The 30 Best Mobile UI Kits For iOS And Android Developers

Of all the various aspects that combine to make an app, the most important are the UI and the UX as they define the app’s experience. Developers are well-versed about both of these and why they are so important to the success of an application.

  • UI which is basically how the app looks to the users and the means by which to two interacts.
  • UX which are the various experiences and sensations users experience when they use the app.
These two features have to be just right in a given application as they form the very foundations of how people will think about it. Your app has to be designed so that it fascinates all users, which will not just keep them from uninstalling the app but will outright addict them to it. Good design also helps reduce bounce rates.

However, between the UI and UX, the former plays the most crucial role in determining the long-term success of an app. Audiences have to be entranced with interesting, eye-catching, and aesthetically-appealing visuals. However, you cannot just design your app willy-nilly either. You first have to understand your users; who they are, what do they like, and why they are using the app in question. It is only after you have assessed this should you move onto designing your app.

The 30 Best Mobile UI Kits For iOS And Android Developers

Mobile UI kits are special programs that are made specifically to aid with the app development process. You can construct app wireframe using one of these kits, which is increasingly becoming industry standard. The question that arises now is; which Mobile UK kit should you use? It can be confusing to choose one from the overwhelming amount of choices. Here are the top thirty Mobile UI kits that experts in the trade use, and so should you.

1) Awesome Kit – Mobile Prototyping Kit


While this kit is exclusively for iOS app development, it is by far one of the best in its field. Moreover, Awesome Kit is free to use and has over hundred prototyping features. This kit leverages you to develop a prototype of different apps as many times as you want, after which you can seamlessly convert it into a functional app.

2) Clean & Modern iOS UI Kit


This Mobile UI kit has been launched with the specific needs of iOS developers in mind. Clean & Modern iOS UI Kit is known for its own modern and organized interface. It comes with a number of basic screens as a part of the package, such as; an introduction screen, a calendar screen, a login screen, a profile screen, and more! Altogether, this makes this kit ideal for news and magazine apps.

3) Azure UI Kit


Azure UI Kit intends to help developers with creating apps for content creation and online shopping apps. The content and electronic commerce UI kit can be used to create applications for web and mobile devices, both.

4) Fair Mobile UI Kit


This is a convenient solution for app developers who want a way to create working prototypes with great pre-existing design elements. This is one of the key trend-setters. It offers over 140 distinct flexible and modern app screens, all of which are more than ready to be edited and used as you, the developer, sees fit. On top of this, it offers signup and login, walkthrough, content reader screens, and a hundred different design elements. You can mix these numerous amenities up until you craft something that is suitable to your objective. Fair Mobile UI Kit is affordable, but it does have some in-kit payments. While the app’s basics are free, some of its more unique features are only available after you buy them.

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5) Elegance iOS UI Kit


When you need a Mobile Kit revolving around e-commerce apps, then this Kit is a must-have. This kit comes with 12 top-class PSD screens, which are excellent for creating applications for online shopping purposes. But Elegance iOS UI Kit has also been noted as being great for developing prototypes for designers who are new to the genre, and app development in general. However, as the name declares, the kit is only for iOS app development.

6) Facebook Material Design


This will give experiences in terms of design that are similar to that of Facebook (Hence, the name). It is exclusively available for Android developers.

7) Instagram UI Material Design


With this, you can create apps that are similar to Instagram. This is because it has its UI design philosophy, which includes material design as a foundation.

8) Flat Mobile App UI


With the help of this program, you can create prototypes of apps for the foods industry. You can further enhance these food-related apps into something that enables social networking by simply adjusting the PSD. Flat Mobile App UI is an iOS exclusive concept kit that is available in a usable form.

9) Bandwidth Monitor Application UI


With the help of this monitoring app, you can gain real-time data on the downloaded and uploaded information in a simple UI style. Bandwidth Monitor Application UI allows you to keep tabs on the amount of internet bandwidth used within a day, month, or even a year. This is especially practical for employers to assess employee productivity.

10) Checkout Screen App


There are plenty of Mobile UI Kits that target specific functions within your app. Case in point; the Checkout Screen App, intended for iOS app development. This specialized UI kit is for e-commerce applications, specifically for the checkout screen. You can create checkout screen designs that leverage to choose from multiple payment methods and complete purchase procedures.

11) Android Material Design


With the assistance of Android Material Design, you can create apps that are up to date with the latest Android devices. It offers you multiple PSDs to create apps that are perfect for use on Android phones and tablets as the material is best suited for use with them.

12) Invoices App Concept


Planning to create an app specifically for creating invoices, then this kit is ideal for you. It has everything you could possibly need in this regard: viewing individual invoices, printing them out, deleting invoices, and reports on how they are generating revenue.

13) Free Ecommerce UI Kit


Another UI kit that assists with e-commerce app creation employing a unique dark pink color scheme to attract the attention of developers looking to design shopping apps for clothes, makeup, fashion, and other niche areas of industry. What makes it even better for lifestyle products is the fact that there is also an option to filter down options and choose from among categories.

14) Login UI Kit


Made for iOS developers, Login UI Kit is another kit that is centered on specific app function. In this case, it is the login and sign-up screens. This kit offers the option to access a number PSD files to choose design elements from for your app prototype.

15) Music App UI


IOS has always been associated with music. Keeping this legacy in mind, the Music App UI makes it easy for you to create music related applications for Apple devices. It works great with the latest iOS module and is completely free of cost.

16) Designer-Naut UI Kit


Want to build a community app? Designer-Naut UI Kit is perfect for you! The kit has over 49 unique widgets and over a 100 UI design features, which makes it ideal to this end.

17) Mobile Material UI Screens


When you are on a mission to develop a revolutionary app, the Mobile Material UI will be of immense use to you. Many of the most popular apps we already know, like Ever note and Cloud Magic E-mail, already use it. These applications have excellent appeal, which is directly tied to their excellent usability offering a number of default screens that will get your app prototype in process.

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18) iPhone 6 UI


iPhone 6 UI has great elements that complement that iPhone 6, and work natively with it. It is programmed like Instagram, and you can create an app where users create social profiles to share images. You can include a social element by allowing people to share their opinions on the images.

19) Sweet Dark UI


Sweet Dark gives you a long list of beautiful, yet practical, UI shapes to choose from. Utilise these designs within your app for a number of functions. You will get everything, navigation tools, buttons, arrows, and more, that you can edit your app.

20) Phoenix UI


This is intended for iOS development. You can choose between two different colour schemes: ‘minimal light’ and ‘minimal dark’. The package comes with 12 separate screens that offer a diverse range of choices. From an Instagram style page, which allows you to share images, to a practical calendar, this app has you covered in every way conceivable.

21) Let’s Go Travel UI Kit


As the name alludes, this a kit that helps developers with designing prototypes for travel and travel management apps. Let’s Go Travel UI Kit will let you develop iOS apps that are everything travel related, from relaying vital tourist information to offering essential transport ticket booking functions.

22) Sales App UI Kit


This kit is for the more enterprising of developers. While it is for e-commerce app prototype development, it combines social elements with the shopping functions to create a more interactive experience.

23) Ventas Mobile App UI Kit


Surely, great for those who are pioneers of online prose? This is because it gives bloggers a platform to share their content through mobile apps via 6 screens. What makes it even better is the fact that it places emphasis on not just readability, but also usability.

24) Materia – Ecommerce App Design


If you are looking to develop an online shopping app for the Android platform, then Materia is for you. The kit allows designers to design an e-commerce app prototype, which can then be optimised with codes to turn it into a real application.

25) Spool UI Kit


If you want a kit that contains all of the basic essentials for developing an app’s prototype, then Spool UI Kit is great for you. It has all the fundamentals; a login, user profile, music play, search, and a menu screen. This is all you need to get started.

26) Take UI Kit


This is a kit with a very specific target audience in mind, then it is perfect for you. It markets itself for people who want to build a single page website. It has a number of one-page themes and layouts available, alongside landing pages that tie to WordPress.

27) Trend UI Kit


This kit focuses on the aesthetic element of UI design. It has distinctive 23 iOS screens that are remarkably beautiful and make good use of a smart devices’ graphics capabilities.

28) Routes UI Kit for iOS


Available exclusively for iOS developers, Routes UI Kit is your one-stop destination for all your prototype developing needs. The UI package contains over 100 brilliant screens that are divided into these seven categories:

  • Walkthrough Forms
  • Signup and Login Forms
  • User Profiles
  • Menu Items
  • Social Media
  • Online Shopping
  • Travelling
All this is packaged in a design that is minimalist and vibrant; very contemporary!

29) Pink Flat UI


Pink Flat UI is a simple smooth vector UI package that has PSD files incorporated in it. Additionally, there are also numerous other unique features like a calendar, video player, community statistics, weather widget, and more!

30) Minimal Chat UI Kit


Developers that are looking for a means to make a prototype for an instant messaging app should consider using Minimal Chat UI Kit. As the name suggests, it has modern minimalist design features and is available for free with the Free Chat UI Kit for Photoshop & Sketch.

Final Words

If you are an amateur developer looking to make an app for his or her business, then these thirty Mobile UI Kits are all you need for your mobile app making. But if this all seems too bothersome to do on your own, then simply contact a professional iOS developer to design it for you instead.

This article is written by Emma Alex. She is a freelance writer, experienced blogger, and a professional social media coach. Currently, she’s working with App Socio and Khaleej Apps. They provide best app development and app development Dubai services.

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