Xamarin Development: A Great Option for App Development (Infographic)

The development process is quite a tiresome one. Especially when we speak about small business that doesn’t have in-office tech specialists. But what should they do if they still want to have a high-quality application that can be run at least on both iOS and Android? There is an answer: Xamarin.

Xamarin allows creating a native app for both iOS and Android writing code in one language, C#. To put it in simple terms, to get a native app for both Android and iOS, you need only one developer who knows C#, but not the one with Java and the one with ObjectiveC knowledge. Not only you save money on the employees involved but also a high-performance app with excellent UI and UX and full access to the app APIs. You can also create a native app for.

Choosing Xamarin, you get an opportunity to share up to 90% of the non-interface code in this way. In such a way, time-to-market of an app is substantially decreased, as well as expenses on its creation. According to a few reports, Companies, using Xamarin, release apps at least once per month, that proves the fast pace of app development process with this technology. As a bonus, you get quick updates on Xamarin after Apple or Android launching a new update.

Moreover, with Xamarin, you get a great testing service – Xamarin Test Cloud. It lets you test your app on up to 3000 devices and behaves the same way as your users will do. That is, it scrolls, swipes and much more.

Another great feature of Xamarin is Xamarin Insights. With its help, you can get any statistics you need about your app. You can even find out which crashes influenced what users. Best user experience is guaranteed.

Xamarin Development: A Great Option for Mobile App Development (Infographic):

Xamarin Development: A Great Option for Mobile App Development (Infographic)

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