6 Ways of Improving Productivity Level in Your Workplace

Every minute of our lives is gold and should be treated as such. The hours which you spend, and the things you do at home and work should particularly matter to you. When it comes to working, the number of hours spent counts. But not as much as the attitude displayed at the time. Working a lazy 24 hours is not going to put millions into your bank account but working smart can.

Working smart and being productive is not a façade, neither is it a fairy tale or something that is unachievable. You could consider working smart today and turn out being productive at different levels when it concerns your job.

In this article, we will expose ways that you can improve your levels of productivity when at work.

Be Proactive


According to Peter Daisyme, you should,

“set aside time for responding to emails, but do not let them run your day”.

Allowing incoming calls and emails to detect how you spend and manage your time can be a great starting point. But more productivity requires having a plan of attack at the start of each day. And work smart to accomplish them.

Quit Multitasking


Better productivity does not necessarily mean loading yourself with many tasks and barely completing them. Most of the time this will lead to a loss of time and productivity. Alternatively, take up one task, be sure to complete it to the best of your ability. Then you can move on to something else.

By this, you can make achievements that count for you. And you not always have a list of tasks waiting to be completed.

Have The Right Team


The people you surround yourself with affect your level of productivity at work too. Take note of those coworkers that will always want to strike up casual conversations during work hours and would always turn down or discourage your ideas. Surround yourself with people that understand your vision and are willing and ready to work with you to make things work.

Set your goals and aspirations in clear and understandable terms. Those working with you can know where you are going and can work towards achieving them. Be sure that all accomplishments are acknowledged and failures to meet targets are addressed in a manner that spurs up your employees to push towards more productivity.

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Take Appropriate Breaks


Yielding high productivity is not measured by the hours you sit at your desk. It is measured by the things that you can get done without putting your health on the line. The brightest of ideas come when you are relaxed and not in a hurry or in a stressed state rushing to meet up deadlines and all. At this stage, you tend to make mistakes you normally would not have. Things you could do to the best of your abilities and they would come out looking fabulous and getting applauses could come out full of mistakes when you are in a rush and stressed state.

Take your time, if you have many tasks on your hands, start up on time, when you are still calm. When you feel stressed, and things are not just falling into place anymore you should be sure to take a break, maybe a cup of coffee, a walk around your office.

You should allow yourself some nice things to look at, and then you go back to work. You may not be productive enough when working under pressure, so be sure to give yourself a break.

Eliminate Any Distractions


Distractions could range from constant phone calls to emails and chat notifications that keep popping up on your phone. They can also come in the form of co-workers that always want to stop by for a bit of a chat.

Except the fact that your job requires you being online, you could either put your phone on a silent or vibrate mode to help you concentrate a lot better. As for your co-workers that keep coming in for a chat, you could shut the door of your office or let them know they could chat you up later. Disable the email notifications on your phone so that you could look at them at a more convenient time.

Have A Tidy Office


Management over the years has evolved and gone past the stage of piling up documents on your desk with the risk of having them flying all over the place. Having a good filing system helps you keep track and manage your past and present accomplishments. Records of business deals, transactions should be managed properly and with utmost care, as it helps you get all the information you need at the right time too.

Organizing your files and keeping your office tidy involves you creating folders, grouping them into various categories, e.g. all the files that include business transactions in the year 2016 should be arranged appropriately. If you run a marketing company, group the sales differently and the purchases under another category too for easy location when needed.

Therefore to have a properly arranged filing system, you need a good filing cabinet that would help with the grouping of files. There are various filing cabinets in the market designed to fit into the modern office, complementing it with a great sense of style, class, and quality filing system.

The use of a good filing cabinet will provide you with an excellent assistant as to helping you yield more productivity without occupying office space, and will help you maintain a clean and tidy environment which also is essential in yielding more productivity.

Final Words

mproving the Productivity Level in the Workplace - conclusion

Finally, it is not worth it to start up stuff you are will not make the most of or be your best. If you are going to be a good employer or employee, then it is time you stopped looking at things that are not necessary for the growth of your company and start looking at the things that would get you and your business to the pyramid of success.

It all begins with you and your attitude towards work, how you can cope and manage the work stress, stay healthy and work better to yield more productivity. This article is just to help you with a few guidelines to start up the process, and I believe with this you are already on your way to attaining a high level of productivity at work.

This article is written by Adam Robertson. He is a professional in the office furnishings industry. He works for Allard Office Furniture, an office furniture company which has 18 years of shared experience in office desks, chairs, supplies, and accessories.

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