Top 5 Recommended Elements of eCommerce Website Design of 2018!

ECommerce sales in almost all of the world achieved a very satisfactory value by the end of 2017. By the end of 2017, more than $2 trillion had been contributed by this type of trading and experts predict that overall eCommerce sales in 2020 will reach approximately $27 trillion. ECommerce has expanded to a wide range of issues, not just limited to cosmetic sales, daily necessities, supplements, and medicines, but also to automotive products. This is a very rapid development and this cannot be separated from the spread of smartphones to almost the entire world.

Today, eCommerce is strongly supported by the convenience offered by smartphone usage. We do not need to turn on a standard computer to simply check the availability of goods and make purchases (or sales). We can see everything on our smartphone screen. This article will highlight the 5 elements that should be considered when you deal with eCommerce website design this year, 2018! Hopefully, this article can satisfy you who really serious plunge into the world of eCommerce. Keep reading and get the benefits!

Do you know why Amazon can be so successful and become the most valuable company in the world? They have the following five elements in their business path!

1) The mobile-friendly design

Top 5 Recommended Elements of eCommerce Website Design of 2018 - Point 1Now is the era of smartphones and most mobile users in the world use smartphones in their daily activities. Any app or site that is able to attract many visitors is an app and site that has a mobile-friendly design. This is a very compulsory thing so that if you have decided to plunge into the design of your own eCommerce site, you should make sure you are able to provide an interface that is easily accessible to people who use smartphones as a major Internet access tool. The problem that any designer must face in this context is how to run embedded scripts while ensuring the smoothness of users in accessing menu provided. There is no necessity to show you some example of mobile-friendly websites. Today’s almost all popular websites are mobile-friendly. Just visit any well-known website from your mobile browser.


2) Proper template and of course quality

Top 5 Recommended Elements of eCommerce Website Design of 2018 - Point 2For most people, templates are a clear sign of laziness and an indication that a designer does not have enough creativity. Unfortunately, this fact is not true and is the reason why many novice designers are wrong in designing an eCommerce site. What to realize is that templates are a handy way to capture market tastes. Why should we start everything from scratch if we can use the already available format and have proven to make it easier for consumers to access the products we offer? You can just mimic what’s applied by the giants like Amazon or B&H.

3) Correct layout

Top 5 Recommended Elements of eCommerce Website Design of 2018 - Point 3Remember that mobile-friendly design is what every eCommerce site developer should have. The mobile-friendly design, in turn, will require an efficient layout. This makes it easy for every visitor to access any menu or product available. Every designer needs to realize that data usage is a daily issue that most smartphone users have to face. For example, instead of putting 50 product types on one page why not put them in five pages? Sometimes your prospective buyers do not need to look at the whole of the products on offer since they may only require looking at the top 10 products. Efficient loading directly affects the level of consumer interest in the product. It has been proved by Awwwards!


4) Hamburger menus

Top 5 Recommended Elements of eCommerce Website Design of 2018 - Point 4The hamburger menu has grown in popularity in recent years and has dominated the interface that many popular eCommerce sites have. The hamburger interface method offers the convenience to open and hide the menu, increasing the efficiency of visits by consumers. This menu is identified by three horizontal lines that must be clicked to open the main menu. Pressing the bar again will make the menu hidden (again). This procedure was created to ensure everything can be stored in a narrow interface frame. Efficiency is the best answer for eCommerce competition in 2018. Want to know some examples of the menu? Just click on the samples or visit BooksRun website from any mobile browser.

5) Animated GIFs

Top 5 Recommended Elements of eCommerce Website Design of 2018 - Point 5Animated GIFs are the thing that needs to be highlighted in 2018. This is a key ingredient in cinemographs and does not require excessive data from the user’s phone. GIF is a perfect method for delivering your messages to your buyers.

Final Words

Top 5 Recommended Elements of eCommerce Website Design of 2018 - Final WordsThe five elements above are the five essential elements to apply in the design of your eCommerce site. Now it is 2018 and certainly, everything is no longer the same as in previous years. Reading many related books may help you to achieve the desired goal towards the end of this year.

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