Famous Companies Using MEAN Tech Stack for Development

What is a MEAN Stack Development? Have you ever thought about learning MEAN Stack? You may have wondered how companies use it for the current needs of development and future trends. In this article, we will describe MEAN Stack. Moreover, we will also discuss the top giant companies that use MEAN Stack.

The primary reason to use Node.js to develop MEAN Stack is to build dynamic websites. However, companies have been using JavaScript for both Frontend development and backend development. It helps create a dynamic product to improve the user experience.

What is a MEAN Stack Development?


Developing MEAN Stack is one of the most crucial technology developments to create Full Stack Web apps. Moreover, this type of development mainly uses Node.js and JavaScript language. Do you know MEAN includes four core points you should know? Here is what we mean by M-E-A-N Stack.

  • M stands for MongoDB,
  • E stands for Express,
  • A stands for Angular,
  • and N stands for Node.js.

It is a stacked development to boost the development speed. So, the developers can quickly deploy the web applications. Here, they use AngularJS to build Frontend and Node.js, Express, and MongoDB to build the backend. Let us discuss them in brief.

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Point 1

It is the first of MEAN Stack that is a NoSQL database. Its document is similar to JSON. In short, MongoDB is helping create a powerful and responsive database.

Express JS

Point 2

Node.js-based web framework Express helps create powerful APIs and web applications. So, it is helpful to create a backend. The developers must know JavaScript and TypeScript to deal with Express.


Point 3

Developers use AngularJS, an open-source front-end framework, to build the frontend. The product is from Google and has more popularity to create Frontend. It makes the projects simple to create. However, the development teams must use Command Line Interface (CLI) to make the frontend development services quicker. The developers must know TypeScript, CSS PreProcessor, and Template Code.


Point 4

The last is Node.js to create a backend while considering Full Stack Development. Most skilled and experienced developers prefer Node.js to build the backend. However, they can use the JavaScript language. Some of the most popular and giant companies use Node.js for their backend development. Of course, we will discuss a few of them in the latter part.

What are the famous companies using MEAN Tech Stack Development?


To develop frontend and backend, most giant companies use MEAN Stack Development and create powerful web applications. Here, we have found many global companies that use MEAN Tech Stack to develop their web apps.



Microsoft’s social platform LinkedIn is world-famous for professional connections. LinkedIn has been helping people find better opportunities for their professional careers. So, many users are getting employed by the more relevant and growing companies to grow with it.

Of course, LinkedIn has used MEAN Stack Development. At first, LinkedIn used to use Ruby on Rails. However, in late 2011, it shifted to Node.js. LinkedIn developers aimed to optimize their mobile app that the majority of users had downloaded. So, they prefer Node.js and scripted everything on Node.js.

It helped to minify the server resources. So, the app was measured 20 times faster than the previous version.



Don’t you use Netflix? You may be using it to stream videos and watch movies or TV shows. However, Netflix has millions of active users worldwide. Of course, Netflix runs on Node.js Netflix has a built-in user interface based on Node.js.

The developer team of Netflix said that they preferred Node.js because of the modularity of its framework. Moreover, it made Netflix two times faster than its previous version.



You might have used the pseudo taxi service. Most people nowadays prefer taxi booking services. Of course, Uber is one of those services. The developers of Uber have used Node.js. Do you know Uber was one of those companies that tried Node.js in the initial days of Node.js? This framework helped Uber get the speed of response doubled.

The developers used Node.js to check errors, process quickly, and enhance the previously written codes. So, the team is thankful for this open-source MEAN Stack Development framework.



Have you used this collaborative online tool? It helps businesses to organize their projects and ideas on virtual boards. Users of Trello can see what is being worked on the dashboard. Also, they can see who is working, the development steps of the project, and the completion of milestones.

However, the Trello service uses Node.js. So, it has helped users to update immediately according to the capacity to hold many connections at once. The team of developers said that they’ve used many libraries offered by Node.js. Moreover, they have used its functionality for their single-page apps.




PayPal is an international online electronic payment gateway. Most international transactions are possible through PayPal. So, it is a trustworthy service offered to those who need to pay and receive payments through email accounts. Of course, PayPal uses Node.js to build its user interface.



NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administration is a US government department to explores space. Everyone who knows what NASA is knows what it does. But do you know NASA also uses Node.js?

NASA developers have used the features of Node.js, MicroServices. They aimed to develop an app through a collection of small services. It makes NASA able to adopt the cloud-based solution and take their organization to the cloud.

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One of the most popular e-commerce platforms eBay uses Node.js. It provides users with a purchase service. Many individuals and companies put their purchase orders on eBay. Node.js has helped the developers to streamline and maintain the live connections with their servers and users. Because it has more than 200 million users every day.



The biggest FMCG company is Walmart which has more than 12,000 retail stores around the world. People visit these stores to buy groceries. Do you know Walmart uses Node.js, relying on its Framework to develop user interfaces? It also used this framework to build powerful APIs. It results in the speed of the app and several crucial functions.




GoDaddy is one of the most popular travel-based web applications. It has too good backend infrastructure, thanks to Node.js. It helped create powerful solutions that have happened due to the simple and fast processes to release the apps and attractive features.

Additionally, it also provided the team of developers to test their codes and source codes. They also used Node.js to test REST-based web applications. Due to this, there are some powerful features and the best UI.



Citibank offers natural financial services for offline and online transactions and backing activities. However, Citibank also used Nide.js to provide a better user experience. It has provided the bank with powerful plugins and better functionalities.



Groupon is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms that serve the customer and uses Node.js for its backend. However, it has tied up with some third-party services to let customers avail some discounts. Groupon also moved from Ruby on Rails to Node.js LinkedIn, and it has been using it since 2015. They’ve moved their traffic from mobile and web go frameworks.



Do you know the online article publishing platform Medium? It has a significant amount of content available there on the website. Medium’s servers are designed on Node.js by the developer team. They are also using web server NGINX with Node.js.




Mozilla Firefox is one of the well-known web browsers to surf the internet. It has several web apps that use Node.js. It helped Mozilla Firefox and increased the capacity of memory. Moreover, it has been keeping it on the JavaScript repository as a single repository. You might have used the Mozilla Firefox web browser to search for things on the internet. How is it according to you?



Do you know? Yahoo is the first internet web dictionary to find news, sports, and finance information. Of course, it’s the search engine that existed before Google arrived, but you all know Google is more popular. Do you know Yahoo uses Node.js for its Front-end development? The aim was to make Yahoo scalable.



Do you know that Yandex is a multinational corporation? It has specialized in most of the services from the transportation department to search engines. Yandex is a Russian Platform to provides all these services. It launched numerous API libraries and used Node.js to build them. So, it is another example that uses Node.js. In short, there is no limit to the types of Platforms you can build on Node.js.

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Wrapping up


Have you understood everything about MEAN Stack Development? We have talked about MEAN Tech Stack for development and also its four major pillars, and benefits. You have gone through Node.js in detail and how it helps developers to create large apps quicker and easier. We have also listed the famous companies using MEAN Tech Stack for development. So, if you have any doubts regarding the benefits and usability of Node.js, let us know.

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