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With technology ever advancing and improving, the world is a busier place and newer forms of communication and business are evolving together with technology at a rapid pace. For instance, there are those who run their business with the help of their mobiles courtesy the all-powerful smartphones and then there are apps that help users with anything and everything today. Thus, with a smartphone in hand, not only can you run your business, you can conduct financial transactions and even reach out for help in case of emergencies apart from the usual stuff (calls, games, texts, reading, chats and emails, etc).

Apps are so powerful today that we have come to the point wherein there are real-time apps (apps that deal with information and data sharing in real time) and this has revolutionized the business world. Having dabbled in various mobile applications platforms, we have also worked with real-time apps and we hope to shed light on what they are all about and how they can be beneficial for businesses with this blog. Read on to learn more.

Real Time Apps – an overview


An application that deals with information in real time is typically called a real time app. For instance, video calling, online chats, social media, etc. are some of the real-time apps and with their information sharing being real time, they open up a lot of interesting opportunities for businesses.

How can businesses benefit with real-time apps?

Whether it is communication or information sharing, real time apps can come in handy. Most of the organizations use real-time apps for communication purposes (mostly internal and other business transactions). They help with better engagement and reduction in costs apart from many other things. We have developed real-time apps for businesses in various mobile applications platforms and in our experience; these are the major benefits of real-time apps:

#1: Reduction in costs

Real-Time Apps - Point 1Information sharing when it happens in real time is more accurate and this will free up the heavy reliance on the IT department in most businesses. Also, it helps in cost reduction and results in improved accuracy which leads to lower error margins in businesses operations. Cost reduction is a major clinching factor for most businesses and when it comes with better stability and lower error margins, every organization would be interested in investing in an app that will facilitate it. After all, anything with less overhead and good ROI is beneficial!

#2: Gather information about the user

Real-Time Apps - Point 2Understanding the end user’s mindset and gathering information on their likes and tastes can help your business reach out to them better and this is very much possible with real-time apps that help in tracking user information. This is a sure shot way to bridge the gap between what the user wants and what you have to offer. As leaders in mobile application development, this is another area that we have seen business organizations invest a lot of money in and real-time apps are the best way to do so.

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#3: Transparency

Real-Time Apps - Point 3Information shared with a real-time app is more transparent and there are no lags or delays here. Also, with the centralization of information, conflicts and quality issues can be addressed immediately and this can only result in the betterment of the organization. Quality is paramount for any business and such apps result in better quality control.

#4: Sharing information and communication is easier

Real-Time Apps - Point 4With real-time apps, communication and information gathering, as well as sharing, are very easy and far more reliable. Most businesses wish to go in with real-time mobile application development for this reason. Responding to requests, better customer satisfaction, quick communication channels, etc. are some of the other advantages of using such a medium for business.

Final Thoughts

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With so many advantages, it is no wonder that most businesses today opt for real-time apps. After all, if an app can help reduce costs, improve their understanding of the user base, bridge the gap between user expectation and business goals, improve networking and communication, it would be to everyone’s advantage to invest in such a product! Who wouldn’t wish to invest in such an idea?

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