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Near Me - Now a Rising Google Search Trend

Near Me – Now a Rising Google Search Trend

Google Says ‘Near Me’ Searches Have doubled This Year. Google is stating that the search queries ‘nearby’ or ‘near me’ has doubled within the past year. Therefore, businesses that have already designed and implemented an effective mobile site can take advantage of this great traffic and excellent sales opportunities. It is also important to note that the ‘near me’ search query is broken down into more than one category. One of which includes a section that reports traffic that comes …

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online marketing roi

6 Easy Ways to Improve your Online Marketing ROI

Creating an online marketing campaign is not a tough job when you know your audience well, but what makes every online marketing manager’s job difficult is when the picture of Return on Investment (ROI) arises. ROI is more than just a measurement; it is a process that helps a marketer to improve its marketing performance and profitability by using the insights gained through the effectiveness of the strategies. Since the major significance of marketing is to increase profit, ROI plays …

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Ways User Experience (UX) Impacts SEO & Organic Traffic

Ways User Experience (UX) Impacts SEO & Organic Traffic

Google had, time and again, emphasized its priority – user experience (UX). If you fail at providing your users the experience they deserve, you will fail at any other aspects of digital marketing including generating organic traffic. While traffic and ranking are the ultimate goals, know that search engine optimization (SEO) itself impacts UX. UX is thus considered as a core driver that impacts optimization and traffic. We can broadly categorize these ways into two namely design and content. Here …

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Top 5 Tips to Develop a Powerful Inbound Marketing Strategy 1

Top 5 Tips to Develop a Powerful Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing is the new form of internet marketing that is believed to be one of the most effective marketing methodologies to help businesses attract potential customers. While Outbound Marketing focuses on taking a business to a customer in order to see a conversion, the trending Inbound Marketing concentrates on bringing a target customer to a company and proceeds on making a sale or conversion. As this is about making a customer visit your business and slowly move on to …

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Why Email Marketing is Still One of the Most Important Tools in your Online Marketing Strategy

Best Way to Use Email Marketing Tool as Your Online Marketing Strategy

Despite the arrival of mobile and social media marketing, email marketing tool remains to be one of the most reliable digital strategies. Why not? There is more to email marketing that no other type of marketing can offer digital marketers. In fact, email marketing is regarded as one of the best tools to use nowadays. Here are the reasons behind this claim. 1) Customer acquisition and retention Based on various surveys, such as the one commissioned by Marketing Sherpa, 73% …

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Top 10 Effective Email Copywriting Tips for Improving Conversion

A number of approaches have been used till date to grab subscribers’ noteworthy attention so that it could result in improved conversion rates. Although email marketers use diverse strategies to improve the significance of their campaigns but they fail to grab users’ attention with the same. A number of email marketers are still not aware of the approaches that could help them generate an effective email copywriting that could further help them in improving the subscribers’ list. If you are …

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Mobile Marketing

High Time to Gear Up Your Mobile Marketing Plans

Time and again, a company will come up with the question which is more of a dilemma, “Is it the right time to drive most of the marketing resources towards mobile marketing?” Most of the time this question will be left unanswered and conventional practices shadows its importance for the fear of not getting good returns of investment. It is time to delve inside this idea to make mobile marketing an important part of your company’s business plans. We are …

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video marketing

Video Marketing – A Rank Boosting Marketing Technique for Websites

Video marketing is a great way to help your SEO but isn’t part of everyone’s strategy when really it should be. With today’s search engine results videos can take a much privileged place when it comes to where they rank.  No longer do you have to go directly to the likes of YouTube or DailyMotion to playback a video, instead they appear right at the top of search for chosen keywords. If that’s not enough to get you preparing your …

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Top 10 WordPress SEO Tips

Top 10 WordPress SEO Tips that Every Blogger Should Follow

WordPress websites, or blogs, are a great way to connect with your audience whether you are looking to forge a personal, professional, formal or informal connection. However, it will only be effective if you have a wide reach and your target audience is actually able to reach your blogs. This is where SEO, search engine optimization, comes in. SEO is a process designed to bring traffic to and increase the visibility of your WordPress website. Here are 10 helpful WordPress …

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Understanding Facebook Marketing

Why Understanding Facebook Marketing is Important

Facebook is the most popular among social media networks. It has more than 1.35 billion users, 1.23 billion are active and over 945 million are active daily. Through Facebook, you can trackback the origin of your race; you can reconnect again with your childhood friends, long lost friends, faraway and distant relatives; or simply communicate with someone through Facebook. And to add to these facts, Facebook is one of the most effective ways of online marketing because of its wide …

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