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RSMonials is a Joomla Component that works natively in Joomla environment. This is a very simple and user friendly testimonial component. Using this component you can easily able to accept comments / feedback / review / testimonials from your clients or visitors. This is a free component.

*** CHEERS! Now RSMonials (Version 1.5.3 or newer) is included Image Upload, ReCaptcha Library and Language File Manager ***


Front End:

  1. Display all active testimonials / comments / feedback / review.
  2. Visitor can submit a feedback.
  3. If you approve the feedback from back-end it will start to display.
  4. Secured form by Captcha (ReCaptcha is also available).

Back End:

  1. Add Testimonials.
  2. Edit Testimonials.
  3. Delete Testimonials.
  4. Publish/Unpublish Testimonials.
  5. Manage Front-end display using CSS.
  6. Manage Language Specific Content.
  7. Easily configure the basic features of the component.

Now 2 modules are also available to use with our RSMonials component:

  1. RS-Monials Module: Using this module you can able to display testimonials randomly or serially.
  2. RS-MonialScroller Module: Using this module you can able to display all of your testimonials in a module position with auto scroller.

Try this free component and modules. Hopefully you all like this.

Download – Files for Joomla 3.x

RS-Monials (Component) – Version 2.2 – for Joomla 3.x


RS-Monials (Module) – Version 2.2 – for Joomla 3.x


RS-Monials Scroller (Module) – Version 2.2 – for Joomla 3.x


Download – Files for Joomla 2.5.x

RS-Monials (Component) – Version 2.0 – for Joomla 2.5


RS-Monials (Module) – Version 2.0 – for Joomla 2.5


RS-Monials Scroller (Module) – Version 2.0 – for Joomla 2.5


Download – Files for Joomla 1.5.x

RS-Monials (Component) – Version 1.5.3 – for Joomla 1.5


RS-Monials (Module) – Version – for Joomla 1.5


RS-Monials Scroller (Module) – Version – for Joomla 1.5


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SouvikWeb Developer & SEO Specialist with 15+ years of experience in Open Source Web Development specialized in Joomla & WordPress development. He is also the moderator of this blog "RS Web Solutions".

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237 thoughts on “Download Page | RS-Monials Joomla Extension

  1. Hi… can you please tell me where i can edit field names and also make submitters email not be public please? Thanks sooo much!!! Steve

    • You can edit all kind of texts from the language file. For this go to “Joomla Admin” => “Components” => “RSMonials” => “Language File”. Then edit the respective language file as per your needs.

      Submitter email is a mandatory field to submit a testimonial. But it is not a public field. So in the front end the email of submitter will not display along with the testimonial. You can only able to view the email from Joomla admin panel.

    • We reviewed your website. The problem is coming due to your template. In your template there are 2 sidebar. The first sidebar is displaying on the large screen and hidden in the small screen. The second sidebar is displaying in small screen and hidden in large screen. The problem is, the RSMonials scroller content is assigning for both sidebars separately. And due to addition of same JavaScript code 2 times, the 2nd one is conflicting and not working correctly. All other modules are simple html content, so you are not facing any issues.

      Our support team may help you to fix this. But for this we need to review the admin panel of your website. So if you wish to proceed please contact our support team:

  2. Hi guys, I installed the module, but I don’t see the front end option to add feedback. (I can only add a new testimonial from back end). Do you know what it can be?

    • This was fixed a long time ago in 2010. You can see RSMonials is listed in Joomla extension Directory (JED). If the issue exists then JED not approves our extension.

  3. Hi is there anyway of categorizing the testimonials so that certain testimonials appear on different pages and users can choose what they are leaving a testimonial for?

  4. Hi,
    rsmonialscroller seems to be not responsive at frontend.
    Is there any code I can add in the field aditional style in backend?

    • It can be possible to make the scroller module responsive by applying some custom CSS code. But the custom code may vary template to template. So if you provide the URL of your website then we can review it and able to give you correct solution.

      • Hi!
        For solve same problem whith mod_rsmonials (responsive)
        fix auto setting width for module from:
        “Module Manager: Module mod_rsmonials”
        in file “mod_rsmonials.php”
        $RSText = ”;
        $RSText = ”;
        (responsive themplate and joomla 3.3)

        • I think you are wanting to submit the following code:

          $RSText = ‘<div id=”rsm1″ style=”width:’.$widthRSM.’px; padding: 0 5px;”>’;

          $RSText = ‘<div id=”rsm1″ style=”width:95%; padding: 0 5px;”>’;

  5. Hi. Great extension. However, I’m not sure why but suddenly I am receiving the following error on all pages, within the component, and also within the module:

    Notice: Undefined index: page in …..\components\com_rsmonials\router.php on line 20

    I have turned off display_errors in my PHP.ini file. Any help would be appreciated.


    • It seems the display_errors are not properly configured to Off and it is still in On state. Please recheck it once. You can also check it from “Joomla Admin” => “System” => “System Information” => “PHP Settings”.

  6. Hi,
    I’m currently useing Version: 1.5.3 on a joomla 1.5.
    I’m rebuilding the site on Joomla 3.x and would like to keep the old testimonials we had. Since we have about 150 testimonials I would like not to retype them manually.
    Is there a way to safely copy them to the new installation?

    Thank You!

    • Unfortunately there is no option in “RSMonials Admin Panel” to export testimonials. However if you have some basic knowledge of database you can export data from database table easily. The database table name is “#__rsmonials”. And “#__” can be any prefix as per your database configuration.

      If you need our assistance to export & import data from old database to new one, you can purchase our premium support. If you wish so, you can contact our support team at

  7. Hi Souvik,

    When using RSMonials with ReCaptcha on a responsive site all is ok until 450px or below when the ReCaptcha form goes all messy. Can you get the ReCaptcha to work ok below 450px? Thanks!

    • Yes, recaptcha currently have some display issues under 480px. That’s why we implemented some additional automatic spam prevention techniques. So please initially do not use recaptcha. There are 95% chance that you will not get any spam comments without recaptcha. If still you receive spam comments please let us know.

  8. I love RSMonials but am having a problem with it doubling the jQuery call on the page with no way to turn it OFF/ON.

    “The dev of this component didn’t plumb in a setting to “turn jQuery OFF/ON”.

    Observations and Underlying Problem (without a doubt I can confirm the following lines of code are being inserted by the RSmonials component.)
    The component is pushing the following through the “jdoc head” call:.

    .RSWS_testi_block { border: 1px solid #dedede; background-color: #FFFFFF;}
    .logo { margin-top:0px; margin-bottom:0px; }

    I love your module and want to continue to be able to use it and tell others but if it no longer will work right with J3.x I will have to find another solution. :(

    I sure hope you can help on this.
    Thank you so much, Alison

    • Actually our component is currently not using jQuery. So it is also not loading jQuery. May be your template or some other extension is loading the jQuery. Please recheck once.

      • Hi,

        This is a great Tetimonial, I install component and modules but not show in front end to add new testimonial only I can add from components.

        Pls tell me how to allow in front end the visitors to add testimonial


        • you need to add one “menu item” of RSMonials. Go to your “menu manager” section and add one new “menu item” by choosing rsmonials as “menu item type”. Then access that new menu from your website front end.

  9. Hi mate,

    I have one problem with your scroller module.

    I want to have the box centered in a module. Found out that it has to be

    rsmsc_scroller {
    margin: auto;

    But I do not have any idea were to add this. I tried bootstrap.css and also the template.css… mybe you can help me?


  10. Hello Souvik,

    Really great extension. Works like a charm!

    In the scroller module, I don’t see an option to add the Testimonial IDs. I would really love to control which IDs are displayed in the scroller. Please help…

    Thanks in advance!

    • Yes, currently the option is not available for scroller module. Thank you for your opinion. We will surely try to implement the same in our next release.

  11. Hi
    I am generally happy with this extension, but I have noticed that when someone leaves a testimonial, I do not get advised of this, should I receive an email or some other form of notification?

  12. Hi there.
    Forgive my ignorance, but do not know how to add the testimonies, I installed the module, but only I get a message saying PERMANENT, not evidence or where I have to do is enter.
    Help please.
    Thank you

  13. Good afternoon.

    I try to install RS Monials component but always generates an error:

    Failed to copy
    JInstaller :: Install: Failed to copy file / home/canilrs/www/tmp/install_53ac6c5f35e31/lang/en-GB.com_rsmonials.ini to / home / canilrs / www / language / en-GB / en-GB.com_rsmonials. ini

    The component installs but the message always appears. When Components> RSMonaisl> Language access another message appears:

    Warning: fopen (/ home / canilrs / www / administrator / / language / en-GB / en-GB.com_rsmonials.ini..) [Function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in / home / canilrs / www / administrator / components / com_rsmonials / admin.rslanguage.php on line 89

    Warning: fwrite (): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in / home / canilrs / www / administrator / components / com_rsmonials / admin.rslanguage.php on line 90

    Warning: fclose (): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in / home / canilrs / www / administrator / components / com_rsmonials / admin.rslanguage.php on line 91

    Warning: fopen (/ home / canilrs / www / administrator / / language / en-GB / en-BR.com_rsmonials.ini..) [Function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in / home / canilrs / www / administrator / components / com_rsmonials / admin.rslanguage.php on line 89

    Warning: fwrite (): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in / home / canilrs / www / administrator / components / com_rsmonials / admin.rslanguage.php on line 90

    Warning: fclose (): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in / home / canilrs / www / administrator / components / com_rsmonials / admin.rslanguage.php on line 91

    And when I edit qruivos language they are blank!

    Can you help me?

    • This seems to be folder permission issue in your Joomla. The language folder permission is not correct. Please change the permission of the following folders to “755” and try again:


  14. Hi,

    Can’t figure out how to set up the RS-Monials Scroller (Module). I have the component which is working properly, but when I publish this module it’s just empty and showing no testimonials. Can’t find any documentation on RS-Monials Scroller module how to set it up?
    Any help appreciated

        • In your case the issue is the “Apostrophe / Single Quote” used in the testimonials. For some words (e.g. I’ve, That’s, I’m) you used the Apostrophe. The HTML code of an Apostrophe is &#39;. You need to use “Right Single Quotation Mark (e.g. ’ [HTML Code: &#8217;])” instead of “Apostrophe (e.g. ' [HTML Code: &#39;])”.

  15. i got few errors on trying to ‘add new testemonial’
    Notice: Undefined index: id in C:\xampp\htdocs\joomla_3_2_parket\administrator\components\com_rsmonials\admin.rstestimonials.php on line 335

    Notice: Undefined variable: row in C:\xampp\htdocs\joomla_3_2_parket\administrator\components\com_rsmonials\admin.rstestimonials.php on line 437

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\joomla_3_2_parket\administrator\components\com_rsmonials\admin.rstestimonials.php on line 437

    joomla 3.2.2
    RSMonials Version 2.2

    thank for great component

    • Set “display_errors” to “Off” in your server’s php.ini file. This settings is also recommended for Joomla installation.

  16. Is there any way to make the scroller module responsive? My joomla template is responsive but when I change the size of my screen the testimonials are not responsive and stay at full size.

  17. Already using it successfully but now I can’t put new testimonial. On Rsmonial page, following error lines are appearing,

    Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /home/mysite/public_html/administrator/components/com_rsmonials/includes/admin.rsfunctions.php on line 14

  18. If you could add a 5 star rating system to the testimonial form fields and a little bit of hacking and you have a full fledged microformatted review feed.

  19. Yes, you are right. Some old coding style is discontinued in PHP 5.4. So, if you are using old installation of Joomla then it is better to use PHP 5.3 or lesser.

    • How can I have the module/component open to show the scrolling testimonials. Currently, the title appears with a plus sign. How can I have it that it automatically opens to the scrolling testimonials?

      Thank you.

      I use Joomla 2.5

    • Hi, my hosting company forced the PHP upgrade to a newer release for all sites, and now RSMonials 1.5.3 on this Joomla 1.5.26 site is full of the “Strict Standards” errors when in the Admin panel. Other than rebuilding the entire site to a newer version of Joomla, are there any other options to fix as I cannot control the PHP server version? Thanks!

      • Please download the latest file from above and use it in your website. As you are in Joomla 1.5. You need to uninstall the old one first and then need to install the new one. Do not worry, you will not loose any old testimonials. But if you changed in any default setting of RSMonials then you need to again set those.

  20. Hi,
    Language problem. Writing testimonials in Russian, but in backend and frontend only characters “???????”. English words – it is ok. Please help me, how to fix it?

  21. Sir, I installed your module testimonials in joomla 1.5 but in the view more button gives 404 not found error please help

    • Please login to Joomla admin panel and go to “Components” => “RSMonials” => “CSS File”. Then edit the respective css file and add the following code:

      div.RSWS_testimonial, div.RSWS_testimonial span { vertical-align:top !important; }

      Then save the file and test your website.

      • Hi,

        Thank you for fast response! I add the div.RSWS_testimonial, .RSWS_testimonial span { vertical-align:top !important; } at the end of the style.css. But it doesn’t work. How can I do?

          • div.RSWS_testimonial, .RSWS_testimonial span { vertical-align:top !important; } is OK for Chrome. But IE and Firefox don’t work well.

        • OK, Please try the following CSS Code instead of previous one:

          div.RSWS_testi_block table, div.RSWS_testi_block tr, div.RSWS_testi_block td, div.RSWS_testimonial, div.RSWS_testimonial span { vertical-align:top !important; }

  22. Hello,

    Every site I install this on, the captcha is easily bypassed and the site gets tons of spam. I’m on Joomla 2.5 and the RS Monials version is 2.0

    • If you are not enabled the ReCaptcha till now, please try to enable it. This may work well in your website. We are also implementing some other spam protection, will release it soon.

  23. Hi Souvik, thats the best i was searching for. But recently im facing problem in module scroller. It doesnt display testimonils, after i refresh many times it restore but i click to other link and return to check it display nothing. Please can you guide me what went wrong? i even installed again but no fate. It was working excellent a week back. Plz i need your help.

  24. Hi, great component. However, I am having trouble with the “search” button when searching the testimonials. It does nothing. Do you have any ideas that I could use to pursue troubleshooting please?


    • As RSMonials do not have any search plugin, the testimonials will not display in the Joomla search. We will surely try to implement a search plugin for RSMonials. Thanks for your opinion.

    • I just check the testimonial page of your website. Also check that on the 8th testimonial you already added one line break and it is also showing. If you need more space, please try to add another link break.

  25. Hi, my site in development (2.5) is in Dutch (default for admin and website). Loaded the dutch ini file on nl-NL language folder. Plugin disabled for Joomla (filter..). However translation of dutch ini file does not show. As usual thank you in advance for your support.

    • Actually the following steps are best so no conflict or problem will come:

      1. Install the component from your Joomla admin panel.
      2. Then access “Components” => “RSMonials” => “Language File”. When the first time you will access this page, the component will automatically create all necessary language file as per your website language configuration.
      3. Then just edit your respective language file as per your needs.

    • Unfortunately we currently do not implement any other spam protection. Will surely implement some other options in next release. Till then we recommend you the following:

      1. Set “Auto Approve” to “false”.
      2. Set “admin_email_alert” to “false”.
      3. Just check your website admin panel for new testimonials once or twice a week. On that time delete all spam testimonials and approve the genuine ones.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.

  26. I installed version 2.0 on my J2.5 site but the option in settings to not display the form is missing.

    I RSMonials installed on a J1.5 site (the 1.5 version) and the option to not display the form is there.

    What happened in the 2.0 version?

    Thanks for a great component

    • In the Joomla 2.5 version this option is moved to the “Menu Parameter Settings”. Please check the parameters in time of adding the menu item. You will get the option.

  27. Hi, I have a joomla 1.5, use rsmonials as it was in the template. I have version 1.5.3 installed and working captcha. But for a couple of weeks I receive much spam.
    Is there any solution?

    • Unfortunately there are no other option currently to prevent spam. We are already planned some other options to get more protection from spam. We will implement those on our next release. But unfortunately we will not release any more version for Joomla 1.5.

    • My version of version 2 is about 2 years old is there an updated version.If so is just uninstall reinstall and are the testimonials safe.

      • Version 2.0 is our last released version. So you already have the latest. But some minor bug fixing was done. So just download the latest file and re-install it in your website. You will not loose any testimonial.

  28. I would love to get this working on joomla 3.x. I have used this on several of my sites running older versions of joomla and found it to be a nice component to display testimonials. Is there any way to make the testimonials display with the stars nest to the testimonials?

  29. Dear Souvik,
    Is it possible to add the testimonials to an existing page?
    I like the formatting used in the omponent but do not know how I can only add the testimonials (without the form) to a page.

    Many thanks for your help

    • Just create one new menu item of RSMonials. In time of creating the menu item check the menu parameter section. You can see there is an option so you can hide the form.

      • Thanks Souvik for your answer. And if I want to add any other content to this page is it possible?
        Ideally I would like to create a product page with on the bottom part of the page the testimonials.
        Many thanks in advance for your reply

        • 1. If you have several module positions available in your Joomla template then you can add any kind of module on those module positions for testimonials page.

          2. You can try to place some other content on the testimonials page using some plugin. But for this you need to test everything working or not.

  30. hello,
    I installed rsmonia on my joomla 2.5 but unfortunately i can not see the submission form for the vistors. what should i do?

  31. Hi.

    I have an information in Control Panel of RS-Monials when I clik on Testimionals Tab and it’s appears:

    Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /homepages/11/d239413781/htdocs/PIFI/administrator/ components/com_rsmonials/admin.rstestimonials.php on line 60

    Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /homepages/11/d239413781/htdocs/PIFI/administrator/ components/com_rsmonials/includes/admin.rsfunctions.php on line 14

    Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /homepages/11/d239413781/htdocs/PIFI/administrator/ components/com_rsmonials/includes/admin.rsfunctions.php on line 14

    Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /homepages/11/d239413781/htdocs/PIFI/administrator/ components/com_rsmonials/includes/admin.rsfunctions.php on line 14

    Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /homepages/11/d239413781/htdocs/PIFI/administrator/ components/com_rsmonials/includes/admin.rsfunctions.php on line 14

    Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /homepages/11/d239413781/htdocs/PIFI/administrator/ components/com_rsmonials/includes/admin.rsfunctions.php on line 14

    Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /homepages/11/d239413781/htdocs/PIFI/administrator/ components/com_rsmonials/includes/admin.rsfunctions.php on line 14

    Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /homepages/11/d239413781/htdocs/PIFI/administrator/ components/com_rsmonials/includes/admin.rsfunctions.php on line 14

    Strict Standards: Only variables should be assigned by reference in /homepages/11/d239413781/htdocs/PIFI/administrator/ components/com_rsmonials/includes/admin.rsfunctions.php on line 14

    Do you know why ???

    • Edit your server’s php.ini file and set the following:

      display_errors = Off

      error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE

  32. Hello.

    Thank you for this great component!
    Can you please tell me how can I manage which fields are mandatory?

    Thank you in advance!

    • If ReCaptcha is already enabled and still you are receiving approx 5 spam per day, then may be some human spammer is spamming in your website.

  33. Thank you for your share aplication, easy to install and profesional template i think. By the way i got trouble about the width colum Send us your comments below to short.

    Could you give me solution for it, my website used joomla 2.5,

    Thank’s for your information


    • 1. Go to “Joomla Admin Panel” => “Components” => “RSMonials” => “CSS File”.

      2. Edit the CSS File and find out the following line of code:

      .RSWS_form_textarea { width:100%; height:150px; }

      3. Change the above line of code to the following:

      .RSWS_form_textarea { width:100% !important; height:150px; }

      4. Save the CSS File.

      5. Clear all type of cache, if any (Joomla Cache + Page Cache + Browser Cache).

      6. Then test your website again.

      • Thank you for your’s work and I’m very happy for your fast response.

        great job.. thank you very much, friendship greeting from Indonesia.

  34. Hello,

    First of all i must say that you did a great job with this extension.
    I have a question, it is posible when you have more pages, the new posts to be publish on the last page (not on the first)?
    For example if i have pages : 1, 2, 3, 4, each one with 15 posts and i add a new post, instead of publish this post on the first page and move the other posts down, publish it on the 5th page.
    I hope i made my self clear.

    I’m looking forward for you answer.

    Bogdan S

  35. I have the need to search testimonials through some words or keywords; I tried to do that via Joomla search module but apparently does not work. I do not know if there is some technique to link the testimonials, to joomla search engine or if I have to obtain a separate module or extension.. .etc.
    Can you help me?

    • Unfortunately the search plugin for RSMonials is currently not implemented yet. We will surely try to add this features in our nest version.

  36. I like your component but to look for a joomla 3.0. I read in one of your comments you are planning a new version to meet joomla 3. Have you any news of when it will be made available for download?

  37. Can I suggest a “Delete all unpublished” button in the backend, so that I can more easily delete all the spam testimonials I am getting even though I am using recaptcha?

  38. I want to install it on the website I am, but why can not you?
    even like this …

    Security Alert

    The file you are uploading was rejected by the server.
    It probably contents viruses or trojans that can damage your website

    Do not attempt to upload it again as your IP address may be blocked.

    Why ?? Please Help….

    • As our RSMonials free version is contains some encrypted code, your server’s security system may be treating it as a security vulnerability. But actually there is no security issue. So to get a solution if it is possible by you to add RSMonials in the safe list in your server’s antivirus program please do that. Otherwise you can purchase a un-encrypted powered by link free copy of RSMonials from our website.

    • Edit the PHP configuration file (i.e. php.ini file) of your server and set the following:

      error_reporting = E_ALL

      display_errors = Off

  39. Hello,

    I can’t change the language into Dutch.
    This is de massage I get:

    Warning: fopen(/home /p13053 /domains /(sitename).nl /public_html /administrator /../language /nl-NL /nl-NL.com_rsmonials.ini) [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home /p13053 /domains /(sitename).nl /public_html /administrator /components /com_rsmonials /admin.rslanguage.php on line 89

    Warning: fwrite(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home /p13053 /domains / /public_html /administrator /components /com_rsmonials /admin.rslanguage.php on line 90

    Warning: fclose(): supplied argument is not a valid stream resource in /home /p13053 /domains /(sitename).nl /public_html /administrator /components /com_rsmonials /admin.rslanguage.php on line 91

    Can you help me?

    • Just do the following and hopefully your problem will solved:

      1. Login to your server using FTP.
      2. Go to “/language/en-GB/”.
      3. Download “en-GB.com_rsmonials.ini” from here first.
      4. Then rename the file to “nl-NL.com_rsmonials.ini”.
      5. Then go to “/language/nl-NL/”.
      6. Then upload the renamed file here and set permission of the file to 644.

      Let us know the status.

  40. Souvik,
    I plan to purchase your RSmonials, before which i have 2 questions

    1. I use a facebook login with gravitar for end users to sign up, if they leave testimonial will it take their display foto which is taking from gravitar ? ( Example : login there with your FB account, and the display image is taken into the profile DB)

    2. Can you help us getting this installed and working on our site too ?


    • 1. Unfortunately our component will not fetch any Joomla login data automatically.

      2. Yes, we can help you to install and integrate it in your website. After purchase please email us along with your website details and we will do the needful for you.

  41. I would like to ask for help on componete rsmonials, I installed the module and component rsmonials the site I’m creating, but it does not show the option for users to submit their testimony in front end.

  42. Hello,
    I have rs monials installed on a joomla 1.5.x site.
    I want to upgrade to joomla 2.5.x so I will install the according version of rsmonials… but what about my current db tables for rs monials? Do I have to manually import the old ones to the new joomla 2.5.x database and they will work normally with the new rsmonials installation?


  43. Also another question. If I am allowing only logged-in users to add testimonials, why have them add their names, emails and specially upload images again ? Can’t the component pick up these details from their account since they are logged-in ? many users don’t want to bother, specially uploading pics again. :)


  44. Hi Souvik,

    Excellent component…..specially the configuration options at the backend….very extensive. Just a question though, where is the css file for the modules ? I want to edit the css of both the modules a bit to fit into my site but can’t find css for them in the main css file.



  45. I have problems with this component see the error that gave the First Page of the site? I await your return … URGENT thank you

    ERROR:Notice: Undefined index:
    page in C:wampwwwcedalcomponentscom_rsmonialsrouter.php on line 20
    Call Stack
    # Time Memory Function Location
    1 0.0013 379752 {main}( ) ..index.php:0
    2 1.0340 10335688 JSite->render( ) ..index.php:48
    3 1.0646 10567624 JDocumentHTML->render( ) ..application.php:271
    4 1.0646 10567624 JDocumentHTML->_renderTemplate( ) ..html.php:433
    5 1.4811 10926464 JDocumentHTML->getBuffer( ) ..html.php:655
    6 1.4812 10926840 JDocumentRendererModules->render( ) ..html.php:371
    7 1.4813 10927480 JDocumentRendererModule->render( ) ..modules.php:39
    8 1.4816 10929232 JModuleHelper::renderModule( ) ..module.php:107
    9 1.4881 10987400 include(
    ‘C:wampwwwcedalmodulesmod_menumod_menu.php’ ) ..helper.php:175
    10 1.4905 11039560 modMenuHelper::getList( ) ..mod_menu.php:15
    11 1.5319 11062096 JRoute::_( ) ..helper.php:111
    12 1.5320 11062096 JRouterSite->build( ) ..methods.php:51
    13 1.5320 11062096 JRouter->build( ) ..router.php:83
    14 1.5324 11063544 JRouterSite->_buildSefRoute( ) ..router.php:205
    15 1.5353 11071520 RSMonialsBuildRoute( )

    • Edit your server’s php.ini file (server configuration file) and set “display_errors” to “Off”. Then test your website and let us know the status.

        • Then you can look in your hosting control panel to find out one section called “PHP Configuration” or similar. From that section you can do it.

          If you do not have permission of that also, then you need to contact your hosting service provider to do the same in your behalf.

          Actually the above options varies from hosting to hosting.

  46. Hi,

    Amazing component! But is the new version still compatible with the old Joomla 1.5.26 version? That would be nice, because of the SEO configuration of the RS monials 1.5.3 version cannot translate the url’s in any friendly format. Is this possible in the new RSMonials version?

    Thnx again for your work.

    Best regards,


    • Version 2.0 is mainly developed to migrate the old version so it will work in Joomla 2.5. All other updates will be implemented in the next versions.

  47. Hi, I’m seeing the following error after publishing rs-monials into a menú.

    Notice: Undefined index: page in /components/com_rsmonials/router.php on line20
    Please advice.

    P.S. Where I can find the spanish translation for this component?

    • Just set “display_errors” to “Off” in your server’s php.ini file.

      You can translate the language files from “Joomla Admin” => “Components” => “RSMonials” => “Language File”.

  48. Hello,
    I download RS-Monials but I have problems during installation… I can install ok both MOD Rs-Monials with and without scroller. But when I try to install the component, I get next errors:
    JFolder::files: La ruta no apunta a un directorio válido o el directorio ha sido eliminado.
    JFolder::folder: La ruta no apunta a un directorio válido o el directorio ha sido eliminado.
    JFolder::files: La ruta no apunta a un directorio válido o el directorio ha sido eliminado.
    ¡Error! No puedo encontrar un archivo de configuración XML para Joomla! en el paquete



  49. I like to purchase the rsmonials extension, but I am having a problem. I donwloaded the version for 1.5 and i have lots of fake testimonials posted everyday… like spam is there any way to fix this problem? it will happen with the purchased version?

    please reply! thank you

    • You are currently using the default Captcha system of RS-Monials. To get much more better spam protection you can activate another captcha system called “Re-Captcha”. This is also available under RSMonials Settings. To activate this Re-Captcha you need to register your website at ” “. Then you can get 2 API Keys (Public & Private). Use these 2 keys to activate Re-Captcha from RS-Monials Settings section.

          • I’ve got a similar problem with SPAM, I’ve had Recaptcha on since the beginning of the website and less than 10% of submissions are legitimate, the rest are spam. I’ve just dropped down to Captcha to see whether that does anything but I will probably have to drop this and build something myself if this doesn’t do it as my client is not happy. It’s odd that this component is targeted since I have the default Joomla contact form with no “protection” and get no spam through there whatsoever.

  50. Hi, Im super excited now that you have (finally) released the compatible version for Joomla! 2.5. one issue though, the component shows the field names. i.e on the submit a testimonial page, we have text like “RSM_FORM_TXT_HEADING” “RSM_FORM_TXT_MANDATORY” and so on.

    Please help fix this as the site is due to launch soon.

    Great job guys!

    • Hi, we think this problem is due to the language file. May be your website have installed language other than “English”. So just do one thing. This may solve the issue.

      1. Login to your Joomla Admin panel.
      2. Go to “Components” => “RSMonials” => “Language File”.

      The above steps will create all necessary missing language files of front-end. Then you can also able to edit all language files from this section.

      • Correction: Our another user informed us the same issue and also provided us the login details of his website. We reviewed his website and find out where the exact problem is. We already implemented the changes in our extension. So we are requesting you to please download the extension once again from our website and re-install it. This will solve the issue.

        If you still face any problem please let us know and we will surely help you.

  51. Dear Souvik.
    From what i read in these comments, there are many people wanting an update of RSMonials. Well, on behald of my clients i want to express the same intrest. As i have seen that you have updated other of your extensions… Any news on the issue (update of the RSMonials ext to 1.6/1.7/2.5) ? Hoping to hear from you.

  52. Hi,
    Any news when the 2.5 Version will become available? My websites are now running 2.5, and I have to keep 1.5 running parallel just so people can view and give testimonials. Your component is just far superior to any other one, but unfortunately it’s not available yet. I’ve been checking everyday since March, do you have any timeframe? The last one didn’t seem to make it.

      • Unfortunately it will take some more time to release. As our team size is small and as we are currently devoted to some critical projects we are just not getting enough time to proceed with the upgrade. We are very sorry. We know several users of RSMonials like you expecting it and we will surely try our best to make some time quickly so we can finish it.

    • Hey, have you guys completed the RSMonials for Joomla 1.7/2.5. It has been a long time and the world greatly needs it. Any new updates on the development? Do you guys need help with it? I am sure that some of us might step up to the plate to just get the darn thing updated. :-)

      • we are very sorry, but unfortunately we are still not able to finish the process. We are working on it. As we are already started to upgrade our extensions, we are expecting by end of March we can able to release the new version of RS-Monials. Please be patience and give us the necessary time.


  53. “Souvik Says:
    September 12, 2011 at 11:13 AM
    We are working on it. As we have limited resource, it may take some time. But we will surely release it. We are expecting we will finish it within 2 months.”

    It’s been over 2 months now, are you ready with the release for Joomla 1.7 / 2.5??

    Hope to see it soon!



    • Hi Patrick,

      We are very sorry for the delay. As you know we have a small web development team and due to our current work pressure we are unable to complete RSMonials migration in recent days. Buy we are working hard so we can finish it quickly. We are not sure about date but we will surely try our best to release it ASAP.


  54. Fatal error: Call to a member function getCfg() on a non-object in /home3/…/administrator/components/com_rsmonials/admin.rstestimonials.php on line 51

    • Please email our support team along with your Paypal email address. They will help you on this. Our support email address is support[@]rswebsols[.]com

  55. Do you guys have the RSMonials for Joomla 1.6 and 1.7 yet? Man you guys are taking a long time. When will it be released as you guys have the best testimonial system out there. Please, please, please hurry.

  56. Hi again,

    All sorted,, the download link took quite a while to come through but it’s been downloaded now.. thanks anyway :).


    Jay @ white noise

  57. i would like to post my .htacess file for fixing my redirect problem… i am not developer and i have no idea how to fix it…can i just post the .htaccess file here for help!

  58. I am having trouble with rsmonial component and IE , it works fine with the firefox and google chrome, but it isn’t with the IE…does anybody know why and how to fix it….my website is if you would like to check

  59. the rsmonial component is really great (feel, look, and functionality).
    Can you please add a USER RATING to be shown as 5 stars below the picture of the user!!
    one field to be added to the form with the rating also (if possible) to be shown as stars and when you hover with the mouse it gets colored orange and the user can just click on any star of the 5 to rate the service!!
    thanks for the great work..

    • As per your comment, we are guessing that “RSMonials Scroller module” and “VM Add cart module” may be conflicting with each other. We can try to solve this issue. But for this you need to email the URL to our support team at support[@]rswebsols[.]com