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Here in this article, we will research on the VPS hosting solution provided by HostSailor. The word VPS means a Virtual Private Server. If you are not aware of it then please read the wiki page of VPS first. This will give you a clear idea on VPS.

HostSailor is known to be the best among few for their domain and hosting providing services. They also claim to be the best among all not only for their services but also for their outstanding communication skills with their customers. Their service seems very affordable too. Let’s know about them and why we can choose their VPS hosting services for our website in our next requirements.

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About HostSailor:

They are originated from Dubai, UAE. HostSailor believes in customer satisfactions. They believe that every customer has the right to enjoy world class services or satisfactions, not by spending their entire budgets. So, as a service provider, it is a very good gesture shown for their customers.

Features & Specifications:

Although the company is originated from Dubai, their data centers are located in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Bucharest (Romania). The foremost features of HostSailor are to provide their customers an affordable and flexible VPS hosting solution. The rest features are as follows:

  • Users will get gig connections to every VPS connections.
  • The VPS server connections you will get are enabled with IPV4 and IPV6.
  • The hardware is enabled with RAID 10 for optimum disk performance.
  • The user will get weekly backups.
  • The user will get managed services.
  • The user will get the SolusVM control panel.
  • The user will enjoy flexible upgrading / easy scalability in VPS services.
  • VPS Data Centers located in Netherlands and Romania.
  • You will get reverse DNS.
  • It is very easy for the user to setup instantly.
  • The users will get free incoming bandwidth.
  • No setup fees are required.
  • No contracts are required for setup.
  • They guaranteed an uptime of 99.9%.
HostSailor VPS Hosting - Features and Specifications

The Plans & Price Ranges:

In HostSailor, you will get following four types of VPS plans:

  1. OpenVZ Linux (SSD/HDD) – This plan starts from $1.99 against every month.
  2. Xen Linux (HDD) – This plan starts from $3.99 against every month.
  3. KVM Linux (HDD) – In this plan, you will be charged $3.99 for every month.
  4. KVM Windows (HDD) – In this plan, you will be charged $6.99 per month.
This seems to be very reasonable and affordable amount against the package they are giving.

Benefits & Advantages:

A VPS service from HostSailor is really feature-rich, especially to whom, who are looking for an affordable VPS solution along with Europe-based data centers. The quality of services you will get from them will be beneficiary for your business as well as for your website. Their services are very secure and at the same time, it is very much scalable. Their VPS brings right and high quality of bandwidth, storage capacity, and technical support, which can handle the large volume of your website traffic very easily. Below are the few more advantages:

  • Get additional storage space in very inexpensive fees.
  • You can enjoy a very fast server speed, and as a result, it will bring you more benefits.
  • You can practically get better support for you website.
  • Using their VPS server you can host unlimited domain and websites with no extra money against that.
  • Their virtual servers are very much robust as well as secured than any shared servers.
  • You can easily scale your plan so that it can be changed and grow as your website will grow.
  • Their server is very much cost-effective than any dedicated server.
  • As they use Netherlands and Romania based data centers, so for that you can enjoy powerful services throughout the European region.
  • And last but not the least is about their excellent customer support systems. They always believe in offering the best customer services to their customer. They provide 24/7 server monitoring along with automated off-site backup facility. Not only this, they are always ready to answer their customer’s queries very quickly and efficiently.
HostSailor VPS Hosting - Benefits and Advantages


The above information is for those people who are looking for the good affordable VPS service that can be easily fit into your budget. There are many more but HostSailor’s services and facilities are quite up to mark.

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