Flat Designs – Features that Makes it Stand Apart from the Rest

Flat designs is a worth mentioning designing trend, and that has received prominence in the last couple of years. This technique has a long way to go and to pave the way for the designers a number of websites have released a host of kits for improving the user interface, with the help of different icons used for flat designs. This design has a minimalistic look, and bright colors are used, the typography gives a retro look and has a user interface that uses various icons and buttons. This designing technique is widely popular among the simple websites and those for various mobile applications.

Different types of flat designs

Flat designing also serves as the takeoff platform for different forms of flat designs like the designs which are almost flat which encompasses of a certain amount of effect like a shadow inside an element. The other one is the design with a long shadow, which is used especially for icons and you, can also use the image within the frame of an icon. With the introduction of the trend of the flat design, the importance of white space in web designing has been established, along with this use of sharp colors, lines and shapes are also reintroduced in web designing arena. Moreover, a surge in the use of simple typography has also been noticed.

Evolution of the term flat designs

The term was coined by Allan Grinshetin, where he has explained elegant interfaces to be those which have maximum impact on the readers with the use of simple features. If you go through different flat designs, the characteristic of majority of the designs are similar, and those can be described as emphasis on the typography, no effects are used, simplistic approach to design and other elements of user interface, emphasis on the color that is used in the website and a minimalistic approach to the overall layout of the website.

Less complex features of flat designs

This form of designing emphasizes on the content of the website. Complexities related to the use of patterns, textures, bubbles, shadows, gradients and other effects can be avoided with the use of this form of designing. Though refined graphics are not used in these websites, still it looks interactive and is utilized by different operating system for their mobile platforms. But, it is important to remember that flat designs are not applicable for all types of websites. There are interfaces that are known as flat 2-D, which stands out because of their simplicity and keeps the target audience to focus only on the contents.

Use of basic shapes in flat designs

Majority of the websites use flat designs because of the unique look that it creates without the use of any extra. It makes the readers interaction with the website easy as there are fewer buttons and with the use of different colors the hierarchy of the content can be understood clearly. Designers use basics shapes like squares, rectangles or circles so that each of these shapes stand alone and they use clicks or buttons to make the user interface easy. While designing the interface, you can also use bold colors along with the buttons or clicks for the convenience of the users.

Choose appropriate typography in flat designs

For web designing, choice of appropriate typography is of utmost importance. And same is the case with flat web designing, here, the tone of the fonts needs to be in sync with the overall scheme of the design. For instance, blown up fonts looks out of place against a simple back drop. It is important for any website to be visually consistent. In this regard, designers often use different variations of sans- serif font type while utilizing flat design. You can add a touch of uniqueness to these fonts, but make sure that the not to exaggerate the use of a specific typeface.

Color palette for website using flat designs

In comparison to the color palette of the other websites, those designed with flat designs use bright colors. The color palette available for flat designs offer a wide collection of hues, and it ranges to about to six to eight colors. The use of primary and that of secondary colors is very popular in flat designing. You can spot that the designers have frequently used retro colors in the websites. This form of designing is known for its minimalistic approach, so the designers refrain from the use of visual that can mar the effect of the website, rather they use simple photography for their sites.

Predesigned UI kit for flat designs

If you want to start a new project by utilizing flat design, then you can get hold of the kits of user interfaces that are available over the net. This helps in saving time as well as money. Since these are predesigned kits and they come in a specific file format, you comfort the designs as per your requirement. With adequate license, you can also download the free kits. If you are not satisfied with the in-built color palette, then you change it just with the help of few clicks.

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