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Either self design or hire professional web designers, but CSS tools for web designing are the most widely used in the process of web designing. Usually there are two core technologies that are used for the purpose for designing websites; they are known as HTML i.e. The Hypertext Markup Language and CSS i.e. Cascading Style Sheets. Most of the web pages that an average internet user encounters while web browsing are built up using either of the two technologies or it may be a combination of many web designing technologies. The HTML language provides for the basic structure of the web page and CSS is the visual and aural layout of the website. With profound additions using graphics, scripting, audio/videos, etc. the HTML and CSS form the basis of building most of the websites and web applications. Thus, they also form the elementary part of training for the web developers and designers, because all other web development tools and techniques work only on the base created using these two core elements.

Basic Concepts Related to the CSS Web Designing Technology

CSS is an extension to basic HTML that allows users to style their web pages. The codes used for style change of the text and images would differ in HTML and the CSS. The standard involves complicated combinations of codes to perform each and every action of modification in the web page. The initial codes used in the beginning will appear to be working very well in HTML, but as more features and styles are added to the same content then it requires tedious actions to be performed and the web developers have to go to every spot in the page to make the necessary additions and changes in the tag. During the process of evolution when the users try to add various features to make their website appear eye-catching then it would involve many combinations of codes wrapped around the text. Due to this the main text may get so intermingled within the codes that while modifying the codes at some later point of time then the whole code and text gets shuffled leading to a time consuming fiasco. This reduced the HTML codes merely to a verbose and contributed in making it messy.

As a result of the shortcomings in the HTML features CSS was developed and gained momentum due to the innovative approach that was applied to create this language which could better serve for the changing needs of the people. It is a language used for describing the web pages in the form of presentations including its colors, layout, and fonts. It is capable adapting well with other devices and language other than HTML and brings out brilliant results for the users. The presentations of CSS can be made for different types of devices with different screen sizes including scanners and printers. It is so because the CSS is independent of HTML and it can be used for pairing up with any other XML-based markup language also. The idea of keeping CSS independent of the HTML proved to be of much worth as this made it possible for the web developers to merge CSS with other languages to create unique web designs. This makes it easier to maintain sites in a better way and share style sheets across pages. It also facilitated the custom made pages and provided for tailoring them to different environments. This practice is referred to, as the separation technique of structure and content from the entire presentation.

Various Advantages and Other Connotations about CSS Technique

CSS serves as an encompassing base to create custom style websites by setting its properties to give a unique name and tag to the HTML and apply the so created stylistic properties. Unlike the single framed usage of web development during the beginning of the web development now it has gained huge importance and rampant usage. There are many instance when the web developers needs to apply same styles to many different pages then copying the bulky HTML based codes will be tiresome and clutter up the pages. Besides this in case of change to be infused in the content appearing on different pages, each and every code has to be edited individually to bring about the change. Due to all this, now with the development of other advanced languages like JavaScript the CSS styles can be clubbed and linked to the desired web page with much ease.

Various new methods in CSS have been developed which allow a number of complex graphics to be created without using images and purely with CSS, as it is known for creating image-less presentations and illustrations. A perfectly blended combination of borders, transformations and gradients can make for excellent graphics. The following points further illustrate the usage of the CSS techniques.

  • Generate colorful gradients – With the use of multiple colors and tools smooth color changing effects can be created with a pinch of subtle transparency. This combination creates images and picture like formations.
  • Manage border radius – With the easy to use and time saving tools all the borders can be selected and changed at the same time to create multiple effects.
  • Add noise texture – The subtle background patterns clubbed with basic sounds can be lead to an interesting creation.
  • Box shadow effect – All the features and changes made to be CSS patterns will drop a shadow at one place leading to the formation of graphics.
So, after understanding all the tools and techniques of the CSS web design, one can easily create a CSS based web design by referring to the various tutorials, which are easily available online or seeking professional help of web programmers.

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