Nikon D7100 Digital SLR Camera – Features & Specifications Review

Nikon has strived to come up with the best APS-C DSLR camera in the market. This is done by significant improvements of the camera in their series. This includes the D-series. Their aim is to achieve higher resolution, lighter weight, greater compatibility and higher storage capacity among other factors. This has led to a release of a new DLR camera year after year. This is appropriate as their competitors are also in the rush to give the best camera in the market. The most recent release from Nikon is Nikon D7100. This is an awesome gadget which is arguably the most advanced in the market today.

Some of the outstanding features are discussed below:

Resolution (Nikon D7100):

Nikon hits the top of the list again with a resolution of 24.1 mega pixels. DX format CMOS sensor, comes as an upgrade of the predecessor. In addition there is an improvement by elimination of OLPF. This is meant to increase the resolution.

Nikon D7100 – Front View

Screen (Nikon D7100):

It comes with an LCD screen which is 3.2 inches, 1.2 m dot. It is an outstanding 640 x 480 x RGBW LCD. It is a major improvement in this series.

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Magnification (Nikon D7100):

This gadget comes with a 0.94 X magnification and a 100 percent pentaprism enabled lens. This beats most in the market today.

Video recording (Nikon D7100):

Quality fast video recording is enabled by a 1080 60/20 p video recorder. Sound recording is possible thanks to the in- built stereo microphone jack and audio monitoring jack. These features are meant to increase the video quality recorded as well as enable faster recording.

Burst rate (Nikon D7100):

The maximum burst rate for this camera is six fps in DX mode and 7fp in 1.3 X crop mode. This is an effective feature for large scale photography of fast moving images. It will prove a great gadget to movie recording and fast wildlife photography.

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Receivers (Nikon D7100):

It has front and rear IR receivers. Most of the previous releases on the Nikon series did not have these features.

Nikon D7100 – Rear View

Compatibility (Nikon D7100):

It is WIFI enabled. This enables it to connect to smart phones and tablets whereby it can be controlled from these devices. It also enables direct transfer of images to these external devices, which can be uploaded directly.

Storage (Nikon D7100):

It comes with expandable memory using micro SD slot. This is a good feature which makes it easy to transfer the images to a personal computer. It will provide a room for editing, using computers with ease. Professional photographers will be able to transfer their images and insert additional details such as date and location among others.

Sensitivity (Nikon D7100):

Since it is equipped with the ISO autofocus capability, this camera is capable of automatically setting up the ratio of focal length and the distance of the object being captured.

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Physical specs (Nikon D7100):

The outer appearance of this camera is very similar to D700. It has a rugged appearance which enables high resistance to water and dust. The dimensions are 136 x 107 x 76 mm. Its weight is much reduced compared to its features since it weighs 765 grams with the battery included. The external covering is very similar to the predecessors. It maintains the water and dust proof properties aa well as an appealing appearance.

Nikon D7100 – Top View

Pricing (Nikon D7100):

Going the market trend, Nikon has come up with arguably the most competitive piece in the high end camera ratings. This is because other competitors have also introduced competing gadgets.

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General review (Nikon D7100):

This camera can be termed as one of the best in the most advanced in the Nikon series. It will enable large scale photography without compromising quality of the images. This is enabled by its high resolution, magnification and impressive burst rate. The inbuilt WIFI makes it compatible with most digital device. Therefore, it is a recommendable device for large scale professionals who don’t need to rely on manual transfer of their images. The physical size is maintained small without compromising the highly required features. The increased battery life and weather resistance will serve well for nature photographers who will have to resist harsh weather conditions. This makes it a perfect gadget for photographer who have to travel to remote places where electricity is unavailable. More so, the battery life is long and will be easily rechargeable using portable power storage gadgets.

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Nikon D7100 - Review Breakdown

LCD Screen
Video Recording
Burst Rate
Physical Specs


A perfect gadget for photographer who have to travel to remote places where electricity is unavailable. More so, the battery life is long and will be easily rechargeable using portable power storage gadgets.

To know more about Nikon D7100 please visit the official page or the wiki page.

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