Top 10 High-Speed Cable Internet Service Provider of USA

This article will be all about 10 most useful & effective high-speed cable internet service provider of USA. So people who are seeking for the best ISP I hope this article will prove to be beneficiary for them. So let’s start with the list and know their features and let’s find which suits you most.

1) Suddenlink:

Cable Internet Service Provider - Point 1The best part of Suddenlink is that you can switch to any of their plans any time and that also comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. Isn’t a great! If you are not sure how their services are or if you do not like them, just skip their plan with your money back to your account.

The internets they provide are super-fast, very much secured, uninterrupted and unlimited as well. Their high-speed plans are most suitable for HD online streaming and be a good companion for your smart television and other smart devices. In short, their services are appreciable and also very much useful for your business and also for your home.

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2) Cable One:

Cable Internet Service Provider - Point 2Cable One can be your 3-in-1 companion with their high-speed cable internet, non-stop cable TV connection and with their telephone service. All their service comes with a onetime monthly charge, no tensions of paying for your ISP connections as a day to day basis.

If you are looking for an ISP with excellent service and maintenance then go for Cable One. They can be your local service provider because they are having offices in almost all localities and there is a greater chance to find an office quite near to you.

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3) RCN:

Cable Internet Service Provider - Point 3RCN is popular among both for home and business users. They are known for their excellent customer services and support. Their broadcasting quality is 100% digital and you can enjoy a world-class fiber-optical cable experience with the excellent and steady connection. They also provide free videos on-demand. Their internet services are most super-fast and at the same time most reliable.

If you are a business customer, you will get extra communicative products internet, voice, videos and networking solutions. No matter what is your business size is.

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4) Time Warner Cable (TWC):

Cable Internet Service Provider - Point 4TWC is known for providing the largest amount of videos along with their high-speed data and high-quality voice services. Their services are really exclusive among the entire service provider throughout the USA. They have created 15.9 million customer relationships, almost 10.8 million residential video subscribers, 12.7 million residential high-speed data subscribers and 6.3 million residential voice subscribers. So looking towards their subscribers list it is acceptable that they are really serving well to their customers.

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5) Cox Communications:

Cable Internet Service Provider - Point 5Cox is known for the third largest digital cable television, telecommunications, and home automation providing service holder of United States. They have already made more than 6.2 million happy customers, more than 2.9 million digital cable subscribers, total 3.5 million Internet subscribers, and have made 3.2 million digital telephone subscribers.

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6) Bright House Networks:

Cable Internet Service Provider - Point 6They are known as the sixth largest operator of cable systems in the United States. They have approximately around 2.5 million successful customers on their list who have already used their high-speed data, videos, home security, automation and voice services. Their business plans also come with more advanced features like advanced video quality with voice and data services as well as cloud-based and managed services. They are the first cable operator in the United States who owns the designations of Cisco master service provider certifications.

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7) WOW!:

Cable Internet Service Provider - Point 7WOW! believe in a simple philosophy that if the customer is satisfied by their services then they will live up to their name. So it is understandable their main selling point is their customer service. They are well-known to provide high-speed internet, cable TV as well as a telephone connection.

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8) Buckeye Broadband:

Cable Internet Service Provider - Point 8They are having lots of packages to offer their customers. You can choose according to your preferences and needs. Their customer support teams are also very cooperative and active towards their customers.

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9) Midcontinent Communications:

Cable Internet Service Provider - Point 9They are having 1.2 million successful users who are very satisfied with their services. They provide the cable television, the internet as well as the telephone services. Their business clients can get a direct fiber-optic connection via leased data circuits for better and steady connectivity.

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10) Comcast:

Cable Internet Service Provider - Point 10In terms of revenue, Comcast is known for the largest company who provides broadcasting and largest cable throughout the whole world. They are the second largest company in terms of the pay-tv company just after AT&T-DirecTV. They are also known as the largest cable TV company, largest home Internet service provider and the third largest home telephone service provider in the United States. Comcast is also having lots of reputation in the market in terms of providing high-speed cable ISP to their customers.

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Cable Internet Service Provider - conclusionHope this article can help you to choose the best high-speed cable ISP available in the USA. They are all good in terms of features and pricing, but still, I marked them 1-10 according to my point of view. Let’s see who proves to be your best according to your requirements.

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