How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2019? All You Need to Know!

Digital Marketing is one of the continually changing business phenomena that are difficult to master, and even more difficult to efficiently optimize. Digital marketing trends of 2018 brought along new changes in algorithms, smarter marketing techniques, and more interactive marketing strategies that relied on branching out and encouraging reader interaction. 2019 has just started and is bringing new and improved digital marketing techniques that can improve SEO rankings, promote and increase reader interaction, and expand outreach manifold. These new techniques are not designed to be easy, so if you own a blog or a website, get ready to start optimizing your content in the following ways to improve the rankings in search engines.

Here are the main ways in which digital marketing will change in 2019.

1. Voice search is your best friend


According to Search Engine Land, a news channel dedicated to searching engine technology,

“SEO is now moving on to voice search, which means that most people use voice search on their mobiles and laptops, or use devices like Alexa or Google Home etc. to access the internet and conduct their searches. The statistical analysis predicts that in 2020, almost half of all searches done via search engines will be done through voice search.” 

This most likely means that these search engines will give them the answers to their queries, which might lessen readers coming on to the webpage and reading it to get to the information needed.

However, while this may sound like a bad thing, it isn’t! With very few people their content with these new digital marketing trends in mind, if you start to optimize your content right now, the chances are that you will gain the most traffic out of your niche. An excellent tip to keep in mind while doing this is to make sure that your content is conversational, and caters to question phrases or has question phrases included. This is because most people using voice search ask queries to the AI-powered virtual assistants. Tools like Answer the Public are quite useful in figuring out what sort of questions users might ask for different topics and niches.

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2. Using multiple channels


Google does about 12 updates on average per year, which is a lot of updates to keep track of. Using just one avenue to improve the traffic to your website, i.e. just focusing on SEO through Google updates is not the best way to grow a business. This might have worked a few years ago, but times have since changed, and the competition for search engine rankings is a lot fiercer.

Head of Digital marketing at VM Interactive, Mark Stevens says,

“It is imperative that business and website owners leverage all sorts of channels from paid ads and social media, to content marketing and email marketing; all in conjunction with SEO. If all of these steps are done simultaneously, then the chances for your digital marketing strategy to become more fruitful are also much higher.’’

3. Use newer and less saturated platforms


Using Google to get to the top can often be a long and tiresome process. This is because websites and blogs are already extremely saturated and there is a lot of competition in those areas. However, less frequented and relatively newer platforms such as YouTube and iTunes etc. have a much higher chance of increasing your search engine rankings, and also ensuring that your content is at the top on these two platforms.

This does not mean that blogging and SEO on your website are not necessary. However, content on YouTube and iTunes in conjunction with the high-quality blog and web content makes for higher chances of your content coming up at the top on search rankings not only on Google but also on YouTube and iTunes. These platforms do not need a lot of investment either. All you need is a little hard work, and some dedicated time to invest in the content you upload onto these platforms.

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Pro tip:


Apart from doing these 3 and keeping them in mind almost religiously, always remember the number 1 tip: update your old content regularly! Google lives for content and bases your search ranking on its relevance. Make sure to invest a substantial chunk of your time in updating old content, link into your new content, and ensuring that your content does not become irrelevant as time goes on.

These three main new trends can make or break it for content creators and website owners in the digital marketing world. If your digital media strategy adapts to these new trends, your content will beat out any competition in no time.

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