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The influence of the Internet in our day-to-day life is unavoidable; therefore, it has become significantly important for all the businesses and organisations to mark a strong presence in online world. And, the prominent step requisite to follow in this direction is to get an appealing yet functional website. This implies a lot of work pressure on designers and developers to come up with impressive results in a minimal period of time possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of web development tools available to make developer’s life easier. Let’s have a look on few of them:

1) Gridgum

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It’s really hard to find a theme or template that has a visual appeal and is responsive in nature from the pool of options available over the internet. Luckily, Gridgum is a niche agora for templates and themes that focus on quality rather than quantity. Every theme they are offering is appealing and responsive. Gridgum strives to please and attract both buyers and sellers, standing apart from the market crowd. It is always preferable to have a comprehensive study of what Gridgum has to offer for buyers or sellers as per individual preferences. One thing is sure that both buyers and sellers will find this tool beneficial.

2) Expression Engine

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Created by EllisLab, it is a flexible content management tool that helps to manage website content quite easily. It separates the content from the design that gives you complete liberty to showcase it anywhere and anyway you want. You don’t have to do alterations in the application in order to make it a fit for any specific type of website because it works perfectly well with almost anything from eCommerce to tourism, personal blogging or real-estate. Moreover, there isn’t any programming knowledge required. You can simply install the tool and start using it. If you face any problem using this tool, you can simply refer to the community resource i.e. StackExchange where none of your questions will go unanswered.

3) HTML5 Maker

HTML5 Maker

In modern day competitive environment, everything in business is about advertisements, imageries and grabbing the public attention. And, what can be the better option to achieve all three of them except animations. HTML5 Maker is one of the most efficient online services that helps in creating multimedia-based content like banners, sliders etc. Moreover, you don’t need to be technically sound for all that. With HTML5 Maker, you can easily create something for your campaigns, banners for making your blogs interesting and engaging. All the tools available to this tool comprise a variety of features that will help you become more creative in simply no time. You can access numerous ready-to-use templates to make your selection from. Also, you get an option to embed the animations from the cloud as well as share them as templates.

4) Argento

ArgentoIt offers you one of the best Magento templates available out there. It is, in fact, a great template if you are thinking of a makeover of your online store as it is both visually appealing and truly functional. It is based on the best practices of the eCommerce stores and in compliance with Magento developer’s guidelines. As SEO is prominent for eCommerce, Argento is fully optimized for SEO with HTML attributes and tags. Additionally, it is responsive in nature so that you can access it smoothly on almost any device. It is scalable enough to adjust with any screen resolution and works smoothly on any platform including Android, iOS or Blackberry so that you won’t need to work on a separate application for your eCommerce store. The best thing about this tool is that it allows you to install the template in 24 hours without any charges so that you won’t be wasting time in installation.

5) Themify


If you want to explore a wide range of functional templates, you should try Themify. You will get access to the variety of customizable options with the features like custom widgets and shortcodes, Drag & Drop builder and you won’t need to write a single line of code. It has recently introduced a completely new set of tools i.e. the Builder Addons. Enjoy working in an animated world with Themify!

There are many more tools to explore but these are some best to start with.

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