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Ranking higher in Google is not an easy task in this time of competition, it takes a lot of effort and hard work to rank higher in the SERPs. The reason is that Google has become smart enough to estimate which website is offering useful content and which one is just offering fluff content. You must have to be smart and implement effective techniques to get ranked in the top results of the search engine.

Don’t you know the effective ways to rank higher in Google? This blog will help you in this regard because we are going to show you 10 effective tips to rank higher on Google. Let’s get started and check the following ways.

1. Do proper keyword research 

 Keyword research is the primary element of writing well-optimized content. Before you start writing the content all by yourself, it’s important to find the right keywords that would match the audience’s queries.

Keyword research leads you to various terms that can be used to rank your content in the SERPs of Google. You can generate long-tail, short-tail, and LSI, which are all relevant to what users search for online.


Various online tools can be used to manage keywords, like Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest. Such online tools assist you in your research campaigns.

By finding the right keywords for your content, you can develop a well-optimized blog that appears against search results. These keywords can also be used in the Alt text of images to optimize graphical content in your blog or article.

But remember that you have to manage the keywords appropriately in your content. Do not overuse keywords in your content which may lead to keyword stuffing.

Such content is considered spammy by search engine crawlers. Moreover, keyword stuffing can ruin the readability of your content.

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2. Identify search intent 

Search intent describes the purpose of a search against a specific keyword or topic. People are searching for content online to find something credible.


The type of content we create defines our competition in the online market. In the competitive online market, you will find different types of content, such as informational, transactional, commercial, and navigational.

Each type of content relates to the intentions or understanding of the user. Now it is up to you to generate content your targeted audience will love. Yet again, you can use keyword research tools to make topics against specific intentions.

Once you have identified the search intent, do not deviate from it when creating the content. For example, if you’re writing an informational article, try not to make it promotional and only focus on adding value to the user’s query by providing facts and figures.

3. Publish unique content  

Writing unique and plagiarism-free content can also help you in ranking higher. It is because Google prefers to rank high-quality and unique content.

According to John Muller (Senior Analyst at Google), the content should be 110% unique and high-quality to get a better rank in the search engine. To reserve a higher rank in SERPs, you should have to focus on the uniqueness of the content.

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No doubt, it is not possible for a human being to find plagiarism in his work manually. But a tool can do this by comparing your given text with billions of web pages and published documents.

You only have to pick a Plagiarism Detector that will help you in this regard. This tool will get your text and compare it with all the published documents or pages. In the end, it will display whether your text is unique or has plagiarized sections.

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So, it will be pretty simple for you to get an idea about your content’s uniqueness and respond accordingly. If there is plagiarized content in your writing, you can paraphrase it online to make it unique with just a few clicks.

Paraphrasing effectively makes your content unique, providing a fresh set of terms and words. In this way, the idea of the context remains the same, but the content becomes plagiarism-free.

4. Improve on-page SEO 

If we say it is the most effective and fastest technique to get ranked in Google, it will be right. It is because on-page SEO will decide how optimized your webpage is.  

You only have to use a few tools and invest a short time to set the on-page SEO of your website. It will be pretty simple to do this if you are aware of the SEO field


For the sake of your understanding, let us give you a quick overview of how to optimize your website concerning on-page SEO

  • Maintain the keyword density.
  • Keep the images optimized.
  • Write short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Internal links to different pages or articles on your website.
  • Write meta description and meta title.

These tips will help you in optimizing an article for your website. It will take only a few minutes of your work to do this. But you will experience incredible results in terms of Google ranking for your website.

5. Try to lower the bounce rate 

The Higher bounce rate can be the most threatening problem for your website’s success. Do you know what the bounce rate is? Don’t worry if you don’t know because we are going to tell you quickly about this. 


It is the rate of visitors who come to your website and leave it without completing a session. A higher bounce rate means that people are closing your website just after browsing it without completing even a single session. 

This factor indicates the Google that you are not offering information but just filling the web pages of your website. In this way, it will not rank your website higher in the SERPs. 

So, you should have to keep the bounce rate lower as possible as you can. The main reason behind the higher bounce rate can be plagiarized content

Users will close your website if they will get the same information that they have read already. In this way, it can enhance the bounce rate of your website. You need to provide unique content to keep it lower for better ranking in SERPs. 

Sometimes plagiarism reports find some minor matches that are unintentional from your side. To fix this, you can use an article spinner that will help you in rewriting plagiarized content. When you have got a plagiarism report of your content, you should have inserted those lines in this tool.

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It will reword the content by replacing the original words with their synonyms or related terms. In this way, you will get the content with the same meanings but in different words. 

As a result, you will be able to make your content plagiarism free and reduce the chances of bounce rate due to this problem. But remember, please do not misuse these tools to copy someone else work and rewrite it for your own use.

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6. Create quality backlinks 

Backlinks can be a great way to push your website’s rank higher in the search results. The reason is backlinks indicate to the search engine that you are providing informational and useful content on your website. 

link building

That’s why people are giving you a link from your website to appreciate your work. In this way, it will automatically push your website’s rank higher in its SERPs.

You should have to create backlinks with great care because it can be harmful to create toxic links for your website. You must have to prefer quality over quantity because the high-authority link will give you more profitable outcomes than the low-quality multiple backlinks. 

Along with this, you should have to monitor the links that you have created for your website. In simple words, you should have to remove all the broken links or toxic links timely for the survival of your website.

7. Write in snippet style 

The featured snippet writing style is the most direct way to win in the SERPs. For those who don’t know, featured snippet answers are mentioned at the top of the search result on the very first page of SERP. The example is shown in the image below.

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Writing in snippet style can earn you a direct approach to Google to rank on top as the best search result against all the other sources.

Therefore, if you want to write in featured snippet style, you have to provide concise answers featured with the proper keyword density in your content.

You must follow a specific structure to write the correct featured snippet. Make sure your featured snippet answer aims to answer the question directly. Try to stay within the 50 to 60 characters limit.

Featured snippet answers are not only featured on the top of the first page, but you’ll also find them under the ‘People also ask’ tab containing a range of questions.

So the purpose is to understand the user’s intent and provide a direct answer like people are speaking to the search engine.

8. Create a social presence


Another great way to generate organic traffic and better search ranking is through social media platforms. Creating a strong social presence can make your platform more credible from the user audience’s perspective.

To start with social media marketing, you must create social media accounts or pages by the name of your business. Ensure the account links to your site in terms of logos and names.

The second most important thing is the social media buttons that can be added to your site. You can add two types of buttons on your webpage.

A share button (which allows the audience to share the site content on their social media platform directly). And a social button (which leads the audience from your webpage to the site’s social media page).

9. Regularly update your content 


Sometimes, we think that it is enough to write content on a topic, publish it, and forget about it. Keep in mind that more than 2 billion websites are live on the internet. 

It might be possible that someone has written more useful content on the same topic and will grab your position. So, you should have to keep your content updated in almost every article.

To perform this activity, you can make a content planner every month. It will help you to analyze when you have to update the previous content and when need to publish new posts. In this way, you can keep the process of publication streamlined on your website.

10. Track & respond timely 


It is not good to keep working with tracking because it is the task of a fool. You should have to keep working on your website as well as have an eye on the progress. 

By doing this, you will be able to identify any issue timely if found on your website. Along with this, you can easily remove those issues or reduce their effectiveness using the appropriate solutions. 

Also, it will help you in maintaining a good position among your visitor. The reason is you will be able to tell your readers that you are always here to serve them with regular updates on the content.

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The standards for achieving better Google rankings are updated frequently, making it difficult for businesses to understand the algorithm’s working. Therefore, it requires an online business to update its methods and strategies to win in the rankings.

This article featured 10 of the most effective ways to rank on Google. Each practice can be implemented in any business despite its scale. We hope this article helped guide you well in achieving better rankings online.

Author-Image-Annie-MooreThis article is written by Annie Moore. She is a writer who has written blogs about business, SEO, education, and technology. She is a prepared digital marketer with over 5 years of marketing experience and she has written for many sites such as Editpad, SEJ, Backlinko, and many more. She has led the way in digital marketing Strategies with many organizations and high-quality brands to generate more revenue through web-based promotional systems and implementation has been compiled. She has good writing and SEO skills. She has written for many brands. You can follow her on LinkedIn.

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