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Introduction (Create a Website): Staying true to the ‘To each his own’ idiom, we all have different aspirations with our blogs or websites. While some are running a blog to earn a second income through ads, there are individuals as well as small and big scale business who wish their website to rise and leap into the sky as it represents an online face of their business. Whatsoever be your goals, there are basic web development tips to be taken into account to create a website:

Pay Heed to Minimalism :: Tip #1 to Create a Website

Create a Website 01That doesn’t imply that you must stay away from using colors and add gray tones all over your website, but bathing your web pages with colors and fancy designs will make it give out a callow vibe. The layout should be polished and look professional so that it sends out a refined image for your brand. The design has to be anchored by pitch-perfect strategies that leave enough scope for you to communicate with your client through the website visuals.

Clutter-Free :: Tip #2 to Create a Website

Create a Website 02Now, we all want our blog or website to be shatteringly awesome, and there is an increasing tendency to stuff it up with a whole bevy of design elements, plugins and modules. Whilst, some of those plugins might work out great for the overall functionality, the excess of them are only going to crowd your blog with stuff that’s not easy on the eyes of an average visitor.

Be More Receptive to Google Algorithms :: Tip #3 to Create a Website

Create a Website 03You might be the connoisseur of online marketing, which apparently drives huge traffic to your site, but at the end of the day, to get your site’s traffic hit the top gear, you need Google and other search engines to index your pages and propel some organic visits. Not only would that multiply the amount of traffic, the popularity in search engines will have a considerable impact on the page rank of your site.

The higher the page rank, better is your reputation online. And if you are banking on ads to generate revenue for you through your site, the page rank will convince the brands that placing their product ads on your site will bring in some relevant customers. All the sermon aside, how do you ensure high traffic from search engines? Well, SEO is arguably the most rewarding practice. Hire SEO professionals who know all the tricks of the trade and are skilled enough to help search engine crawlers point out your web pages whenever the relevant keywords are searched.

Apart from hiring outside help, blogging platforms like WordPress have specially designed plugins that make the task of optimizing your website for search engines a seamless task. You can add Meta tags and Meta descriptions yourself in the boxes provided in the dashboard. Then again, you have to steer clear of the temptation of using too many keywords in the posts.

Facilitate Easy Navigation :: Tip #4 to Create a Website

Create a Website 04Visitors hate to restlessly roam around. Don’t make them look for paths to reach a certain page or category. Make sure everything that matters is above the fold to see and click. You can go back to not cluttering your website with way too much, but the basic categories and menus should be there on the front web page. At the same time, make sure you do not add too many categories and too long menus.

Valuable and Original Content :: Tip #5 to Create a Website

Create a Website 05Now, this should have gone without saying, but looking at the number of websites that pay no heed to the fact that they need to shun plagiarized content, we keep repeating the same thing time and again. Irrespective of the domain your website belongs to, the content on it must be original and of great value to the readers.

From design to content and everything in between, it all boils down to your approach when it comes to giving your website a character. Ensuring rectitude at the very fiber of the website, the raves would be heard all over the web world.

This article is written by Maria. She is a skilled PHP programmer with an experience of 7 years in PHP frameworks. She works for Xicom Technologies Ltd, a trusted brand in offshore PHP development Services.

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