Why Custom Kiosks Are Gaining Popularity in 2017

As companies look to grow and technology continues to evolve, kicks are beginning to take off like never before. As the uses of kiosks continue to gain popularity more and more companies are also starting to use it as a way to increase revenue. By placing kiosks in random yet strategic places, you are creating more opportunities for your customers to interact directly with your brand and or service.

While many businesses are beginning to research more in depth on how having kiosks in their business will help their businesses, there are still several brands that I have no idea why kiosks are popular or what benefit they offer. Here are just a few ways in which why custom kiosks continue to gain popularity.

It Improves the Buying Experience

It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, there is nothing like having a comprehensive buying experience. Having a kiosk in your store that is easily accessible can provide your customers with detailed information about your products and services. Not only do these interactive kiosks, help save the client’s time, but it also helps simplify the buying experience not only for your customers but your customer service representatives.

It Increases Customer Base

Customer Client Relationship

Let’s face it; many customers don’t like to be bothered when they first come into your place of business. This is primarily because most customers come into a store with the intent to make a particular purchase and if you take them off of that course, they may become agitated. This is really why kiosks can be extremely pivotal to increasing your customer base.

 According to Mr. Frank Olea, the CEO and Co-Owner of Olea Kiosks Inc., “If a new customer comes in your store and knows what they are looking for but doesn’t know where to find it, he or she can quickly stop by the kiosk to determine easily where to find the product and also how to find other products like it.”

Increases Technological Comprehension

In addition to increasing the sales for your business, having sales kiosks also increases your businesses technological comprehension. As your company, as well as technology, begins to evolve it’s important that you effectively build up a team that is versed in technology. This not only helps your team grow from a development prospect but it will also show your customers that you care about the importance of continuing to be innovative in order to meet them in the world they’re in.

It Substantially Lowers Business Cost


When a company uses a retail Kiosk strategy, they are able to reduce their cost of services. This is mainly because if kiosks provide enough information to the consumer, it eliminates having to ask sales professionals a plethora of questions about the product. By eliminating the need for asking questions, sales professionals can now focus their time on increasing revenue for the company as oppose to having to worry about meeting or fulfilling the customer’s needs.

Increases Job Satisfaction


Job satisfaction or lack of job satisfaction is a key reason why many employers decide to leave or stay within a company. Having kiosks within your business has been known to substantially increases job satisfaction simply because kiosks are able to handle customer inquiries and allows employees actually to focus on the tasks they were hired to do. This, in turn, helps companies focus on more sales generation practices vs. spending time in areas that may or may not be beneficial to your business and every employer knows that if your employee is happy with the business, everyone is happy.

Final Words


While these are just a few reasons why kiosks continue to shape a plethora of industries, there are still a variety of other benefits your business can receive from using kiosks.  In today’s technology age it has become more and more important to use technology to better connect with your customer base. In fact, studies show that if your company utilizes kiosks, you have an increased chance of increasing profits.

Does your company utilize kiosks, if so what has been your customer’s response? In what ways do you feel that having them in your business could be beneficial? Leave your comments below and share your thoughts on the evolving kiosk industry.

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