Analyzing Consumer Behavior

Recognizing and Analyzing Consumer Behavior

A loyal customer can save advertising costs by more than 60%, which is why it is important to retain the loyal customers. Online Reputation Management systems are brilliant in dishing out smooth feedback surveys on websites, emails, social media, mobile data and point-of-sales – basically, multiple businesses and consumer interaction portals – saving consumer contact details for follow-ups and arbitraging all responses to one portal for your convenience.

2. Differentiating Between Online Reviewers

Differentiating Between Online Reviewers

Segmenting the market is imperative. What reputation management does, and makes your manual affair of things much easier, is that it segments your reviews into three categories and facilitates your customers to submit their review in three different portals:

  • Promoters – the good guys who like you, are welcomed to leave a kind review on Google, TripAdvisor and the likes
  • Passives – the indifferent ones – are directed to social media for submitting their reviews, and
  • Detractors – the ones who are not amused are welcomed to submit a private review to your company’s management for direct and prompt follow-up.
This enables your business to sort customer reviews and filter feedback by rating them with stars, sharing the positive reviews on your social media and improving the rep!

3. Monitoring Consumer’s Online Activity

Monitoring Consumer’s Online Activity

Technically speaking, and allow me to turn my geek mode on for this, graphs and charts are irreplaceable tools for presenting data. Hence, to relieve you from hours of loitering from one social media to the other for reviews, reputation management systems hand you data visualization for in-depth analysis – quick, professional and all-encompassing. This saves you from all the hustle of checking up on customers comments from time to time.

4. Aligning Your Forces

Aligning Your Forces

You may contend that your manual review speculations are mostly correct, and maybe they are. But in times they are not, I firmly believe it is important to be insured. Human errors are inevitable, and channeling the reviews from the online management system to your company ensures better results and greater follow-up of responses. Moreover, Online Reputation Management systems allow you to maintain your very own dashboard with business analytics, aligning your reputation, responses, Facebook and online stats with the service-providing team, truly presenting where your business currently stands. This allows businesses to track progress and follow through on customer trends and make brilliant financial decisions.

Smooth and slick progression of your business is essential, and you cannot wade your way through this tide without positive feedback. Graphs, charts and stats can only do so much, but the mode of utilizing the visualized data for achieving upper edge for your business is entirely on your own. But you should never leave the reputation like an open mine for contenders to predate. While you concentrate on entrepreneurship, let your reputation rest gently in the professional hands – they will only do you good!

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