How to Choose and Place the Right Keywords on your Blog

One of the most important factors to be considered when adding your information to your website or blog is choosing the right keywords or phrases for your niche. You have to make sure that you have enough of them so that the Google and other search engines can know that what your content is about, but at the same time, these keywords should not be in too much amount or overstuffed as Google penalizes these sites or blogs. You have to use just a right amount of keywords or phrases for each page and each page has to be unique for specific keywords.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plays an important part in the success of website and the way you utilize your keywords is a great factor that contributes to the success of website. It becomes essential if you depend only on search engine techniques and that too in a natural way to drive traffic to your website.

Keyword Research is the most important and vital task to be performed in marketing field. The selection and the position of right keywords can make or break your site. You not only have to just discover the terms but you have to know about your clients as a whole.

Placing the keywords in correct locations:

There are lots of places where you can add the keywords as you are designing your website and content but you must make sure that you are not overloading them on your site as Google and other search engines consider this as spamming and it would not loved to be read by users. You can take the advantage of all the opportunities on your site for incorporating the keywords. You should use your keywords in a relevant way and place it on such places where they appear to be naturally added. This incorporation of keywords provides best user experience.

For knowing the most relevant and appropriate keywords you can use the Google Keyword tool. This tool helps you to choose several relevant keywords and then you can come up with 5 relevant keywords which involve main keywords and several secondary keywords. You must maintain the balance of these keywords or phrases whenever you create a blog posts. Besides this you must keep it fresh and updated by making changes into it. Here are some of the places where you must incorporate your keywords:

1. Title tags:

Right Keywords 01This is one of the most important places where you must incorporate your keywords as these are the first places which the search engine will scan first during search. The title tag is what your visitors will see in internet browsers. This is one of the situations where you have to keep in mind that SEO is not about search engines but it is about better user experience. Therefore it is important to include keywords in title tags.

2. Meta description tag:

Right Keywords 02On the search result page, you can see the short description in the form of text, related to the content below the link. It is important to concise the information as search engine review only the first 150 characters of the description tag. So you have the limited window, wherein you have to incorporate your keywords to get reviewed by search engines.

3. Online page content:

Right Keywords 03The content on your page is the basic reason for existence of your site. The people basically search for getting or gaining the information. So, you must maintain the density of the keywords while writing the content for your website i.e. you should neither incorporate in small quantity nor overdo it. You are not writing your content for search engines else you are writing it for users and if you overuse your keywords in your content then it may create bad impression in the minds of readers and hence reduces the possibility of conversions. Besides this keep in mind the guideline of 1 to 1 i.e. one page of the content must be enhanced for one keyword. However, you can place few keywords on each page but try to concentrate on the main keywords.


Perform lots of search to select the relevant keywords or phrases and make use of tools like Google Keywords tool, keyword density tools to make your research better. The correct choice of keywords will help you to succeed better in internet marketing.

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