Humixx Wireless Earphones Review – A Headphone with True Hi-Fi Sound

Using wireless earphones is in high trend since last few years. This is mainly because it not only makes you look sophisticated but also makes your life easy. Though most of the cars feature inbuilt functionality of wireless audio play, some of them don’t have this feature and you need to spend significant money to get it installed in your system. You also don’t want your private phone conversation going on the audio system of the car while driving. Fortunately, Humixx Wireless Earphones allow you to resolve this problem. You can route your audio directly to earphones by connecting your Smartphone with this headset.  Here we have highlighted all the important features of Humixx Wireless Earphones that will help you to know more about his modern device.

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Main Features:

Humixx Wireless Earphones come with stereo sound quality which is something you will hardly find in other devices. It features CSR8645 chipset and aptX codec. This product is easily compatible with a wide range of Smartphones available in the market, making it one of the most sought-after devices among all earphones.

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Ease of Use:

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Humixx Wireless Earphone is a light weighted product thereby making it a highly portable device.  It is so comfortable that sometimes you feel like you are not actually wearing them. No matter where you are traveling, you can easily carry it in your bag and use it whenever you require. These earphones are compact yet highly effective, courtesy to its unique design.

Sound Quality:

The modern technology such as CVC 6.0 noise isolation used in this device lets it lower the background and environmental noise thereby offering a call experience without any interruption. No matter what kind of situation you are stuck with, Humixx Wireless Earphones will offer you music or calls without any sound cuts or delay.

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You can connect these earphones with all devices that are Bluetooth enabled from the distance as long as 33 feet. The latest technology like Bluetooth 4.1 CSR offers you a high-quality audio experience at extended playing rate.

Using in Outdoor Condition:

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The earbuds of this device have received IPX Level 4 rating and it can easily resist dripping sweat. In addition to this unique feature, they are extremely comfortable to wear and match your lifestyles such as hiking, camping, driving, cycling, gym exercise or any form of typical outdoor sports. The credit goes to its ergonomic design that offers amazing user-experience which other earphones fail to offer.

The earphones come with inbuilt magnets that allow the user to attach both the sides of earphone when not in use. This not only helps you to get rid of that unwanted cable tangling but also offers a sporty look that you get after wearing any accessory.

Battery Backup:

When it comes to battery backup, there are hardly any earphones in the market that can match Humixx Wireless Earphones. The device features advanced CSR chips that offer a standby time of around 100 hours, the play time of 6 hours and talk time of 5 hours. The device can be easily charged within a couple of hours.

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The volume control panels are nicely placed on this device thereby making it quite convenient to answer any calls or listen to any form of music.


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Humixx Wireless Earphones is currently available for buying on Amazon at a price of around $29.99. It is very difficult to get such a feature-packed device at such an affordable price.

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The Bottom Line:

Though there are a wide variety of earphones available in the market Humixx Wireless Earphones has definitely got an edge over others. It is a perfect device for the purpose of hands-free conversation or listening to your music track on your Smartphone.

This device lets you focus on the road while you are driving and talking on the phone simultaneously, thereby looking after your safety. These earphones also let you do all forms of multitasking thereby saving your valuable time and money.

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It is a product that can be considered as a perfect replacement for your earlier earphones. The developers of the product have definitely put their heart and soul while manufacturing every small piece of this device to bring out such a peerless product. It is a sheer piece of smart work that is making a buzz in the market.

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Humixx Earphones - Review Breakdown

Sound Quality
Ease of Use

Thumbs Up!

Humixx Wireless Earphones is a product that can be considered as a perfect replacement for your earlier earphones. It is a sheer piece of smart work that is making a buzz in the market.

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