11 Facts About WordPress Theme That Will Make You Think Twice

Did you ever find yourself creating a website with WordPress Platform, but the result didn’t look whatever like the theme sample? Here are 11 common facts that are often overlooked by website developers.

WordPress is an open source content management system. It is free and is available to anyone in the world. Everyone can download it and then use it either to write blogs or design their website.

Most beginners feel overcome when it comes to selecting a theme for their WordPress website. There are many of free and paid options available. Each WordPress theme looks better than the other theme.

How Has WordPress Evolved Over Time

WordPress Rocks

Initially, WordPress was used only to write blogs. However, it has evolved which has now made website designing easier. It is an individual identity which does not have a CEO. It is not owned by any company. There are a group of volunteers who, from across the globe, run WordPress. WordPress is beneficial to many entrepreneurs, developers and designers to. It helps them to build their businesses. Numerous companies and professionals all over the world sell WordPress based services, solutions, and products. A large number of government websites from all over the world are powered by WordPress.

Why Is It Important to Choose the Right WordPress Them?


The appearance of your website leaves a long-lasting impact on the viewers. So, it is important to choose the right kind of theme which goes well with the contents of your website. If you use a black and white themed website to display items for kids or a very colorful and shiny one for a hospital, it is bound to create a bad impression.

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Important Facts to Know About WordPress Themes

WordPress Theme Template Tutorial

Before choosing a theme for your website, go through these important facts about Premium WordPress theme to have a better understanding of it.

  1. Your theme should match the content of your website. An educational website can never have the same theme as the one displaying home decor accessories.
  2. Examine properly if the theme that you are going to choose is using any kind of obsolete function. Also, ensure that the theme is in accordance with the guidelines of WordPress theme development.
  3. Before you select a WordPress theme, check for invalid codes or bad practices. Try to have an understanding of its structure by analyzing the theme demo or the source code.
  4. Non-English WordPress is also available. Make sure that your theme allows language packs that can be installed in the admin area. Presently, a feature that enables language switching is also available for the users on a WordPress site.
  5. When a user is browsing a website, speed is a significant factor in decision making. Make sure you use an efficient theme. If you opt for a theme that is poorly built, you will again have to invest to make it efficient.
  6. The use of mobile phones is increasing rapidly. Check if the theme that you have chosen for your website is mobile friendly. It is one of the most important factors to survive the present-day competition.
  7. You cannot expect your theme to have all your desired qualities. Your theme should be capable of customization so that you can extend certain functions as and when required.
  8. Your website should be easily available to your potential customers. Select a theme which enables you to achieve this goal.
  9. One doesn’t change his website theme frequently. You should use a theme for a long time so that users get accustomed to it. Hence don’t go for cheaper ones so that you don’t feel the need to change it after some time.
  10. Your theme should be compatible with the plugin that you need to run your website.
  11. Before you buy the theme, check properly the kind of support and the support coverage provided by the theme shop. For this, you can count on other users’ experiences mentioned in their reviews.

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Seriously WordPress can do so much, and it does so much on the web that you might not even be aware of. Above 11 things you should know about WordPress Platform, whether you need to get opened as a web developer or blogger, or are just interested in what WordPress can do.

This article is written by Naveen Jain. He is a WordPress Theme Developer at JthemesStudio from Ahmedabad, India, with a passion to learn more on WordPress.

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