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Nowadays thousands of people are using Instagram, Facebook and other social networks for communicating and work. If you are just a beginner in this sphere, it can be difficult for you to understand what to create or edit. The most important points which you must remember now are:

  • short description of your account;
  • information about you and your interests;
  • some nice pictures.
These are the most effective and significant aspects of any account. It is considered to be your ID, as a lead-in to your goals. People can get to know as much information about you as you want them to know.

Today we are going to talk about the last point – pictures and photos. We can say quite categorically that these are the most influential and perceptible elements of any account. If you find yourself on the Instagram account of a pretty girl or a boy, you will view his or her photos subconsciously, even if you know that in real life this person is probably not as beautiful and hot as the Instagram or Facebook account might portray them. How does this happen? It is a result of the influence of well-conceived photos.

At first glance it seems that there is nothing difficult in making nice shots, but in fact, it means that you probably don`t understand all the details and aspects of good photography.

PhotoMarathon TemplateMonster

It is time to promote your talent!

This article is about a special opportunity for people who are passionate about taking photos or for those who want to start doing that. TemplateMonster has established a new project. It is going to be a Marathon that will run for 10 weeks. During this time the professionals from TemplateMonster will impart all the necessary knowledge you might need about photography, cameras, equipment and the ways to make money with your photos. It is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to become a professional photographer, be famous on Instagram and make new friends with people who share the same hobbies etc.  You will get to know about all the popular and free apps for editing photos and tips on how to become a popular photo-blogger in social networks.

To participate in the Marathon you need to complete several steps. Firstly you need to sign up. Then it is necessary to answer several questions. These are simple questions which will show us your desire and readiness to start. Later we will send you a confirmation code covering your participation. The Marathon is going to start on the 7th of March 2017.  During the Marathon you will be supervised by a personal mentor, who will help you at any time you might need him/her. You will get all the lessons step by step. After each portion of a theoretical lesson you will get a practical task to execute. If you make and complete it successfully, you will then be accepted for the next level.

Now it is important to remember that the places in the Marathon are limited. There are going to be only 300 places, so don’t delay. Use this opportunity to sign up for the free private Marathon for photographers from TemplateMonster. It is going to be the most incredible event in your life, which may possibly make your dreams come true. Don`t be afraid to complete all the proposed tasks and accomplish your goals. Even if you are not interested in earning money by shooting photos, it is a great chance for you to develop your skills and talents. You will be able to promote your blog, Instagram or Facebook account and maybe become a famous person. Perhaps in 10 weeks you will be one of the most accomplished photographers or bloggers around. Who knows!

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