How Cloud Computing is Improving the Healthcare Industry

We are living in an era where everything is managed and controlled by the technology. Today, there is hardly any sector which has not adopted the services of modern technology such as cloud computing. There are several industries which have benefitted from the applications of cloud computing both direct and indirect way. But when it comes to the healthcare industry, the contribution of the cloud is very crucial as it helps to save the lives of many people every day. Here are some of the areas in the healthcare industry where cloud computing has a vital role to play:

Access to critical information:

The cloud infrastructure is allowing scientists and doctors to access detailed information of patients from any location. Today, there are several devices that allowed medical personnel to use cloud computing to collect historical data of the patient from different sources within a quick span of time. This process has helped to curtail the time required for the initial diagnosis of the patient so that doctors can make an informed decision at the right time.

Data storage:

Cloud made it possible for healthcare service providers to store any amount of data at a nominal cost. It has not only gathered the extensive data in a well-organized manner but also kept it safe. Keeping healthcare data in such a systematic manner was not possible before but cloud services have made it possible for medical professionals.

Cloud Computing

Healthcare services for remote locations:

It is found that the patient having chronic disease has to bear a lot of expenses when compared to acute illnesses. As a patient suffering from the chronic disease has to be kept under the constant supervision of medical personnel. Today, doctors can use mobile devices linked to the cloud to monitor the state of patients in remote areas and keep an eye on them.

As Manoj Verma, the Founder & CEO of Adroit Infosystems explained his thoughts in his recent interview, “Virtual care and telehealth are some of the effective solutions where cloud plays a crucial role to accelerate the treatment for patients. Most of the countries are even modifying their laws in order to adopt these solutions in their healthcare system.”

Research and development:

As scientists can share their research with medical professional using multiple servers, it helps them to take quick feedback on their invention. This also allows them to make amendments to their research as less time is wasted on product testing and taking an opinion on it. Eventually, it helped doctors to find out perfect remedies for diseases so they can cure the patient much faster.

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Regulating supply chain:

Selling expired or duplicate medicines are some of the issues which can be only controlled by the regulating supply chain. Through cloud computing, companies have found a right solution to monitor supply chain in real time and keeping a check on fraudulent activities.


Adherence to medication:

It is found that patients who are not sticking to the drugs and treatment prescribed by their doctors have to eventually re-admit in hospitals that lead to loss of money and time. Cloud services have helped patients to get constant reminders of their drug regimen so that they can follow it without any fail.

Increase in resource efficiency:

Today, the healthcare industry has been witnessing a constant rise in the costs of medical treatment. Though it is one of the hot topics discussed by government officials, there is hardly any solid solution implanted in the system. Lack of efficiency in using resources like health equipment and medical staff is a key reason behind escalating the cost of medical treatments. Cloud computing has given a sigh of relief for healthcare providers, by installing artificial intelligence in the system. With modern technology is in place, people who are part of the healthcare community are more accountable for their actions which eventually influenced their performance and way of dealing with patients.

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Final Words:

How Cloud Computing is Improving the Healthcare Industry - Final Words

Data privacy and unauthorized access to sensitive information of patients are some of the few challenges affecting the confidence of healthcare personnel on cloud services. The problem is comprehended by the experts at the right time and they are taking proper actions to overcome those challenges.

Taking into consideration all the vital contribution of cloud computing towards healthcare, recently strong regulations have been imposed which has transformed the industry to whole new level. On the virtue of these measures, cloud computing is becoming a very lucrative solution to deal with the critical problems involved in the healthcare industry.

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