Top 8 Benefits of Cutting-Edge Fiber Optic Internet Technology

Do you remember the time when you connect to the internet and wait ages for the site to load?  It was quite irritating connecting to the internet using one computer at a time with broadband. However, fiber optic technology has now changed the online world with the provision of faster and reliable internet. It allows thrilling-fast internet speed with tons of bandwidth to boost up all your portable devices simultaneously without affecting the internet performance. Let’s take a look at the top eight advantages of fiber optic that provides an advanced level of internet technology.

1. Reliable and Consistent

Benefits of Cutting-Edge Fiber Optic Internet Technology - Point 1In fiber optics, data is transferred through a beam of light and holds significant benefits over copper wires internet connectivity. Copper cables are susceptible to fire and extreme weather conditions that can affect the data transmission and connectivity. Copper cables are very thick and are inflexible while fiber cable has hair like thinness. The thinness of fiber cable optimizes the capacity of the data transformation. On the other hand, fiber optics cables are more reliable, light-weight, thinner and resistant to environmental hazards. It provides you the uptime and reliable internet service and you can enjoy constant data transmission across the globe.

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2. Faster Data Transfer

Benefits of Cutting-Edge Fiber Optic Internet Technology - Point 2Using fiber optic connectivity, information is transferred at a much faster rate from one place to another than broadband cables. The internet speed ranges from 100 Mbps to 100 Gbps. It allows unlimited super-fast downloading and uploading speed than copper wires. There are no data-checkpoints which mean that there is no limitation on data usage and you can surf the internet as much as you want. If you are experiencing a sluggish internet and wish for sharp internet surfing then you should go for fiber optic technology.

3. Highly Secure Internet

Benefits of Cutting-Edge Fiber Optic Internet Technology - Point 3You get the most secure internet connection with fiber optic cables. Copper internet connections can get compromised pretty easily thus leading to the signal hacking whereas fiber cables are made up of glass and are unable to release electric or magnetic signals, so it is impossible to hack the data signals The only way to compromise the fiber optic is by physically damaging the cable. Various fiber optic internet providers offer inbuilt security software like Security Suite in Spectrum Internet connection for protection against online threat and malware.  In short, fiber optic provides a complete defense to your sensitive data from online threats like viruses, malware, and malicious contents.


4. Symmetrical Internet Connectivity

Benefits of Cutting-Edge Fiber Optic Internet Technology - Point 4A decade ago, it was extremely difficult to download and upload at the same time. While nowadays you get simultaneous downloading and uploading with symmetric speeds on internet connections.  If you select converged solutions, you can easily run multiple digital services on your fiber cables like cable TV, internet, and phone services. It means that you can download or upload files, video content, and make phone calling across the world simultaneously through your internet connection. Right now, fiber optic provides a competitive edge and delivers the finest internet and the best combination of functionality.

5. Plenty of Bandwidth

Benefits of Cutting-Edge Fiber Optic Internet Technology - Point 5Gone are the days when the performance of your internet connection gets affected by the data usage on different portable devices. You were used to of slow Internet speed, delay in downloading or uploading, and pixelated video quality. Long story short, to get the better Internet speed you had to confine to just one computer.  However, with fiber optic technology you can experience tons of bandwidth along with the lightning-fast internet speed. The bandwidth is sufficient to power up your laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices.

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6. Cost-effective

Benefits of Cutting-Edge Fiber Optic Internet Technology - Point 6In recent years, the cost of fiber cable connectivity has decreased significantly due to its large scale production across the world. You can save money by using fiber technology as fiber cables are less expensive than copper cables.  It is the best choice for cable installation and internet service providers also offer installation of cable internet at affordable prices like Spectrum, Xfinity etc.


7. Eliminate Latency Issues

Benefits of Cutting-Edge Fiber Optic Internet Technology - Point 7You may have experienced delays in the data processing while using broadband or cable internet connections. Latency describes the delay during downloading or uploading high-definition content. With fiber optic technology, you can experience uninterrupted fastest download and upload and other high-demand content, enhanced voice quality with less latency.

8. Resistance to Interference

Benefits of Cutting-Edge Fiber Optic Internet Technology - Point 8Copper cables are more prone to electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Metallic cables use analog and electrical signals while fiber optic uses light. It means that each fiber does not intermingle with the other within the same wire thereby allow great signals during internet connectivity. Also, fiber optics signals remain consistent over long distances and do not degrade due to electromagnetic and radio frequency signals. Since it is highly resistant you can even run it beside industrial equipment.

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