SEO Tips: A Guide to Future Proof Your Website

Marketing is one of the aspects of businesses that have gone digital and the situation is completely irreversible. This means that companies have to go out of their ways to ensure that they remain relevant and appeal to their customers on the digital platform. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the ways through which businesses have been able to take their place on the popular search engines. They make it possible for potential and regular often result from the use of proper SEO techniques. Since online marketing will still be in use for years to come, it is important that people future proof their websites as far as SEO is concerned. Even though you can always consult with an SEO agency to do the job for you, it is important that you understand some aspects of SEO so you know what to expect. As Jason, SEM Analyst of says:

“In an ever-changing world of SEO, the key to getting ranked is to stay updated with the current standards.”

Without further ado, here are some tips to future proof your Website:

Everything should Work

Future Proof SEO - Everything should Work

You should also ensure that everything works as it should and this includes your internal link which should be easy to monitor and use. Internal linking of the site is essential for both the search bots and website users. You should always be on the lookout for unresolved issues on the website as well. There should be no 404s and all 302s should not be in the same place in case of permanent change.

Keep it Simple

Future Proof SEO - Keep it SimpleWhen creating a website you should always keep everything simple and this includes working on the URLs, CMS. The structure of the website falls into this category as well. Always ensure that everything is straightforward and clean. When you simplify the processes, it will make it easier for you or anyone else to make changes albeit few of them. The changes should be few because the scope for breaking or things going wrong is not large. Additionally, search engines may not change the ways the crawl sites and you should, therefore, ensure that your website remains with short URLs and clean code. This will make their work easier. A consistent website makes for a good user experience as well because it is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Quality Content

Future Proof SEO - Quality ContentMost of the time people will be attracted to your website by quality content. This is important for now and for the future as well. Quality content embodies three things among them relevance to your audiences. For your content to be relevant it should entail useful information to users. Secondly, it should be easy to read and clear to anyone who comes across it online. People tend to doubt websites with poor content or that is not easy to understand. Thirdly, the information on your website should be up to date. You should review your content regularly to ensure that it is updated. Creating evergreen articles can help prevent the need for regular updates to the website.

Watch your Links

Future Proof SEO - Watch your Links

You should also watch the links from your outbound links and those that point back to the site. In this regard, ensure that all your links are from relevant websites and good authority. A link audit to root out the suspicious, neutral and bad links should help you solve the problem within a short time.

Mobile Optimized

Future Proof SEO - Mobile OptimizedYou should also ensure that your website is mobile friendly. This is because traffic from mobile devices has been growing steadily over the years. Your mobile-friendly website should be as close as possible to the desktop version. All that you will need to do is tweak the layout, work on the clicks vs hovers. With all that in place, you will have a mobile friendly website in place for your users to enjoy.

Search Engine Resources and Tools

Future Proof SEO - Search Engine Resources and Tools

Some search engines have some tools and resources that could help you optimize your website. Make use of these resources as soon as they come up as they will lead you to do things the way the search engines prefer them for SEO optimization. Some search engines use semantics to connect users to the pages with the meanings that they are looking for and not just the words. You should use broader topics and not just phrases for your content to adapt to semantics. In this regard, you should spread out the meaning, by use of related phrases while covering everything that is not semantically linked. With the introduction to AI systems like Siri and Cortana, more people are turning to Voice Search and you will need to adapt to cater to this particular audience. Voice-based questions normally have longer phrases. To ensure that your content adapts to this upcoming trend, you will need to use sentences that will complete the meaning, both answers, and questions.

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