Five Reasons to Choose Magento 2.0 for your Virtual Store in Automotive Environment

The ever growing nature of automotive technology forces the automotive industry to have the dual attitude for their business growth, competitor-focused as well as customer-focused. Currently, having a virtual store or webshop is a rather a fundamental necessity for both of those attitudes. Of course, selection of right tools and technologies plays an excessively critical role for the same.



In the automotive environment, comparatively, automobile part suppliers are more likely to get the advantage of eCommerce store due to their diversified B2B and B2C clientele, but at the same time, they have to encounter several challenges as well. Colossal numbers of product verities, gigantic brands, and massive customer base demands their web shop to be robust and refreshing. Twin customer base requires the capability to delight both types of customers for wholesale and retail.

Major suppliers need to use multiple third party tools that actually can assist their valued customer in searching the most suitable spare parts based on several parameters such as the registration number of the vehicle, the make of the vehicle and the model and series number which eventually increases the dependency over the third party.

Cardinal quality of content management for each product is another challenge which really requires prominent scalability in application to handle fast data processing and on-demand modifications instantly.

From aiding in the search for a right product to navigation stages for shopping activity to sharing information about offers and schemes is not so easy to manage as it sounds. And that’s not enough, integration of inventory management and product delivery management including returns along with prolonged communication with the customer as a part of services are equally challenging.

Solutions offering from Magento 2.0

Five Reasons to Choose Magento 2.0 for your Virtual Store in Automotive Environment

[1] Powerful built-in features

Five Reasons to Choose Magento 2.0 for your Virtual Store in Automotive Environment - Point 1Many techies find that eCommerce Solution using Magento 2.0 can be proved a prominent solution to respond such challenges as Magento 2.0 is quite compatible with several platforms. Magento 2.0 carries several powerful built-in features such as multi-language support, third-party tool integration, built-in responsive design, adequate data importing, performance optimization and above all simplified and intuitive end-user experience.

[2] Easy integration of third party tools

Five Reasons to Choose Magento 2.0 for your Virtual Store in Automotive Environment - Point 2Virtual stores created with Magento 2.0 can easily be integrated with party tools such as AutoData, Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions, VPC, AIS and TecDoc with the system for best handling of products.

It offers a scalable platform to enable advanced search function supporting in search of suitable spare parts based on vehicle registration no. or by selecting a brand, model, and variant details. Certain third party tool such as TecDoc offers rapid access to organized, comprehensive and up-to-date info about vehicles and all other replacement parts encompassing vast geographic areas. The integration of such tools to web shop can certainly increase the possibilities of being assured for buying the right product among the customers and grant them a confident shopping experience which eventually leads to repetitive visits and frequent shopping from the particular web shop.

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[3] Integration with backend data management system

Five Reasons to Choose Magento 2.0 for your Virtual Store in Automotive Environment - Point 3From information about the product is available in certain quantity to or not to order tracking and automated messages about delivery status to the customer are part of the regular online shopping experience. Hence, one of the most significant aspects is to connect your web shop with your warehouse and logistic process. Key information related to spare part description, inventory, product price details, customer details, delivery details, shipping methods, etc. can be fetched from existing ERP or any other data management system.

[4] Flexible Content Management System

Five Reasons to Choose Magento 2.0 for your Virtual Store in Automotive Environment - Point 4Magento offers additional plug-ins to handle required content management or else you can integrate third party CMS. The multilingual functionality of Magento 2.0 integrated with proficient content management system provides what all you need to reach a wider audience.

[5] Enhanced Admin Panel

Five Reasons to Choose Magento 2.0 for your Virtual Store in Automotive Environment - Point 5Its user-friendly approach is not limited to only for end users. Simple admin panel management for the administrator is another reason to choose Magento. It proffers multi-warehouse support, and its trendy technologies are flexible enough to handle any disaster if occurs.

Final Words


Secured payment gateway integration is also one of the most critical processes. If you have a physical store, it will be a great idea to share its location with the web store. It will increase the credibility of your virtual store and boost the business of your physical store.

Many Automotive IT Solutions providers and consultants believe that optimum usage of Magento 2.0 along with all required third party tools can provide you a strong virtual store to enhance your business growth.

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