Top 11 Digital Marketing Tools in 2021

We, digital marketers, depend on various marketing and automation tools for our day-to-day tasks. Having the right tools in our arsenal is vital for our as well as our client’s growth. Some tools have been in the market for years, while some are still new but making the noise in the market.

In today’s time, digital marketing is not only collecting leads, doing SEO, or running ads; it is way more than that. And you need different tools for different tasks such as e-mail marketing, social media marketing, SEO, SMM, and funnels. And as digital marketing becomes more complex, the more.

The majority of digital marketers (especially newbies) stay confused about choosing the right tools. So, to help you save your time and money and make your marketing efforts more fruitful, we have prepared this list of top-notch digital marketing. We have covered all the vital tools for each essential task in the digital marketing area.

Here are the top 11 digital marketing tools!


1. HubSpot Marketing


HubSpot has an arsenal of digital marketing tools for your digital business. And the cherry on the cake is that most of the tools are available for free. Using HubSpot, you can set up popup forms, live chatbots, and much to capture leads and directly link them to your Email service provider to automate email campaigns.

HubSpot is actually famous as a CRM tool (that too is available for free) that lets you pipe all your customer data in one place and analyze that data to make much better customer relations and keep an eye on what your team is doing with the collected leads.

The paid version of this tool is unbelievably powerful. You can do everything from marketing automation to tracking your emails to handling your content and social media. It is a one-stop solution for all your marketing needs.

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2. Ahrefs


SEO is one of the most critical components of any digital marketing campaign. Ahrefs is the number one tool when it comes to overall SEO. Ahrefs is like a suite that offers multiple tools for multiple purposes.

With Ahrefs, you can analyze your website and see where it stands compared to your competitors (Actually, with Ahrefs, you can analyze any website out there, don’t you think it’s like a cheat code for digital marketers). This tool can give you advanced digital marketing metrics (about you as well as your competitor) that are nearly impossible to obtain on your own.

From tracking your google rankings, analyzing your or your competitor’s website, exploring different keywords, finding linking opportunities, to even auditing your content strength, it has everything you need.

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WASK is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that allows you to manage all of your digital advertising accounts from a single platform. Users can immediately begin designing, creating, managing, and optimizing their ads after connecting their ad accounts to WASK. WASK’s features are Autopilot, Scheduler, A/B Test, AI-based Targeting, Performance Comparison to optimize and automate the ads. Also, it has a design tool as a plus that enables you to design ads. With these tools and many more features, digital marketing processes become very easy.

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4. Brand24


Brand24 is basically an online reputation management tool. It uses artificial intelligence to help you protect your brand image on the Internet and allows you to build strong relationships with your customers.

Brand24 keeps an eye on all the online mentions that contain your keyword. You can monitor everything from brand mentions to your hashtag performances to even your positions all over the Internet.

This tool is the key to understand what customers think and feel about your brand, products, and campaigns on the Internet.

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5. ClickFunnels


Do you think it’s possible to sell anything digitally without landing pages? Obviously not! Well, the days for basic landing pages are gone; these days, if you want higher conversions, you have to build funnels. And ClickFunnels is the market champ when it comes to creating funnels.

With ClickFunnels, you can make hundreds of different types of funnels to collect emails/make sales, send messages to the leads, and link your click funnel with your email provider to set email sequences.

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This amazing digital marketing tool can help you design visuals and edit videos for your advertisements for different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

Promo allows you to create videos from photos, make covers for videos, manage social media calendars, resize images, and a lot more.

This tool comes with tons of ready-made templates and has dedicated templates and stocks for many different industries, including real estate, travel, and e-commerce.



7. Zapier


What if I tell you there is a tool that can automate most of your digital marketing work? Well, that magical tool is Zapier. Zapier is an automation tool that lets you create automatic workflows within a few clicks. With the help of Zapier, you can automate all the repetitive tasks so that you can focus on more critical tasks.

For example- You can interconnect a “Google Sheet” to your ClickFunnels sales page and create a workflow that will keep updating the names and emails in google sheet as users will fill up their details on the sales page. Isn’t it amazing?

And the best part is that you can integrate Zapier with more than 3000+ apps and tools.

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8. Agorapulse


Guess who is the king when it comes to PR and social media management? Yes, It’s Agorapulse. Agorapulse allows you to take your social media to the next level by providing you unbelievably powerful features. It is a one-stop solution for everything you need to dominate social media.

My favorite feature is its unified inbox which lets you efficiently manage all your messages, comments, and discussions (from all platforms) from one dashboard. It also allows you to plan and schedule your posts for all the connected platforms.

On top of that, you can also check your insights and engagement reports directly from Agorapulse. As a matter of fact, Agorapulse has transformed our ability to connect and follow up with the audience.

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9. Google Analytics


Well, I don’t think there would be anyone who would not have heard about Google Analytics. Google itself offers a bunch of free digital marketing tools to help digital marketers master their craft and deliver the best results. It is one such powerful tool that helps us to understand your website visitors and their data.

Google Analytics uncorks your visitors’ demographics, such as their location, age, gender, or the device they use. It allows you to understand your traffic sources and how your website visitors behave after landing on your website and track the keywords you are getting traffic from.

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10. Sendinblue


E-mail is one of the most critical aspects of digital marketing that you cannot even think of forgetting. There are tons of email marketing solutions available in the market, but they stand nowhere near Sendinblue.

Sendinblue offers an end-to-end automated email marketing solution for every business. That means you can use Sendinblue even if you are just a startup.

Sendinblue has a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to customize your emails, landing pages, sign-up forms, and create different automated email sequences. With all this, you can supercharge your e-mail marketing and cultivate a huge email list.

However, it also has some more powerful marketing features such as Facebook and retargeted ads, but they are only for businesses that have the fortune to invest in e-mail marketing.

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11. Canva


It is your one-stop solution for everything related to graphic design. Canva makes graphic designing a piece of cake with a drag and drop interface. Canva has thousands (if not lakhs) of ready-to-edit templates for almost every industry. This tool has a horde of features that are so easy to use that even a kid or a rookie can create amazing graphics from it.

You can create anything from brochures, flyers, posters, invitations, calendars, social media graphics, logos, infographics, presentations, cards, labels, to even videos and menus.

And now Canva has also introduced scheduling tools with which you can schedule your social media graphic right after editing them from one place.

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Does having these digital marketing tools really make a difference?


Obviously, it does! All these tools mentioned above will make your work seamlessly easy yet effective and save you a lot of money.

There are lakhs of thousands of people on the Internet who are interested in your product, and as a company or a brand, you have to reach as many people as possible. And having the right tools will make this process very smooth.

Believe me; these digital marketing tools are a blessing in every digital marketer’s life!

We tried our best to cover all the essential tools (though we could have created a list covering each and every tool available in the market, that would just be a waste of time, so we have only mentioned the ones that are best in the competition); so, you can deliver the best results with the help of these tools.

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Digital marketing tools – wrap up


I hope this list of the top 11 digital marketing tools will facilitate your work as a digital marketer and help you achieve the results you have always dreamt of. But again, having these tools is only useful when you will put on the work. And yeah! We know that the digital marketing space keeps evolving very quickly. So, you think there is any new tool in the market that should be on this list, then please leave a comment below.

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