Create Highly Converting Mobile eCommerce Website Using Magento

Today, the growth of online retail continues to increase. It might even seem that new online stores and retail portals are opening up all the time, even to a point where they are beating traditional stores in the amount of business they conduct. For this to be achieved, an online retailer demands a stable eCommerce solution and an eCommerce website performance optimization which will allow the influx of customers and their successful transactions.

In this field, Magento represents an eCommerce platform specially designed for online retailers. With it, users have a significantly better chance of bringing customers in, especially in the area of mobile eCommerce sales because much of online shopping today gets done via mobile devices. Conversion of these visitors is crucial for its success to any online retailer. For this to happen, here are 5 tips on how a highly converting website, focus on mobile eCommerce can be created with the help of Magento.


Magento On-Site Search

Create Highly Converting Mobile eCommerce Website Using Magento 01Many forms of user experiences are tightly connected to the search function and how well does it do its job. The same is especially true for an eCommerce website, where visitors who employ the local on-site search have a substantially higher rate of conversion. Magento is a great choice for a powerful on-site search because it can create redirects for common search terms, assign a weight to specific search terms and enable filtering of search results. With a strong mobile support, the same platform can do wonders for any retailer’s mobile eCommerce conversion rates.

Compelling CTA’s using Magento

Create Highly Converting Mobile eCommerce Website Using Magento 02The purpose of an eCommerce website is to generate money and not to feature a beautiful design or visual grandeur. This is why every eCommerce page has to have a clear and potent call to action which either encourage visitors to buy something or explore the website further. With Magento, many different and strong calls to action can be produced. These include banners, buttons for the cart and the checkout options and other options which are all equally available in the Magento templates. These features are valuable because many old-fashioned templates do not work well on mobile devices. Instead, by using Magento possibilities, mobile eCommerce conversion can be underlined by a constant presence of call to action on the retail website.

Performance and Speed

Create Highly Converting Mobile eCommerce Website Using Magento 03While Magento might be the platform of choice for many eCommerce websites, some find potential issues when their website starts to grow and the platform slows down a bit. This does not have to be the case. Using full page caching, enabling Memcached chasing system, making sure that indexes are up to date, cleaning the database and disabling Magento compiler, anyone can make sure that their platform continues to work in a speedy manner. A faster eCommerce website can expect to make more, especially in the area of always dynamic mobile eCommerce sales.

Build Mobile friendly Website

Create Highly Converting Mobile eCommerce Website Using Magento 04Magento will not produce many headaches when it comes to making sure that a portal is mobile-friendly. By using a responsive theme that is completely open to mobile access, an online retailer can make sure that a store is equally usable by both computer and mobile device users. At the same time, the very customizable Magento platform will also allow for making native Android or iOS mobile device applications. Both options will make a huge impact on mobile eCommerce conversion rates.

Optimize for Search Engines

Create Highly Converting Mobile eCommerce Website Using Magento 05Magento, like any other website platform, offers the prospect of search engine optimization. Most important of these can be completed very fast and they include removing the index.php from the website’s URLs, opening the website to crawlers and using the potential of all images on the website by producing detailed labels and descriptions for them. Magento is especially welcoming to Google search, so any online store that uses it should make a Google Sitemap and also enable Google Analytics. These steps will go a long way for making a retailer optimized for the search engines, which will definitely bring about bigger conversion rates.

Final Words:

With these tips, everyone can make an eCommerce website that provides its owners with a high conversion of visitors, especially those who use mobile devices. By understanding that these devices are the future, the same online retailer can continue to grow and expand in the times up ahead.

This article is written by Brian Taylor. He is the Vice President at Forix, a web development company based in Portand, Oregon. As an expert Magento Developer, Forix now extends it services to clients across Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. Get in touch with Brian through Google+ or LinkedIn.

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