Top 6 Things to Cover While Designing an Event WordPress Theme

As WordPress is a hugely popular CMS for building and maintaining a website, it is likely that your website is also powered by it. The benefits of using WordPress as your website’s CMS are many and availability of themes to render new look to the website is one of them. These themes also come in handy when you need to add a new page to the website to promote an event.

Every website needs to have an identity that keeps it distinct from others. In order to make a website appear unique, its theme must not be copied from others. WordPress is one of the best CMSs that allow custom WordPress theme development so that your WordPress website stands out among hoards of other websites. When you are adding the event page to your website, you need to be very particular with the homogeneity of the event theme and the original theme design. They need to go hand in hand for a mesmerizing effect.

The event pages need to look attractive, engaging and designed in a professional manner. If the web page that promotes the event is not on high on aesthetics and interactivity, the users will no pay attention to the event and there will be trouble in making it a hit. Apart from the beauty of the design to target the intended audience, the page should also be packed with features that let the users know about the event and also register for the event.

Designing an Event WordPress Theme

There are certain factors that need to be implemented when you are designing or customizing an event WordPress theme.

1. Theme should be professional in look and feel

Designing an Event WordPress Theme - Point 1Event WordPress themes are for the professionals and hence, should have a similar look and feel. When you are promoting an event through a theme, the design should focus on colors that are subtle and complement the grandeur of the event in a sophisticated manner. The design should engage the users and drive home the importance of the theme to the users. Also, the theme should be designed in a way so that it can be easily edited if the need arises.

2. Ample options to interact with the web page.

Designing an Event WordPress Theme - Point 2A theme is not just about the use of design elements but also subsumes the interactive options to be provided to the users who visit the web page. Event themes should not just present the details of the events but also offer the options to register and book the tickets. Any other option relevant to the event needs to be designed with the theme so that the developers may code the functionalities around them. The placement of the content needs to be strategic and menus should be displayed in an articulate manner to help the users interact with the web page.

3. High-quality media to be used in the theme.

Designing an Event WordPress Theme - Point 3The images and other visual elements that are used in the theme must be of high quality. Blurred images and pixelated graphics cast a very negative impression on the users and they are most likely to ignore the event on these grounds. There are tools that help the designers compress the images and reduce their size without affecting its quality adversely. Doing so will ensure that the overall theme design appears appealing and engaging and contribute to an exceptional user experience. Design elements used such as images should be unique and not copied as it also hampers the web page prospects.

4. Hand-coded and Pixel-perfect markup

Designing an Event WordPress Theme - Point 4The markup of the event theme should be hand-coded so that the code is free from almost all the bugs that often creep in when you realize on the software generated code. The developers must write the code around the functionalities and also the content. When the design is created in sync with the content, the chance of distortion in the design after the content is added, is minimized. Another attribute of the Event WordPress Theme markup is that it must be pixel-perfect. It implies that the theme design must appear with sharpness irrespective of the browser it has been accessed on. Pixel-perfect markup can be ensured only when the code is hand-coded with perfection.

5. Highly optimized code for fast loading

Designing an Event WordPress Theme - Point 5The code needs to be highly-optimized and must conform to the W3C standards. The optimized code makes the theme lighter and therefore, it loads faster. It also lessens the efforts put in by the designer and keeps the bugs and errors at bay. An event WordPress theme has to be optimized so that the users access the web page without any hassle and interact with it without experiencing any lag.

6. Responsive theme design

Designing an Event WordPress Theme - Point 6The theme must be designed to be responsive so that the mobile users are also able to view the event web page. Considering the fact that more than 75% of the internet users browse through mobile phones, this has become a prerequisite for every WordPress theme. Making a theme mobile-friendly entails that it is not just confined to devices of certain resolutions. The theme must be coded in a way that it is rendered on all kind of mobile devices with equal finesse. In order to make a theme responsive in a true sense, you need to hire developers who are well-versed with the responsive technologies.

Closing remarks

Designing an Event WordPress Theme - Closing RemarksWordPress is indeed a great CMS that lets you create feature-rich and unique websites with its customization-friendly themes. In the case of event WordPress websites, the aspects discussed in the post must be included in the theme so that the end result is effective, engaging and interactive enough to attract the users.

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