The Ever-Changing SEO Game and How to Stay Ahead

In the challenging race of getting an online presence, search engine optimization is transcending into a game of adaptation. Today, it’s not a good strategy to simply maneuver one’s way up the SEO ladder; rather it is a game of originality.

In today’s fast-paced world, where search engines are continuously being upgraded to better serve searchers, a business is only qualified to participate given its immense power to adopt and adapt some more. Today, in this article we will discuss the do’s and How-to do’s of facing the SEO game. We will take our naïve selves away from the perspective and commit to better and, if necessary, longer ways of real success.

Let’s start by addressing SEO and its dynamic nature. SEO, like any evolutionary object, changes itself adapting to better ways to benefit people behind keyboards. In order to understand the world of search, we will divide our article into 3 main parts– Content craftsmanship, SEO on the go and the Social world.

1. Content Craftsmanship:

Ever-Changing SEO Game - Content

Content is the core of Internet. With great content comes great success; literally, if you make sweet content for your audience, the results will show themselves. Nothing beats well tailored original content. Even though Google, the mother of search engines, continually changes algorithms, it doesn’t ask you to create a strategy for each and every change.

If you are an e-commerce owner looking for customers, it is the time you start going authentic and top-notch. The process of search engines today starts with:

  • ScanningURLs for keywords
  • Identifying keywords from image and attached media (like tags)
  • And finally, analyzing the whole written quality of content
This means, redundant stuffing of keywords will only lead to rejection from getting top listed. Hence, we take insights from great sites that keep on the first page of Google’s search results. Good sites have great quality content that’s created through hard work and passion. Contents that prefer shortcuts aren’t effective anymore, given how SEOs advanced. Therefore, the mission is to discover what the search engines want and deliver useful information at their disposal. In return, the search engines will love to keep you on top of the results making your exposure boom.

2. SEO on the Go:

Ever-Changing SEO Game - Mobile

It’s is no more a surprising fact; more people use mobile devices to surf the net than desktops and laptops. Now, imagine yourself browsing the internet on your phone and a website keeps loading for a long time. When it finally loads, it looks like a downgrade version of the desktop website sitting on your phone just to deteriorate your appeal towards the brand.

You don’t want to be a site like that! It’s should be in every e-commerce website owner’s interest that their mobile site is independently run. Check Google’s guidelines to stay in shape while giving your mobile site a tint of the original character. As the CEO of Over The Top SEO  Guy Sheetrit puts it:

“Remember to keep the basic accessibility features set as globally understandable; for example – the buttons are large enough, fluid navigation and trimmed out to response instantly.”

In addition, implant share buttons on your website to leverage social media and manifest surge your inbound traffic.

3. Social World:

Ever-Changing SEO Game - Social

As the name suggest, this part of the article discusses the importance of social media in search engine optimization and how to best use the relationship. For example, when your stories and posts get shared around the web, the link to your site is carried along with them, creating a natural flow of inbound traffic for your website.

Further, you are doomed if you imagine content on social media to be written only. The social search space, dominated by Google is secondly dominated by Google’s another ownership- YouTube.

The interesting fact is that YouTube has captured the online audience so well that people want to look for video content on YouTube about anything they like! This leads us to a mandatory presence on YouTube and other popular video services. Now, before you publish your precious content, you’ll need to learn some nooks and crannies that will ensure best social media leveraging.

Final Thoughts:

Ever-Changing SEO Game - conclusion

Moral of the story is- that one has to stay true to oneself when it comes to creating content which will be searched. Next, the SEO game has to be tackled with utmost adaptation power; a power that is only awarded to the ones beyond average qualities.

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